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To dream of seeing a crowd of merry children dancing, signifies to the married, loving, obedient and intelligent children and a cheerful and comfortable home.

To young people, it denotes easy tasks and many pleasures.

To see older people dancing, denotes a brighter outlook for business.

To dream of dancing yourself, some unexpected good fortune will come to you. See Ball. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


To follow the steps of another’s plan instead of our own, by choice or to appease... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dance, Dancing

Symbol: The dance is a symbol of freedom from eardily limits.

Vision: Dancing by yourself: you would like more attention from a particular person.

If you are dancing alone as if lost in a dream: usually it’s a sign of being happy and in love—though sometimes only for a very short time. Being led to the dance floor, you will have to accept a certain situation, ev en if you don’t like it.

If you are dancing with a partner, who is leading? That would reveal the respective roles in a present or future relationship.

If a woman is dancing “rings” around her partner while he is moving slowly, she needs to stop trying to have things always go her own way.

If a man is dancing alone, he is dying to have a sexual adventure. See Ballet, Music.

Depth Psychology: The dream is either reflecting your present emotional balance or is a reminder to be more spontaneous. At times the dream, of course, also refers to sexual feelings and the need to have some fun and diversion. Frequent dreams about dancing might indicate you are too pleasure-oriented and lack seriousness.... Dreamers Dictionary


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