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Red tilak

Applying red tilak

Black tilak

Applying kumkum tilak to self

Applying tilak to self

Put yellow tilak in dream

Putting red tilak

Having tilak of white sandalwood in dream

Yellow tilak on forehead

Tilak dream

Red tilak means

Yellow tilak in dream

Yellow tilak

Tilak in dream

Old lady putting tilak on my forehead in jahran

Seeing a tilak on your forehead in a dream

Putting tilak on husband forehead

Black tilaka

Doing tilak or others

Tilak dream applying on shivas forhead

Tilak dream applying on shivas forehead

The meaning of putting colourful tilak by priest on your forehead simply means the priest is giving you blessings.

Kheer tilak

Kheer tilak in dreams


Keeping tilak on forehead

Black tilak in my forehead

Tilak in dreams

White vibuti tilak

White vibuti tilak on forhead

Vibuti tilak on forhead

What does it mean when a baby puts tilak on my forehead in dreams

Someone putting tilak on my forehead

Applying tilak on son forehead

Wiping off white tilak from forehead in dream

Tilak on dream

Someone puts tilak or bindi on forehead of my partner

Dreaming of red tilak