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The keywords of this dream: Tusks


Perception of your own power; or you are not letting anybody near you.

The power of the unconscious is not available to you, and you are afraid of it. Points to thick-skinned people who are unaware of their destructive powers (the elephant in the china shop). Warning of one’s own repressed sexuality.

A need to be more patient (thick-skinned), or perhaps you have too much patience. Tusks and trunk are sexual symbols.

The image of a sick or weak elephant points to emotional injuries.

If it is a peaceful elephant, you are handling your unconscious comfortably.

According to early Christian belief as described in Physiofogus , one of the most widely read books of the Middle Ages, the elephant has no sex drive and is a powerful enemy of Snakes. Elephants’ hair and bones were burned inside the house as a protection against evil spirits.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


1- Previously, ivory was a precious and valuable substance. In today’s more environmentally friendly society, however, it is something which must be preserved. Thus, to dream of ivory is to be looking within ourselves to discover what we consider worth preserving.

2- Psychologically, the ivory tower symbolises the fact thai woman is not easily accessible, unless she herself gives permission.

To dream of an ivory tower can signify the way we shut ourselves off from communication.

3- Ivorv can symbolise the feminine principle. This is in many ways odd, since the most recognisable form of ivory tusks - are, because of their shape, penetrative in character.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary