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(Meat) In a dream, a steak represents an unavoidable evil happening, or it could represent a passing danger. Sliced meat in a dream also could mean happiness, quick earnings, fertility, or exposure of what man should keep personal and private. Seeing a butcher slicing meat in a dream could mean fights, evil, war, divisions in the society, or mixing the lawful with the unlawful, or usury, or fulfilling one’s needs.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Pentagram / Pentacle

(see Five, Star)

This pictograph was used widely in the ancient world as a protective amulet, specifically to ward off the evil eye and malicious magic. On the dream plane, this may indicate that you sense some type of psychic or mundane threat to your well-being for which you should take proper precautions.

An emblem of the esoteric mysteries, and possibly the development of specific occult or magical abilities within. Note that the pentacle was often also called a wizard’s star or witch’s cross in the Middle Ages.

Among Gypsies and some earth-centered religions, the pentacle was an emblem of health and long life. This probably developed due to the natural pentacle formed by seeds when an apple is sliced in half.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Eating, Fruit or Nuts by type) An alternative circle emblem.

A sliced pie reflects your ability to judge things fairly and equitably. How even are the slices? Is someone getting the lion’s share?

Dreaming of mince pies foretells the fulfillment of wishes and improved luck.

Birds or other unexpected items coming out of a pie symbolize the need to look at a person or situation more closely. Something here is not what it seems, and will surprise you.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams