What does a dream about six-six-six symbolize?

Six-six-six Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources


See Bible Numbers.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


Antichrist; a warning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

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To dream of sixteen represents spiritual virtue and purity. It signifies replacing previous attributes, perceptions, or opinions with fresh ideas and outlooks. Your inner self has been renewed and revitalized.... sixteen dream meaning


This number is indicative of the passage of life. It may imply that a period, era, or life is coming to an end. It may also represent endurance and durability.... sixty dream meaning

Lost $60

Diversion from cycles. ... lost $60 dream meaning


(1) Sixteen shares the symbolism of four (see Four).

(2) In ancient number-lore sixteen was called ‘the falling tower’, as symbolizing a sudden collapse of something you have worked hard to achieve. See also Dead / Death, section (4).... sixtem dream meaning

The Sixth Sense

Your dreaming mind can easily transcend the laws of everyday life and thought. Your dreams can bridge the gap between space and time and many people believe that they have had psychic experiences in their dreams. You may or may not recognize some of the following psychic dreams in your own dream life.... the sixth sense dream meaning