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What does it mean to see an link to enlightenment in a dream?

Link To Enlightenment | Dream Encyclopedia

Throughout our existence we are striving to integrate levels of consciousness within us, for then we will know no limits in awareness. A dream helps us begin to bridge these levels: the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds. The conscious mind perceives space-time reality through the five senses and is the rational or intellectual level. The subconscious is like a storage bank which contains all experiences in this lifetime, both in and out of the body. The superconscious goes way beyond. It is like the God-self, or higher consciousness, that is totally detached and watches what is going on. It understands completely the life purpose and soul mission. It is from this level we are able to get in tune with our whole life plan. Dreams are your direct link to God, higher self or guidance. Although all knowledge is available to us, we cannot have instant enlightenment. We must be able to stay grounded and utilize information as it is given, incorporating it into our lives before going on to the next step. My guidance has explained: "There is no instant enlightenment. You want to be very sure that you are grounded as you are opening up to higher levels of awareness. By getting insight through dreams and applying it in your daily life, you begin to integrate understanding. You realize that you are completely responsible for your own life and have no right to inflict your will upon another. As your insight expands, you earn the right to move on to the next level. If all were instantly given to you, you would not know how to use such power and knowledge."

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