What does it mean to see an defending someone’s honor in a dream?

Defending Someone’s Honor Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Defending Someone’s Honor

In a dream, it means commanding good and forbidding evil, protecting one’s family and giving a good advice to the assailant.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

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(Laurel) To honor someone in a dream means rising in rank.

(Also see Help; Laurel)... honor dream meaning

Allah Occupying Someone’s Bed:

If someone sees Allah occupying his bed, congratulating him, then this is a glad tiding that Allah will grant him piety and sainthood and that Allah’s blessings will descend upon him. For, a dream such as this is not viewed but by pious and righteous persons.... allah occupying someone’s bed: dream meaning

Seeing Allah In Someone’s House :

Seeing Allah present in a particular house suggests that the occupants of such a house will be favored with peace, happiness and assistance.... seeing allah in someone’s house : dream meaning


Recognition, as in Applause.... honoring dream meaning

The Highest Honor

If you are bestowed with the highest honor in your dream, such as the Nobel peace prize or a bravery award, this could suggest a desire for your qualities and actions to be recognized by the appropriate person or authority in waking life.

Dreaming of winning a particular prize, such as the Booker prize for literature, could be encouraging you to develop your interest in writing and those ideas for a novel that you have never put down on paper. Perhaps you have an unknown potential to be a best-selling author and your unconscious mind is urging you to have a go. The same applies to dreams when you create a beautiful painting or sculpture. Your unconscious is indicating that you should explore your artistic potential.... the highest honor dream meaning