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The walking dead are symbolic of the unsaved (the people of the world are dead in their trespasses and sins) Eph. 2:1-5

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Symbolic of a place where similar people are gathered.

To find yourself in an auditorium with dead people or zombies is symbolic of having wandered away from the truth, Prov. 21:16-17... Christian Dream Symbols


Christian Dream Symbols


Any dream about about zombies - also called the living dead - may carry a powerful message to you.

If you are the zombie in your dream, it is a signal that you are feeling very detached from all of the normal, everyday things going on around you. You may be emotionally numb and not be able to feel positive or negative emotions these days.

If you dream of being attacked by zombies, you feel like otherse are insensitive to your feelings and are not seeing the significance of a situation, or that nobody is tapping into your cries for help.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


You may be lacking passion or life force when a zombie appears in a dream.

The definition of a zombie is one who is no longer alive but rises to walk again, seeking human flesh to eat.

The walking dead are a symbolic representation for those moments in life when the very process of living is devoid of any joy or vibrant energy.

A zombie in a dream may signal a period of very low energy or a depletion of energy by some situation in your life.

The real danger of zombies is their ability to transform their victims into zombies as well. In this way, they represent the cumulative effects of depression, fatigue, and a sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, zombies can also be an image inspired by a person or persons in your life who rob you of joy by virtue of their negative disposition.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams