What does it mean to see an zechariah in a dream?

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The lord has remembered

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1. Ability to understand,2. Discern,3. Wisdom. • False teeth- False wisdom; • Incisor- Decisive (ability to decide) • Eye-tooth- Vision or revelation; • Wisdom Teeth- Godly wisdom • Toothache- Hurting believer; Devouring words; . Zechariah 9:7-8 • Tooth Decay- Sin; Sinful words. • Losing Teeth- Losing face; Shame; Loss of words or lost for words; Judgment of God (broken teeth); Unfaithful or ungodly person • New Teeth- Glory... teeth dream meaning

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1. Presence of God;2. Shower, and Storm;3. Holy Spirit;4. Provision5. God’s Protection; 1 Kings 8:11; 2 Chron. 5:14; Num. 11:256. Trial/trouble 1 Kings 18:44;Joel 2:10; Jer. 23:19. • Dark Cloud/s1. Provision;2. Judgment; • Cloudy- Doubtfulness; Rev. 1:7. • White Clouds- Good change; provision glory revival; (Zephaniah 1:15, Zechariah 10:1 • Cluster/Bunch1. Gathering of Harvest;2. Blessing; Gen. 40;3. New wine, a company. (Rev 14:18)10; Num. 13:23. ... cloud dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model