What does it mean to see an yucca in a dream?

Yucca Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

To dream of the yucca tree indicates that you may be nervous about an impending situation and cautions against feeding this anxiety with foods high in acid like coffee, chocolate, or meat. Moderation is the key at this time.

To dream of yucca flowers may be a reminder from spirit to ensure your diet is replete in vitamins (especially thiamine or vitamin B1, riboflavin or vitamin B, calcium, and iron). Many yucca trees in a dream signifies an ingenious money-saving idea.

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Dreams of a yucca signify your ability to survive tough and barren times, and flourish even in a drought. Consider that the sharp edges of your egoic exterior is defending your vulnerability, but it may also be keeping intimacy at bay. See Cactus.

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All the spiritual as well as material comforts of life are promised in a dream featuring this lovely desert plant in bloom.

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Herbs And Symbolism

This is by no means a complete list of the symbolic meanings of each herb but it offers a good starting point. If a specific herb features strongly in your dream, you may want to investigate the historical, religious, medicinal and cultural significance of that particular herb to enrich your interpretation. Angelica: İnspiration, magic Bay: Glory, honor, reward Calendula: Sacred affection, joy, remembrance, grief Chamomile: Energy in adversity, patience, long life, wisdom Chives: Usefulness, why do you weep? Dandelion: Faithfulness, happiness Dianthus: Dignity, woman’s love, symbol of mother’s day Dill: Preservation, good spirits Dogwood: Love undiminished by adversity, durability Elder: Compassion, bad luck, zeal Fennel: Strength, worthy of praise, flattery Garlic: Protection, strength, healing Grass: Submission, utility, usefulness Iris: Wisdom, faith, valor Ivy: Patience, fidelity, undying love, eternal life Lavender: Housewifely virtue, acknowledgment Lily of the valley: Contentment, return of happiness, let’s make up Marjoram: Joy, happiness Mint: Eternal refreshment, wisdom, virtue Mugwort: Be not weary, tranquility, happiness Mustard: Faith, indifference Nasturtium: Patriotism, victory in battle Pansy: Happy thoughts, meditation Parsley: Useful knowledge, feast, joy, victory Rose: Love, victory Rosemary: Remembrance, love, loyalty, fidelity Saffron: Beware of success Sage: Wisdom, long life, immortality, high esteem Sassafras: Foundation, considered choices Sunflower: Haughtiness, loftiness, pride, pure thoughts Thyme: Activity, bravery, courage, strength Violet: Humility, devotion, faithfulness, forgiveness Yew: İmmortality, sorrow Yucca: Opportunity, fidelity Zinnia: Thoughts of missing friends... herbs and symbolism dream meaning

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