What does it mean to see an yob in a dream?

Yob Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

In spiritual terms the yob, as in the uncontrolled and uncontrollable youth, signifies a quality of waywardness seen in gods such as loki and mercury.

It is an untamed part of the psyche.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: In not having respect for the rules laid down by society, the yob draws our attention to those aspects of ourselves and others which refuse to conform.

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Material aspects: More mundanely, such a figure in dreams can highlight a threat or difficulty in our work or personal field of endeavour.

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Yob | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Yob

Club / Tribe / Secret Order

Being part of a group is a fundamental human urge and it can express itself in dreams that feature large groups or people. Being a member of a club or gang gives you a sense of security, as it is a meeting a group of people with a common interest, goal or purpose. If your social dream was pleasant, it can suggest that you are feeling secure and happy in your current social situation. If the dream was unpleasant, however, and you were rejected or thrown out of your club, you may be feeling that your goals and opinions are not the same as those of other people in your life. We often hate to feel different from our friends and so any dream in which you were a part of a tribe or secret order with elaborate ritual and rules may be questioning how much you are expressing your individuality in waking life. If you are chased by a gang or yob in your dream this is similar to dreams of being chased by a monster and the gang or yob should be faced. Consider who or what the gang or yob represents to you. ... club / tribe / secret order dream meaning

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