Yin-yang Dream Meanings

Yin / Yang Dream Meaning: From 5 Different Sources

Symbolic of someone who is influenced by Asian philosophy, Isa. 2:6
Dream Source: Christian Dream Symbols
Author: Tyler Wolfe

This symbol from the Hindu tradition represents balance, wholeness, and integration. In a dream, it is a powerful expression of these principles calling to you from a higher realm of consciousness.
Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox

If you dream about the Yin-Yang symbol, then this reflects your inner balance of your masculine and feminine energies, centeredness and wholeness.
Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

This symbol has become much better known in the last thirty years in the West as the balance of two complementary oppositcs. In dreams it indicates the balance between the instinctive, intuitive nature of the feminine and the active, rational nature of the masculine.

We arc continuously searching for balance, but not necessarily a state of inertia.

The yin-yang symbol signifies a state of dynamic potential.

3- Perfect Balance is created by the energy created between two complementary opposites.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary
Author: Pamela Ball

The Chinese symbol for the dynamic union of opposites; secret of changes, life, death and regeneration in the universe. The yin principle is female, creative, intuitive, receptive, dark, negative, body, the unconscious. The yang principle is male, intellect, strength, light, positive, spirit, consciousness. The polar energies are fully expressive in their unity or oneness. We must achieve a balance of the female- male energies within us to evolve from the earth plane. (Note: My guidance includes the creative-intuitive as a combined female energy. Most other systems put the creative under the male energy.) See Female, Male.
Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards

Yin And Yang

This common symbol represents the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies into a whole expression.

The concept of yin and yang symbolizes the balance between intuition and reason.... yin and yang dream meaning

Mother Mary, Quan Yin

This is an archetypal character aspect that represents the healing that occurs through the principles of love and compassion. While there are many other archetypal representations of the power of love, this entry will limit itself to these two, as they are perhaps the most widely recognized symbols of divine forgiveness in the history of the human race. In dream work, they should be treated symbolically as archetypes, and their appearance in a dream indicates that you are experiencing a high level of self-discovery and integration. Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Quan Yin, Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion, embody the feminine principle in its highest evolution.

The feminine principle connects to the power of love and receptivity. Both of these figures are revered by millions as the purveyors of forgiveness and unconditional love. Though the traditions that created each of them could not be more different, what they offer to those who turn to them in their hour of need is exactly the same. One of the most difficult challenges that all human beings face is the process of forgiveness, and the ability to forgive one’s self is particularly elusive.

The human mind is not built for unconditional love, even though it is a concept that many who travel the path of service continually strive to achieve. No matter how she may appear to you, the archetype of the divine mother can help you inch your way out of shame and resentment and move toward the healing that can only come through love and mercy.

The appearance of one of these great figures in a dream is to put you on notice that you are in a moment of elevating consciousness and self-integration.

It is not uncommon for any archetypal figure to be silent in a dream; it is their mere presence that embodies the impact of the dream.

If words and messages are present in the dream, take them to heart and do so literally. However, if this is not the case, your best use of such a dream is silent gratitude for the gift of such a powerful experience of elevated consciousness.

(See Quan Yin.)... mother mary, quan yin dream meaning

Quan Yin

A goddess of the feminine principle, Quan Yin hears all the cries of despair in the world. She is the embodiment of compassion and relates to the Christian construct of Mother Mary.

If this archetypal figure appears in a dream, you are having an experience of heightened spiritual connection to love and compassion.

(See Mother Mary, Quan Yin.) ... quan yin dream meaning