Yard (front) Dream Meanings

As you may already know, dreams are a deeply personal experience, and the meaning of seeing an yard (front) can vary greatly from person to person. That being said, it's important to trust your instincts and confidently interpret the yard (front) in your dreams in your own unique way.

Yard (front) Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources


Type and condition of grass, shrubs, flowers, etc., Reflect one’s inside living conditions; research accordingly... yard dream meaning

Yard Sale

Informal sale, though the location and purchase may be figurative; research details... yard sale dream meaning


Front of body, house, etc.: the more public or ex­pressed part of one’s nature, or attitudes used to meet the world’; a ‘front’ or facade, used to create an impression, the point of stress where we as a person contact others and meet impacts, and so are more vulnerable. Also, what is in front can mean the future. Sometimes, as with the front of a car or the front door of a house, especially if bonnet or door is being opened, it depicts sexual nature.

See back. Idioms: a lot of front; in front of, putting up a good front. ... front dream meaning


also see Border

1- To dream of crossing a border or frontier from one placc to another represents making great changes in life, actively instigating a change from one state to another, perhaps taking ourselves from the past to the future, or causing other people round us to make those changes.

2- Psychologically when we cross from one way of life to another such as changing from puberty to adulthood or from middle age to old age we need to depict this by creating an actual marker. In dreams for a frontier to appear is crossing a barrier within ourselves.

3- Spiritually, we have a new experience ahead of us which we can use on our way towards enlightenment.... frontier dream meaning

Yard Stick

To dream of a yard stick, foretells much anxiety will possess you, though your affairs assume unusual activity.... yard stick dream meaning

Yard (back)

1. Past;... yard (back) dream meaning


A professional service; research the name for relevance... store-front dream meaning

Shops And Their Frontage

Shops and pavements where merchandise is normally sold symbolize merchandise and goods. But pavements and terraces which are not normally occupied for trading purposes, but instead are utilized for converging, means that the beholder will plunge into lengthy discussion.... shops and their frontage dream meaning

The Front Two Teeth-upper And Lower

They symbolise a person’s children, brothers and sisters.... the front two teeth-upper and lower dream meaning


Symbolic of being at the point of attack in spiritual warfare, 2 Sam. 11:15 ... frontline dream meaning

Front Gate

A front gate swings open automatically: your partner may have an extra marital affairs • A front gate is wide open: a great opportunity is wide open for you... front gate dream meaning

Front (as In Side)

Vision: Usually the front is showing you the “real, true side” one that is visible, a symbol of consciousness and reality.

See Back (Side).... front (as in side) dream meaning

Back And Front

The back of anything signifies rejection, and the front acceptance. Conflict between rejection and acceptance can be shown in a dream as seeing both the back and front of something.... back and front dream meaning

Back Yard/back Door

1. Past;

2. Backslidden;

3. Turned away from God;

4. Not ready/preparation needed;

5. Retreat;

6. Need for introspection;

7. Not knowing where you are going. (Genesis 22:13).

• Backyard (Garden)

1. That which is private;

2. Concerning you or your own family;

3. Past issues;

4. Hidden; Philippians3:13.... back yard/back door dream meaning

Front Door

1. Entry to your heart;

2. Future (before you);

3. Face;

4. Mouth;

5. Meet;

6. Confront;... front door dream meaning

Scrap Yard

1. Represent need of repair and healing to start again.... scrap yard dream meaning