What does it mean to see an yanked in a dream?

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A warning to avert a forceful situation

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lucky numbers: 05-06-09-19-32-47being: shed tears of profound sympathy over death of one whom you asked for aid. alive at the expense of others: wil be short of money to ensure project’s success. enemy, an: a grieving process for a battle wel fought. person, in the company of a: are harboring a death wish to join your friends. bodies: a wedding wil take place; a divorce process wil begin. feel anger toward a, person: rid yourself of their quality. death, a: regain the part of you that you gave up at their death. friend’s, a: you shun friends in your nervous and agitated state. delight: are able to say good-bye again. fear: report of a friend’s death is highly overrated. grief: apologize for your pessimistic behavior; say your peace and forgive. regret: are in possession of the powerful wil of one dead, that you would prefer he had. fighting with the: are battling a contract, rightly so, because it is flawed in your disfavor. fish being afloat: your life wil devitalize to a lifeless routine of business with strangers. friend, a: replacement of an existing relationship with one worse for its idiosyncrasies. gift to the, giving a: your fear of exploring darkness is gone; are restored to youth and vigor. receiving, from the: slow recovery from the destruction of a prior stage of your life. helping to put the, in a grave: your prosperity wil be ruthlessly yanked from you. kissing the: a spontaneous expression of a happy home. letter, a: a chance has been lost by your carelessness. person, seeing a: the spiritual y alive message wil guide you. afloat in sea or river, being: the transformation to gain your destiny is complete. dying after already thought to be: slow down your ambitions or your health wil suffer. husband: a widow’s grief process is complete; an opportunity for a new life. lying in an open coffin: indigestion and a chil wil possibly cause permanent damage. near a beach: your inattention to your affairs wil depreciate their value. receive comfort from a: offer a neighbor compassion when cal ed for aid. that is really alive: loss of legal matters, if they are not sorted out immediately. and does not talk: are threatened by one who previously supported your actions. touching a: are weighted in helplessness and misery at the il luck of those close to you. unknown, an: a loss of kindred spirits to help explore beyond your destiny. who is always loved: feel watched over, but that security if chal enged wil prove false. appears as an angel: have resolved the grief and accepted their death. criticizes you: a loss of one you can live without in your future. curses: ask pardon and accept forgiveness and be done with him. entices, toward dying: can cope with their loss, but not yours. holds: a deathlike il ness from which your slow recovery wil bring vigor. is reborn: a peaceful resolution of grief with tidings of good health. orders, to avenge his death: be wary of the influence of the accused, evil or good. praises: reinvest emotional y in your life and your absent friends. threatens: encourage him into the light and bid him farewel . urges, to go on with your life: eventual y you wil unite. warns: take heed of the message; disastrous consequences could be averted. wife, of a: simple, calm plenty makes showy poverty insufferable. pet, a: volunteer at the ASPCA or buy a pet at the pound. relative, a: mend family fences, however haggard and unkempt. defy demands to protect yourself from a: do not turn aside ambitious struggle, ever. speaking to: news from a living relative preparing for transition. stranger, a: have dealt successful y with a difficult separation. talking with the: are asking for the best recommended accommodation. thinking of an elderly person now: prospect of death more appealing than disquieting. famous: what is no longer obtainable must be re-created. healthy: are learning things you wish would remain unknown to everyone. sickly: a desperate il ness, untreatable as yet, wil cause a drain on your finances. ... dead dream meaning

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