Yacht Dream Meanings

As you may already know, dreams are a deeply personal experience, and the meaning of seeing an yacht can vary greatly from person to person. That being said, it's important to trust your instincts and confidently interpret the yacht in your dreams in your own unique way.

Yacht Dream Meaning: From 21 Different Sources

1. Holy Spirit ministry. The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit. “ John 3:8.
Dream Source: Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model
Author: Vincent Wienand

Vision: It is not by accident that the figurehead of large ships was always a voluptuous woman. In a man’s dream, the yacht means he wants to meet a beautiful woman (usually a woman with large breasts). Looking at or being on a yacht: having important connections. Owning a yacht: a supposedly useful connection turns out to be totally useless.

Depth Psychology: The yacht represents a more elegant means of transportation.

See Boat or Ship.

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda

To see a yacht denotes your desire for more time for recreation and pleasant pursuits.

A stranded yacht may warn of the impending miscarriage of a baby and you should be checked immediately no matter how you feel.

Dream Source: Encyclopedia of Dreams
Author: Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen

To see a yacht go sailing by means you will become friendly with a person who is wealthy.

If you are sailing the yacht, you will become wealthy yourself.

See also Boat.

Dream Source: Gypsy Dream Dictionary
Author: Raymond Buckland

Symbolizes spoiled and expensive women, and a longing for more femininity.

If the sea is calm, luck is indicated; your ambitions are being fulfilled.

A wild sea represents danger.

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar

Dreaming of a yacht symbolizes how well you cope and express your emotions.

If it was a pleasant journey, you’re good at handling your feelings. But if the waters were rough, you need to work on this aspect of yourself.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean

To see one means good luck if the sea be smooth; to be in one, ambitions realised, unless the sea be rough, which means disappointment.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous

1. The desire for a break from it all.

2. The desire to be wealthy.

3. The desire to be free of current problems, to take off.

4. Longing for the good life.

5. One needs more time to oneself, on vacation.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To dream of a yacht indicates a love of freedom, a wish to be released from encumbrance.
Dream Source: Psycho Dream Interpretation
Author: Ella Freeman Sharpe

Dreams of a yacht represent your desire for luxury, abundance, freedom, and connection with the ocean of your emotions.

See Boat.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

To see a yacht in a dream, denotes happy recreation away from business and troublesome encumbrances.

A stranded one, represents miscarriage of entertaining engagements.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation
Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

Dreaming that you are on a yacht signifies that you want to escape responsibilities to enjoy an easy life. The consumerist environment surrounding you is hurting you, and prevents you from being yourself. Given that, you need to draw on your essence to advance spiritually.
Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke

To dream of a yacht or other salting boat used for pleasure predicts release from business or other cares.
Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book
Author: Gillian Holloway

A yacht in your dream is a symbol of financial improvement, and if you were being entertained on it, you are sure to realize your highest hopes.

To dream of being on a yacht in a choppy sea predicts a sudden stroke of money luck.

Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

To see one in clear, smooth water, success; in stormy seas, the reverse is signified.
Dream Source: The Fabric of Dream
Author: Katherine Taylor Craig

Dreaming of a yacht indicates your desire for more time for recreation, hobbies, and fun.
Dream Source: Tryskelion Dream Interpretation
Author: Pagan - Anonymous

lucky numbers: 06-13-23-28-30-33

being on a: realization of your own ambitions.

of a: connections wil bring you good luck.

owning a: do not depend on anyone else for your funds.

sailing on rough sea: have confidence your talents wil gain you wealth.

smooth: optimism that your efforts wil be enhanced by influential contracts.

stranded, a: business ventures wil cause you distress and disappointments to friends.

under full engine speed: big joy for those pleasure bent.

full sail: pleasant visit in a nice place.

9 dream interpretation about yacht related.


1- The image of a journey is a very- potent one in dream work. Anytime the idea of a journey becomes apparent, it is to do with the way that we carry on our everyday lives and how we move forward. Every step that we take towards understanding ourselves and the world we live in can be pictured in terms of a journey; and the dreams that a person has reflect that movement. In our ordinary everyday- speech we use idioms to suggest our understanding. We speak of the ups and downs of life, of being at a standstill and so on. Each moment is totally unique, and thai uniqueness is reflected in our dreams. Mostly dreams arc about the here and now and give a snapshot picture as to what is happening at this particular moment.

The images will reflect how we are feeling, what obstacles there are, possible courses of action and what our ultimate goal should or mav be.

The dream will bring in images from the past or recognisable scenes to help us interpret what is going on and move forward to meet our destiny.

Any sense of having completed a journey - arriving home, touching down and so on indicates the successful completion of our aims. Collisions represent arguments and conflicts which arc often caused by our own aggression.

A difficult journey now behind us means we have come through the difficulties and setbacks of the past.

The obstacles ahead indicates we are aware of the difficulties which may occur.

We do need to be aware that we ourselves create the problems. Our own attitude to life is perhaps responsible. Turning a corner shows we have accepted the need for a change of direction. We may have made a major decision. Avoiding an accident means we are able to control our impulses. Stopping and starting suggests there is conflict between laziness and drive. At a standstill/in a traffic jam indicates we arc being prevented, or are preventing ourselves, from moving forward. This needs handling with care, since to stop may be appropriate. Departing (departures from airports, stations, etc.) Formerly all departures were interpreted as death. Nowadays the symbolism is much more of a new- beginning. We are leaving the old life in order to undertake something new. When someone in outlives leaves us, wc may dream of departures and the grief’ that parting causes. In certain circumstances, to dream of wanting to leave but not being able to suggests that there is still further work to be done.

To be conscious of the time of departure might suggest that we are aware of a time limit within an area of our lives.

The destination, when it becomes apparent, will give some ideas about the aims and objectives we have. Our declared hopes and ideals may not correspond with those we subconsciously have our inner motivation may be totally- different to our outer behaviour and dreams will highlight this discrepancy.

The exact nature of our objective is often not known to us until after we have confronted the obstacles and challenges along the way.

It is often enough just to have an aim for that particular section of the journey.

Driving The whole of the symbolism of driving in dreams is particularly obvious. It represents our basic urges, wants and needs.

If we are driving we arc in control.

If we are not happy when someone else is driving we may not trust that person and may not wish to be dependent on them. When someone else takes over, we are becoming passive.

If we are overtaking the car in front, we are achieving success, but perhaps in a competitive manner. When we are overtaken, we may feel someone else has got the better of us. Once again the way we are in everyday life is reflected in the dream. Our drives, aggressions, fears and doubts arc all reflected in our driving.

Engine This represents the sexual impulse or instinctive drives, one’s basic motivation.

Passenger It will depend if we are a passenger in a vehicle or are carrying passengers.

If the former, we may feel that we are being carried along by circumstances, and have not really thought out our own way forward.

If the latter, we may have know- ingly or inadvertently made ourselves responsible for other people. Travelling with one other passenger suggests we may be considering our relationship with that person.

Road The road in a dream suggests our own individual way forward. Just as each individual vehicle demonstrates the dreamer’s body and external way of being, so the road reflects the way of doing. Any obstacle in the road will reflect difficulties on the chosen path. Any turns in the road will suggest changes of direction. Crossroads will offer choices, while a cul-de-sac would signify a dead end.

If a particular stretch of road is highlighted il may be a period of lime, or may mean an efTort. Going uphill will suggest extra effort while going downhill will suggest lack of conlrol. Traffic accidents and offences These may all be to do with sexuality or self image; perhaps we are not being careful to ensure that our conduct is good.

A collision might suggest a conflict with someone. Road rage would signify not being in control of our emolions and so on.

2- The type of transport may- suggest how we are moving through this particular stage of our lives. Previously the horse was used as an image to depict how we dealt with life. Nowadays the car, the aeroplane and so on have been substituted.

The vehicle which appears in our dreams often conforms with the view we hold of ourselves.

For instance, we may be driving a very basic type of car or a Rolls Roycc (One dreamer described an image he had as a Rolls Rovce that thinks it’s a Mini’). Such an image may represent either our physical body or our personality.

If the dreamer is driving he perhaps feels more in control of his own destinv.

If he is a passenger he may feel others are trying to control his life.

If he is with friends he may be aware of a group goal.

If he does not know the other people he may need to explore his ability to make social relationships. Aeroplane (also see individual entry) An aeroplane suggests a swift easy journey with some attention to detail. We may be embarking on a new sexual relationship.

An airman or pilot This is a romanticised picturc of either the Animus or of the Self (see Inhvdiu tion). Bicycling This suggests youth and freedom, and perhaps the first stirrings of sexual awareness. Boats (and sea voyages) It will depend on what kind of boat is in the dream.

A small rowing boat would suggest an emotional journey but one done alone.

A yacht might suggest a similar journey clone with style, whereas a large ship would suggest creating new- horizons but in the company of others. What the boat does in the dream will have relevance as a reflection of our waking life, e.g. running aground, pulling into harbour etc. Making a long journey This suggests leaving friends and family as would running away to sea.

Disembarking The end of a project, successful or otherwise. Missing the boat We have not paid enough attention to detail in a project in our waking lives. Any narrow waterway or river suggests the birth experience. Ship A ship is usually taken as feminine because of its capricious- ness. Ferry, rowboat This holds all the symbolism of the journey across the River Styx after death.

It is the giving up of selfish desires.

After this we may be ‘reborn’ into a better life, or way of life. Bus (also see individual entry) A bus journey is that part of our lives where we are conscious of the need to travel and to be with other people. We perhaps have a common aim with them. Trouble with timetables, missing the bus, arriving too early, missing a connection We arc not in control of our lives and perhaps should sit down and replan how we wish to continue our lives. Getting on the wrong bus, going the wrong way There are conflicting desires and we need to listen to our own intuition. This is usually a warning of a wrong action. Not being able to pay the fare We do not have enough resources to set out on a particular course of action. It may be that we have not paid attention to detail.

Car (carriage, cart, chariot) (also see individual entries) The car is a reflection of the dreamer and how he or she handles life. It reflects the physical body, so anything wrong with the car will alert us to a problem.

For instance if the engine is not working properly we are not able to get up enough energy to go 011. If the starting motor was not working this would suggest that we need help to start a project.

It is for us to be able to translate the symbolism into our own lives. Even in everyday life it can be seen that a car is a reflection of a person’s self image and possibly sexuality. Any part of the car will have significance.

The back tyres might suggest the dreamer’s support system, the steering wheel the way we control our lives and so on.

If the brakes are not working we are not exercising proper control over our lives. Too many people in the car would suggest that we feel overloaded by responsibility. Lorry A lorry in a dream will have the same significance as a car. except that the drives and ambitions will be connected more with our work and how we relate on a business basis to the world in general.

Motorbike, motorcycle The motorbike is a symbol of masculine youth and daring. In dreams it is an image of independent behaviour, and is often a symbol for the sexual act. It can also be a symbol of freedom.

A Hell’s Angel would suggest some kind of anarchical behaviour. Trains A train will often highlight the dreamer’s attitude to social behaviour and relationships with other people. It will also clarify his attitude to himself.

A steam train would suggest that we feel ourselves to be outdated and obsolete, whereas an up-to-date electric turbo might suggest speed and efficiency. Catching the train shows we have successfully been able to have outside circumstances co-operate with us in achieving a particular goal. Missing the train We do not have the resources to enable us to succeed in an appropriate way either bccause we have forgotten something, or because we have not been sufficiently careful. We fear that we will miss an opportunity. Equally, we may feel that external circumstances are imposing an element of control over us. Often dreams of missing a train and then catching either it or a later one, suggest that we are managing our inner resources better. Dreams of missing a train alternating with those of catching one shows we are trying to sort out our motivation. Getting off the train before its destination We are afraid of succeeding at a particular project. This can also signify premature ejaculation. We do not appear to be in control. Getting off the train before it starts The dreamer has changed his mind about a situation in waking life. Railway lines and tracks will have significance as ways of getting us to our destination. Being conscious of the way the track runs ahead may give us an inkling as to what direction we arc going. Recognising the signals up ahead would have the same significance. Coming off the rails might suggest doing something inappropriate or of not being in control. Not wanting to be on the train might indicate we feel we are being unduly influenced by outside circumstances. Arriving at a station indicates we have completed a stage of our life journey. We may be ready for a new relationship with the world in general.

The carriages on a train suggest the various compartments or sections of our lives and the way we feel about them.

For example, if a carriage is untidy or dirty, we are aware that we need to ‘clean up’ an aspect of our lives.

Walk If in our dreams we are aware of having to walk, it usually suggests that we are capable of making a part of our life journey by ourselves without any help. Going for a walk We can enjoy the process of recharging our batteries and clearing our minds.

3- The image of a journey becomes more apparent as time goes on and death approaches. We become more aware of reaching our final destination.... journey dream meaning


also see Journey

1- When we dream of sailing, we are highlighting how we feel we are handling our lives. We can cither work with the currents or against them.

If we are sailing in a yacht there is more of a sense of immediacy than if we were sailing in a liner.

The first is more to do with one-to-one relationships, while the second suggests more of a group effort.

2- To be tacking - sailing against the wind suggests that we have created difficulties possibly by setting ourselves against public opinion.

To be sailing with the wind means we are using opportunities to the best of our abilities.

3- Sailing suggests a sense of spiritual freedom and the ability to use our intellect.... sailing dream meaning

Boat, Small

Vision: If you are crossing a raging river in a small boat: you are facing great difficulties right now, but things will get sorted out.

Depth Psychology: A small boat makes it possible for you to reach “the other side”—even if you have to depend on something or someone. Have you made reaching your goal more complicated than it has to be? Are you acting too slowly? See Boat, Ship, Yacht.... boat, small dream meaning


Vision: Dreaming of having committed suicide by hanging is a warning that other people are taking advantage of you. Participating in the hanging of someone else: a warning not to act hastily or make hasty decisions. Dreaming about hanging laundry on a line: your situation is taking a turn for the better.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about a hanging indicates that you are presently in a very important developmental stage.

See Death, Gallows, Murder. Harbor

Vision: Dreaming about an ocean harbor means building a solid foundation for your life and the promise of a worry-free old age. Seeing a lot of ships in the harbor: news that you can put to use to make a good profit. Being on a ship that is about to enter a harbor: good financial opportunities or hopes coming true.

Depth Psychology: The harbor is a sign of fear about daily struggles. Are you looking for a safe “harbor,” away from the struggles and worries of life? Do you want to rest for a while? See Ocean, Ship, Shore, Yacht.... hanging dream meaning

Ship, Shipwreck

Symbol: The ship is a symbol of your journey in life and from birth to death.

Vision: In a mans dream, the ship represents his longing to love a woman (a battleship stands for a prostitute, a sailboat for a young girl).

A departing ship means a separation or change. Being a passenger on a ship: you are dissatisfied with your life and want a change. Boarding the wrong ship: take a close look at your professional and personal relationships and goals—you have made wrong decisions.

The ship sinking: a serious warning about an unhealthy relationship.

Depth Psychology: The “ship of your life” can bring you to happy as well as unhappy places. Did the ship travel in “calm Waters”? Was it tossed about by waves or a violent Storm? Did you know its destination? The rest of the images are very important, because they might indicate if you are on the “right course” or if you should turn around.

A shipwreck: a warning that dangers and difficulties that you have created yourself are threatening your life.

See Boat, Ocean, Yacht.... ship, shipwreck dream meaning


It will depend on what kind of boat is in the dream as to its interpretation.

A ferry or piloted boat holds all the symbolism of the journey across the river styx after death. Today it signifies the giving up of selfish desires. Having been able to do this, we may be ‘reborn’ into a better life, or way of living.

A small rowing boat would suggest an expedition of emotional discovery but one often undertaken alone.

A yacht might suggest a similar journey done with style, whereas a large ship would suggest creating new horizons but in the company of others. Early seafarers referred to their ships as ‘she’ largely, it is thought, because of the close dependence they had on them for life and because they were difficult to manage. Today ships have lost that personal association. What a boat does in the dream will have relevance as a reflection of our waking life, e.G. Running aground, pulling into harbour etc.

To dream of disembarking indicates the end of a project, successful or otherwise.

If we dream of missing a boat it shows we have not paid enough attention to detail to a project in our waking lives. Also consult the individual entry for boat / ship.... boats dream meaning

Sailing / Sails

Material aspects: Sails suggest the idea of making use of available power. Often the type of sail will be relevant. Old-fashioned sails would suggest out-of-date methods, whereas racing sails might suggest the use of modern technology.

The colour of the sails may also be important. When we dream of sailing, we are highlighting how we feel we are handling our lives. We can either work with the currents or against them.

If we are sailing in a yacht there is more of a sense of immediacy than if we were sailing in a liner.

The former is more to do with one-to-one relationships, while the latter suggests a group effort.... sailing / sails dream meaning


lucky numbers: 07-15-19-30-35-40

aboard a large, being: wil attain your aim in life, not another’s for you.

adrift in a, being: difficulties ahead due to your lack of purpose, acquire one.

and overturning, and: your tarnished ideals need an overhaul.

reaching land safely: happiness and riches despite al odds.

others: changes in present environment.

anchored, an: are securing a stable relationship to accompany you on your mission.

arrives at wrong date: your timing needs to be reset; postpone your coming trip.

no one to meet you, and: feel inadequate to steer your own course in life.

port: life pul s you down for you to learn lessons at your own expense.

barge, an empty: troubles arise from prying into another’s affairs.

fully loaded: wil take a long journey.

barnacles on the bottom of a: meticulous labors wil be compensated one at a time.

being at the helm: have strength to direct life and meet its chal enges.

someone else: another has mindset of control of your new experiences and lessons.

being in a: a happy marriage wil take place despite disorganization.

in a storm, a: an excessive degree of control is necessary.

on calm water: prosperity in own enterprises.

buoy, securing your, to a: your emotions are moored securely, but they wil die there.

capsizing, a: fear of being overthrown, but fortune wil be regained.

clear stream, in a: things are destined to go wel .

creeps along: slow down, nothing wil ever be fast enough.

crew on shore, of a: your prospective events wil come as a surprise.

on a vessel: expect a trickster’s work in your journey to a new phase of your life.

in a storm: life is ful of unpredictable chal enges.

crossing a river on a small: great difficulties tax your limited abilities.

with lover: deal with emotional impasse to reach each other.

dinghy, on a: your advances are clumsy.

falling from a: dishonor at a misplaced attempt to regain a missed opportunity.

into rough water: you can change negative emotional trip.

ferry, separating from dock: differences cannot be moderated; separate into a new realm.

leaves dock station without you: are in deep trouble and are not ready to make a change.

with your baggage: independence includes loneliness from lack of identity.

halyard splitting while at full sail: wil change plans radical y.

hawser, towing a, with a: dire happenings wil be inescapable.

houseboat, living on a: a disquieting event with unrestrained companions.

make effort but miss: need supreme effort to recoup from frustration at being left behind.

connection and are stranded, the: fear that if you do not get home, lover wil leave.

fall into the water, and: take several deep breaths before each action.

just make it, and: rearrange your itinerary with longer connection times.

motor, a: the isolation of leadership and freedom to act on your own.

stalls: wil be a victim in a dispute with a disagreeable person.

moving slowly: patience in the voyage of life must be had.

muddy stream, in a: must journey through hel to get to the truth.

murky: a mishap on a trip from your rocking the boat.

paddle, a: choose your emotion’s response and charge ahead to experience it.

passing through a strait: put worry behind you and concentrate on the essential plan.

piloting a: a wel -driven boat is tantamount to a wel -driven life.

propeller, having lost its: wil fail to complete task at hand productively.

river, on a, in the: security if you travel the straight and narrow.

seeing a: a trip through your unconscious wil change your life.

sinking: time for your children to leave the nest; your emotions wil survive.

skiff, rowing in a: gain through simple acts and an unexpected aide.

and overturning: achievements must consider al aspects.

down a smooth river: wil be helped by a prominent person.

spending the night on a: reflection of your need for solitude.

steamer, on a: have a solid emotional relationship.

Styx, rowing a, on the: a voyage into the afterlife to gain rebirth.

taking a ride: are not pursuing your goals forceful y enough.

with lover: relationship has nowhere to go.

tugboat pulling a barge: dignity from doing work no one else wants to do.

ship: are escorting your venture for public reception.

in distress: wil receive unexpected money as a reward for success.

yacht, sailing in a: have confidence your talents wil gain you wealth. ... boat dream meaning

Sporting Activity

Dreams which relate to sporting activities in general are usually positive but they can also reveal your competitive spirit. They should not be taken literally, as they rarely relate to sporting prowess; they are used by your dreaming mind as a metaphor in your waking life to represent your attitude to winning and losing, and how you play the game of life. Whatever your chosen sport, to see yourself winning fairly and cleanly without resorting to cheating is an empowering symbol that should have a positive influence on your waking life. As a dream message, it is important for you to defeat your dream competitors in as honest a way as possible; so dreams of winning by cheating or competing against people who are weaker than you suggest a disheartening struggle ahead, as fair play is a crucial concept for your dreaming mind

A dream of performing on an athletics track may refer to how you feel your performance rates when compared with others in waking life. Are you way ahead of the rest or struggling to keep in the race? Whether you were performing the high jump or throwing a javelin or taking part in a relay in your dream, if you were powerful and successful, your unconscious may have been indicating how successfully and rapidly you are advancing in waking life towards achieving your goals. Dreams that feature running, cycling, skiing and skating may also be commenting on your progress, or lack of it, in waking life. For example, if you dreamed of putting on a pair of skating boots, perhaps your unconscious is urging you to put your skates on and make an extra effort; or perhaps you need to be aware of the metaphorical phrase,‘skating on thin ice’.

If you dreamed of cycling or running down a bumpy road, have you hit a difficult patch in waking life? If you dreamed of skiing down a piste and tumbling headlong down the slope, are you in danger of losing control in waking life? Going down a mountain is a classic Freudian symbol of sexual intercourse but with the added thrills and anxiety implied by skiing. For Jungians, dreams of yachting or regattas may suggest exploration of the unconscious. For Freudians, such dreams recall memories and longings for the mother’s womb.... sporting activity dream meaning