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(See Apparel; Veil)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Inappropriate Attire

Dreams in which you are inappropriately dressed or underdressed when everyone else is appropriately dressed for the occasion are classic metaphors for feelings of frustration and uncertainty in your waking life. Perhaps you arrive at your dream party wearing formal dress and everyone else is in shorts.

If you are underdressed, it suggests that you feel out of place or are falling short of other people’s standards.

If you are overdressed, a misplaced air of superiority is indicated. Such dreams also reflect your insecurity about your social position and how other people regard you.

If you were completely naked whilst everyone else was dressed, did you feel liberated or mortified?

The clothes we wear in dreams are aspects of our persona, so when they are stripped away they enable you to see your—self for who you really are; in other words, the absence of clothes reveals not only your body, but also your true self.

If you felt embarrassed in your dream, do you feel vulnerable about exposing your true self or feel that it is lacking in some way? Are you afraid of being rejected if you show others what you truly feel? What are you afraid of exposing about yourself? If, however, you felt liberated, perhaps it is time to throw away your pretences and reveal to others who you truly are.

If nobody other than yourself noticed your nudity, your unconscious is comforting you by letting you know that it is safe to reveal your feelings in the real world. Another symbol of frustration in dreams is being refused a restaurant table, especially if there are plenty of spare tables in the restaurant. Such a dream, with its association with food and social interaction, may express a sense of social inadequacy.... The Element Encyclopedia


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