What does it mean to see an x-rated in a dream?

X-rated Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

“Mature” by worldly standards; “x-ed” by god

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

If you dream of pornography or sexually explicated material, then this represents sexual desire and perhaps repressed sexual feelings. Perhaps your dreams are sending you the message to find a healthy ways of integrating your natural, healthy sexuality into your waking life. See Sex.

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lucky numbers: 03-13-16-28-37-42being: triumph over enemies by undermining their vigor. animal: wil be found guilty of causing a sexual trauma. lamb: give a large dinner party for repressed emotions, feelings and urges. mule: wil be punished by a high official for inferiority. pig: unhappiness at growing old and at having to grow up. man being: society wil get along much better without your scheme. woman dreaming of castrating a man: harsh desire to avenge his rejection of her. ... castrated dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 02-14-23-32-40-45being: difficulties and troubles ahead. others: death of a relative. decorating your home: changes in circumstances to gay and festive times. children’s room, your: copious productive study and uninterrupted social invitations. with wallpaper: improved social status, but not from use of your talents. ... decorated dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


Revealing a need for spiritual help; see “water”... dehydrated dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Problems that gradually built-up to a serious condition... deteriorated dream meaning

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Cutting holes through something makes it vulnerable... perforated dream meaning

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A time of emotional separation... separated dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Separated / Separation

To dream of a separation, or being separated (or kept apart) from somebody, symbolizes a real-life situation or relationship that is breaking apart. Or, this dream may also mean indicates that your feelings are pulling you in opposite directions in a waking situation. ... separated / separation dream meaning

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