What does it mean to see an x files in a dream?

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Dreams of the X Files signify that you are willing to investigate beyond the surface of things, to look at what may at first be a shocking to your belief system, and that you have the courage to discover who you truly are.

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This symbol represents the coalescing of ideas or the various thoughts that are pertinent to one particular organized principle of different thoughts. A file in a dream indicates that previous efforts around a particular idea have been collected and are being stored for future use. The other elements of the dream will help you understand what area of your life is being focused on in this concentrated way. ... files dream meaning

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Files / Records

A desire for, or fear of, order and consistency. It appears frequently when life is chaotic. This image also points to emotional stress; much has accumulated. Pay attention to how thick or thin the file folder is. It might also be a sign of a compulsive personality, similar to Admiral. Do you always have to keep everything in perfect order? Or are you unable to keep order in your life? It could be either a case of your ego (your unconscious) raising its head, or a justifiable symbolic expression of the feeling that either the state (as father symbol) or an institution is placing limitations on you. ... files / records dream meaning

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