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(Bed cover; Cover; Lioncloth; Mexican blanket; Overlay; Overspread) In a dream, a blanket represents a woman.

If one sees himself wearing a blanket over a wrapper, or a lioncloth in a dream, it means marriage. Ifhe sees a blanket made of pearls in a dream, it means that his wife is a pious woman. Wrapping oneself with a blanket in a dream means marriage, comfort, peace, tranquility and strength. Wrapping oneself with a red blanket in a dream means a fight because of a woman.

If a blanket is stolen or burned or taken away from someone in his dream, it means divorce or death of his wife.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Almond Joy

Discovering an Almond Joy candy bar wrapper in a dream may signify having found the ingredients for living a “joyful” life.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


Since there are two bars contained in every wrapper, Twix may represent the sharing of love and sensuality between two people or lovers.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream

Sweets / Candy

To see or eat sweets or candy in your dream symbolizes the joys, sweetness and special treats of life. It also represents indulgence, sensuality or forbidden pleasures. Is life sweet at the moment? A sweetshop or candy store indicates the varied methods that are available for experiencing life’s joys. A sweet wrapper suggests recently experienced joys that should not be so easily forgotten.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia