What does it mean to see an woodcutter in a dream?

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See Meeting.

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(Disposer of estates; Guardian) In a dream, a woodcutter represents the person in charge of distributing one’s inheritance, since it is he who disposes of the dead branches of a tree. In a dream, a woodcutter also represents an agitator, winter profits, eavesdropping, gossip, burdens, or sins.

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Your efforts wUl not result in much profit.

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Disposer Of Estates

(See Woodcutter)... disposer of estates dream meaning

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(Herder. See Woodcutter)... guardian dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


In many dreams, you meet with different types of people. Here are the meanings for some that can be significant. See also separate listings for some of these. Baker: Symbolizes gain. Beggar: Unexpected help from an unlikely source. Blind Person: You have false friends. Cardinal: You will have to relocate against your will. Child: You will experience difficulties in business. Disabled Person: Misfortunes in business. Doctor: You are a person of honor and will be recognized as such. Dwarf: Great danger lies ahead. Footman: Enemies. You will undertake a journey that could be very dangerous. Grandparent: A legacyHangman: To see a hangman in your dreams means you will meet with a premature death. Hermit: A treacherous friend. Horseman: Pride. Judge: Punishment. See also Magistrate. Laborer: Conjugal happiness and increase of fortune. Lady / Lord: Humiliation. Lawyer: A friend’s marriage. Locksmith: Robbery. Lover: Trouble; disputes. Mayor: Malice. Millionaire: You will collect on money owed to you from the past; money you had forgotten about. Money Lender / Banker: Persecution. Nurse: Long life. Old Man / Woman: You will be called upon to display your knowledge to others. Pageboy / Valet: Abuse of confidence. Painter: Long, happy life. Pilgrim: You will be justly rewarded. Police Officer: Apprehension. Priest: Scandal. Prince: Honor and profit. Queen: Prosperity. Rival: Family quarrels. Sailor: Tidings from across the sea. Sculptor: Profit from hard work. Secretary: Assistance coming. Shepherd: You will be asked to take on extra responsibilities. Soldier: Quarrels. Tailor: Infidelity. Terrorist: Fear, deep down inside. Uncle: Advantages. Waiter / Waitress: Suspicion. Woodcutter: Hard work for no return. ... meeting dream meaning

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The wolf is another symbol that may be regarded as either good or evil. The fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood represents the onset of sexual maturity in young women, and the wolf represents the seductive “evil” male who tries to eliminate the protection of the wise old woman, Grandma. The honorable “good” male figure of the woodcutter values the feminine principle by protecting Red with his strength. The Native American values the wolf as a serene, majestic teacher, guide, and source of sacred wisdom. Some tribes relate the feminine lunar aspect of life to the wolf, while other tribal groups consider the wolf a strong warrior symbol for the male. Unless other dream elements point to a “big bad wolf ” interpretation, this dream symbol may well represent “good medicine. ”... wolf dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 02-07-15-19-29-30being cut by a, burr: withdraw from unpleasant people. buying: are in need because your efforts are not rewarded. carving a, piece: wish to share your talents. cutting trunks of trees: misery and affliction. fallen: happiness is ensured. hatchet, with a: work smarter, not harder, in your reaction to scandal. dry: success wil be yours through hard work. green: life and springtime. logs, of: abundant means. carrying: wil be offended by a friend. fagot of, a: nostalgia for home and hearth. splitting: persuade your partner to act sensibly. selling: abundant means. shavings, of: defend yourself against scandal. sorrel: maternal tenderness. splinters: reinforce your defenses against a bitter dispute with relatives. removing a: wil misplace sensitive, confidential document. straight piece of: approaching money. crooked: disgrace. stubbing your toe on a log: vulgar people dare to insult you. woodcutter, being a: efforts wil not result in much profit. in a wood shop: your projects wil be successful. ... wood dream meaning

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