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Controlling power

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Exposed wiring may be a message intended to bnng attention to problems with the nervous system, or it may reveal crossed or disconnected wires of communication. Crossed wires may symbolize thoughts being disrupted by another’s intenuons. Disconnected wires might signify disconnected thinking or even a diagnosis of a brain dysfunction.

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Wiring | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Wiring

Light Switch

You are dreaming of your access to creative power and the ability to connect to that power at will with the assumption of success. Turning a switch reflects the need to make a change in some situation. Since most switches have only two positions, the desired effect is likely connected to causing something to start or stop. We go through life with an expectation that our light switches are always going to work, barring any unforeseen circumstances. This implies a level of trust and faith in our ability to bring about the desired effect when this symbol appears in a dream. Light connects to the power to create. Being able to access this energy and turn it on and off is the essence of this symbol. Turning a switch on may point to a need to begin unleashing the creative force within you. Turning one off could mean a need to stop and take a break from some ongoing process. Be equally willing to consider that turning off a light can indicate an unwillingness to look at something as it really is.

A working switch means your sense of control is intact, whereas one that is ineffectual means some area of your life is no longer responding to your demands.

The safety of the switch is also important. Exposed wiring could mean that danger or uncertainty is present when tapping into your creativity.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


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