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Looking toward the future in your life.

An ability to see what’s coming in life (as a windshield allows you to see what’s coming on the road ahead).

An obscured windshield might represent: feeling unclear about your future or the path to take; lacking the information you need to make well-informed decisions.

See also: Window; Glass; Car; Driving

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Windshield | Dream Meaning

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The window is an opening to the outside world and, as much as the view that it shows, like the light that shines through it, symbolizes the future that we hope for. So, a pleasant and bright view reveals that you will need the energy and motivation necessary to complete your projects. However, if it is dark, it shows us a more uncertain future. On the other hand, being afraid to look out the window indicate insecurity and fear of the consequences of something that you have done. Dreaming that you are spying through the slits of the blinds is a sign of repression and curiosity. Finally, if you enter or leave through a window, instead of doing so through a door, it shows that you have made a wrong decision. For Freud, windows were feminine sexual symbols.

If you observe a happy scene from a window, the dream foretells happiness. But, if you witness a horrible event, you will have problems. A broken window predicts deceptions.

Windshield wipers This is a dream that manifests your need to see things clearly. It may be that you are going through a confusing situation in real life that is uncomfortable and stressful.

It is best to analyze what aspects of your life are unclear and difficult to understand.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Movement forward through life.

A car owned or driven by you can represent: you, as you proceeded through the period of your life depicted in the dream, or as you move forward through your life in general; the personal context (your mind, perceptions, etc.) within which you grow personally, make decisions, and learn; your personal integrity and the whole of who you are (the “sum of all your parts,” including your knowledge, intentions, abilities, etc.) during the real-life period portrayed in the dream.

A car owned or driven by someone else can represent: a person in your life (usually the car’s owner or driver in the dream) or their life; a stranger, group, idea, or action you’ve experienced (in real life, on TV, etc.).

Your car being stolen can represent a feeling or fear of your integrity being compromised, someone taking advantage of you, or someone taking something from you in a way that impedes your progress.

See also: Wheel; Vehicle; Driving; Riding; Steering; Accelerator; Engine; Fuel; Headlight; License Plate; Back Seat; Windshield; Brakes... The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


Driving a vehicle can represent how you “run your life,” or did in the past.

Driving well can represent taking charge of your life, making good decisions, or staying on track.

Crashing can represent a feeling or fear of a disaster or inability to handle things in your life.

A driver other than yourself can represent an authority figure or someone you’ve allowed to make decisions for you; someone who was in charge of a certain process that’s represented by the vehicle’s movement (such as the leader of your project team, or your friend who took you to dinner).

See also: Traveling; Vehicle; Car; Steering; Road; Riding; Fast; Leader; Driver’s License; Windshield; Accident... The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


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