What does it mean to see an waterbed in a dream?

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To see a waterbed in your dream, suggests that have come to recognize and accept your emotions. You are beginning to understand aspects of your unconscious and to let repressed strong feelings (like anger, desire or fear) come to the surface. This is healthy and good.

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alarm while, hearing: be alert to indications of an accident you can prevent.

awakening others: are optimistic of the trust you have garnered.

frightened by: be on guard against future troubles not yet seen in dreams.

alone: with energy and vitality gained and retained, temptations seem irrelevant.

being asleep: be cautious in your actions.

boat, in a: have lost a relationship with the solidness of reality.

covered wagon: your trek through the prairie needs your undivided attention.

dreaming one is napping: your body needs emotional sustenance.

daughter, with her mother, a: adoption of a boy disrupts family balance.

family, awakening the: are trusting that the day wil bring success.

going to sleep: wil inadvertently make an influential business contact.

man, with one he doesn’t love: your supervisor respects your talents.

woman, she: advancement through pil ow talk is tenuous at best.

outdoors: relate to the order of the universe.

sleepwalker, being a: have your actions monitored for safety and curiosity.

sweethearts, together: need the interchange of psychic energy.

waterbed, on a: place too much confidence in a persuasive friend of unreliable morals.

with a beautiful young girl: are gul ible to think she is in it for anything but your money.

little child, a: return of simple love and domestic joy.

own wife: wil conform to the desires of a woman of substance.

person of opposite sex: affairs wil go wel if you accept ramifications of deeds.

person of own sex: imminent perplexing differences over trivial matters.

prostitute, a: wil be in pain the next day and spread it to undeserving loved ones.

very ugly man, a: great unhappiness, sickness and displeasure.

woman, with a man during husband’s absence: adversity due to your character weakness. ... sleeping dream meaning