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Watching TV is something we tend to do to relax and unwind. It’s an activity we can do solo or with others, but the main focus is the screen. Where does your attention lie at this moment in time? This dream is asking you to find your focus. If you already have something in mind, be sure it’s worthy of your attention. Consider too what you were watching in your dream and how it made you feel. For example, a scary programme relates to your fears, but something that made you laugh suggests you need to see the funny side of life.
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Author: Alison Davies

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1. To dream that one is watching something represents one’s lack of initiative to take any action; it may also symbolize neutrality in some situation.

2. One’s neutrality in a quarrel. ... watching dream meaning

Watching The Stars

(astr.) Watching the stars in a dream means presiding over people.... watching the stars dream meaning

Watched / Watching

To dream that you are being watched by others may reflect your need to be the center of attention.

If you were uncomfortable being watched in your dream, this may indicate a self-conscious personality - you need to be more confident and self-assured.

If you dreamed that you were watching something, you have trouble taking the initiative and acting on your feelings. Or, it may be that you feel neutral about a situation, but others want you to take sides.... watched / watching dream meaning

Tv Watching

What you are watching on TV will reveal the current quality and state of your perspective on life. A cartoon would represent immaturity; news with keeping current with daily events. The key is what you are watching.


For spending time with family and children, see FAMILY; RELATIONSHIPS.

For gardening, see PLACES: NATURE AND THE SEASONS. For painting, ... tv watching dream meaning