What does it mean to see an vista in a dream?

Vista Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

A well-known symbol for perspectives and consciousness, almost always pointing to the future.

The vista often appears in the dream as a mirror of the eyes and what the dreamer is seeing, meaning it is a symbol of the personal identity of the dreamer. What are you looking forward to? Are the choices good or bad? What do you see?

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Vista | Dream Interpretation

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Dreaming of lovely things, brings favor to all persons connected with you. For a lover to dream that his sweetheart is lovely of person and character, foretells for him a speedy and favorable marriage. If through the vista of dreams you see your own fair loveliness, fate bids you, with a gleaming light, awake to happiness. ... lovely dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Vistas of green valleys with pleasant streams running through them show that you are embarking on a wonderful change that will bring you only happiness and much peace. A barren or marshy valley denotes losses and reverses entering your life and you should take steps to guard your assets. ... valley dream meaning

Encyclopedia of Dreams


A new vista of contentment will open before you. Keep to beaten tracks when out alone. ... spade dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


Old, traditional interpretations of dreams of dancing portend happiness and conviviality. For young dreamers, many pleasures. For adults and the very old, bright vistas in store. Modern interpretations add sexual desires to any dance dream. It is sometimes masked as exhibitionism. ... dancing dream meaning

Psycho Dream Interpretation


Dreams of grass are very prophetic. A beautiful carpet of grass, like a rolling lawn, promises a quick route toward the realization of one’s ambition. If the dreamer crushes the grass by walking or running over it, there will be many hindrances before ambition is achieved. To lovers, the velvety vista of lawn augurs a happy union. ... grass dream meaning

Psycho Dream Interpretation


Closed or locked doors usually signify vain regrets over past or missed opportunities; save your energy. An open door, especially if it reveals a pleasing vista, predicts a realization of your highest hopes. More than one door in a dream means that you will soon be able to choose from a number of good opportunities. ... door dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


(1) Because of their connections with water, boats may symbolize (some aspect of) the feminine, either with a plainly sexual reference or with reference to the unconscious (in the case of a male dreamer, the reference may be specifically to the anima), or with reference to mother or Great Mother. See also Mother. (2) Leaying one’s own shores for a foreign country may symbolize entry into the unconscious insofar as the latter is unknown and frightening - alien, in fact. (3) If the boat is crossing a narrow stretch of water, it may symbolize death or some other transition: for example, moving from one phase of life to another, or making a new start and a clean break from the past. See also Dead / Death, Ferry. (4) If in the dream you miss the boat, the meaning would seem to be obvious: you have failed to take advantage of an opportunity that has offered itself - perhaps an opportunity to open new vistas in your life. ... boats dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

Hallway Corridor Passage

To see a hallway in your dream symbolizes the beginning of a path that you are taking in life or a journey of self-exploration into the unknown. In some dreams, passages, corridors or hallways can stretch endlessly into the distance, with hundreds of doors on either side; in other dreams, they are so small you have to crouch down, or are so bewilderingly complex you get lost. Such dreams represent the way you feel about the choices and options open to you in life and it give you an invaluable vista onto what you believe to be possible and necessary. Halls in dreams also illustrate how you meet and relate to other people in real life. ... hallway corridor passage dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


A blissfully peaceful landscape of meadows, trees and perhaps a brook and birds singing sweetly may express a wish for the good life for those who live in urban areas. If the weather turns bad, this may warn against unrealistic fantasies and expectations. A view or vista of the countryside from a window suggests aspirations to a more natural way of life. ... countryside dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


lucky numbers: 15-18-20-26-31-36buying a: abundant alternatives below the surface are promising. having a, hanging at your side: stay on beaten track when out alone. killing an enemy with a: wil live a long life with secure honest friendships. of a: a new vista of contentment is ahead for you. rusty, a: your tactfulness and care wil benefit your delicate constitution. using a: what you dig up you may wish to cover up. laborers: hard times come before the good. wounding an enemy with a: wil be guilty of foolish actions. ... spade dream meaning

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