What does it mean to see an vines in a dream?

Vines Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

If you dreamed of healthy vines, you will be succesful. However, to dream of dry or withered vines suggests that you are overtired and need to rest and renew your energies.

If you dreamed of fast-growing vines, this represents your ambitious thoughts or ideas. It may also indicate your clinginess to others.

If you dreamed of being grabbed or hurt by vines, you will be given some confidential information which will be of great value to you. Also see “Vineyard”, below.

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To walk under or to pick their fruit is a dream of abundance, wealth, fecundity (Gypsy). The spiritual symbol of fruitfulness.

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lucky numbers: 01-02-10-39-48-53

grape: abundance and fruits of your labor.

green leaves, of: success wil be attained soon.

harvesting fruit from: good earnings if your relationship with partner is trustworthy.

having a large: the older you are, the more capable wil be your production.

healthy: successful operation of business with good friendship; peril can be averted.

picking from a: misunderstandings wil not end in your favor.

pruning down: must have faith in your own enterprise to achieve fortune.

strolling among: favorable speculation, auspicious lovemaking and many children.

vineyard, checking a: impatiently expect results without working for them.

withered: depleted vitality has left your rundown system open to fraud.

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interpreted upon 5 sides: a usefulness, loss of a sly man, trick, (possible typo for خصومة=dispute) , wealth with suspicion. ... grapevines dream meaning

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