What does it mean to see an vilify in a dream?

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(See Insult)

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(Abuse; Cursing; Swearing; Vilify) Insulting someone in a dream could represent the dignity of the one impugning upon the other person, and the unworthiness of the person who is insulted. There is an exception to that interpretation when the person insulting the other in the dream has suspicious motives, and the one who is abused in the dream is supposed to command respect. It is also said that the one who is insulted or abused in the dream may owe something to his assailant and must repay him. If the one insulting is of a higher social rank, then the victim in the dream is better than his attacker. However, in general, an abused person in the dream is ultimately the victorious one in wakefulness. (Also see Insulting)... insult dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


To dream of relaxing with an ottoman while being engaged in a conversation about love foretells a jealous rival’s plan to vilify you in the eyes of your lover. ... ottoman dream meaning

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Dreams of the crucifixion symbolizes that you are dwelling inside your deepest existential pain. You are processing and venting out your fear that others will turn on you, crucify you, and vilify you. Keep in mind that immediately following the crucifixion is the ascension into heaven, which reflects that your true self cannot be harmed. See Cross. ... crucifixion dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


lucky numbers: 01-02-11-33-40-49believing in: enemies wil be overcome by your perseverance. buying a: stop trying to justify your actions; act genuinely. letting fall on the floor: do not disregard wel -meant sound advice to feel internal peace. open, an: are tortured by lack of discretion of an elderly, wel -loved relative. reading the: seek the hidden meaning for al that happens in you life. children: joy without profit, or need for any. someone, to you: resist temptations to vilify your ethics. taking to church: some innocent action wil clear your conscience. Testament, consulting the New: your mental outlook can change your environment. ... bible dream meaning

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