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What does it mean to see an viking in a dream?

Viking Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

A symbol of ferocity in battle

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You are dreaming about a deep-rooted sense of archetypal power.

The Vikings were a fearsome nation of traders and explorers who crossed the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and Northern Europe early in the last millennium. We still connect to their powerful mythology led by the Norse god Odin through the collective unconscious. In modern media mythology, Vikings are ferocious warriors and conquerors.

A dream about a Viking is to be calling upon this masculine-principle form of power to enter your life in some circumstance that is asking you to be more decisive and action-oriented.

The most universal image of a Viking for people today is of a rugged sea traveler who is large in stature and strong in every way.

If a Viking character appears in a dream, you may be being called by something from this mythology through the power of the collective.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

To dream of vikings symbolizes your desire for adventure and exploration. You may be ready to venture into deeper waters, particularly in personal relationships.

If you dreamed of being a viking yourself, you have the strength to deal with the challenges life will bring you.

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The powerful evolutionary drive involved in reproduc­tion, which lies behind individual male or femaleness. Example: ‘I was leaning over the settee with my hands cupped under my chin looking out of the window. The view was spectacular, in that it was as if the house was situated on top of a cliff overlooking a huge bay, shaped like a horseshoe, with the house in the middle. From the sea suddenly coming into the bay I could see three enormous whales making their way towards me. As I was staring in amazement they began to transform themselves and come up out of the water as three giant Viking-like figures. They were so huge that the water came up only to their knees and everything was moving so slowly, as they waded towards me. It was the most awe inspir­ing thing I had ever seen in my life’ (Sue B). The bay, the beautiful sea, the (sperm?) whales/men show Sue touching the most primordial yet inspiring aspects of her own wom­anhood and urge to love. ... whale dream meaning

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