What does it mean to see an vestige in a dream?

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To see this beast of burden, signifies that you will entertain great patience and fortitude in time of almost unbearable anguish and failures that will seemingly sweep every vestige of hope from you. To own a camel, is a sign that you will possess rich mining property. To see a herd of camels on the desert, denotes assistance when all human aid seems at a low ebb, and of sickness from which you will arise, contrary to all expectations. ... camels dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


(Vestige) In a dream, a question means pursuing someone’s tracks, following a sign, or ascertaining the truth. If one sees himself asking questions in a dream, it means that he is seeking knowledge and that he will humble himself before God Almighty Who will raise him up in station. ... question dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


If you dream that you are wearing armor it should be interpreted as the way you defend yourself from external influence. You fear getting hurt and therefore, you protect yourself, hiding your feelings. Armor can also symbolize strength and resistance against adversity. This is not always positive because in these cases the dreamer is often too enclosed in her own shell. It is likely that an individual with armor or shield is incapable of spontaneous interaction with people. In dreams, both protections are symbols that demonstrate anxiety. You must ask yourself what is it you want to defend yourself from. If you question your motives a little, you may discover you do not need to be so sheltered. With a little self-confidence and trust you can overcome it. In the case the armor refers to something that you will face in real life, it means that you are brave and well prepared. If you dream of carrying heavy armor it means you are taking life too seriously, without enjoying it. Those who believe in reincarnation interpret it as a vestige of past lives. If historical facts are revealed during the dream it will be interesting to prove their authenticity. Perhaps, you are remembering facts from your ancestral past . . . ... armor dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


If magic featured in your dream, you need to bear in mind the nature of your attitude towards the mysterious arts in waking life. Do you regard anything magical as evil and dangerous, or do you believe that the powers of witchcraft can be used as a force for good? Alternatively, have you been influenced by reading or watching The Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter books, in which magic can be used for both good and evil purposes? Whatever your attitude towards the magical arts in waking life, you need to bear in mind that it will influence the meaning of your dream. Whether you actually believe in magic or not, you were probably first introduced to the magical arts in childhood fairy tales; vestiges of your childhood belief will linger in your unconscious mind, surfacing now and again in dreams in which you are exposed to things you can neither understand nor explain. For example, you may sense that someone doesn’t like you or wishes you harm; in your dreams, this person may appear as a witch or evil sorcerer. If you are using magic in your dream to make something happen, this is pure wish- fulfillment. On the other hand, depending on whether or not you feel empowered or afraid in the dream, it can suggest that you are capable of controlling the situation you are in by utilizing your intuition. If you had a dream in which you were standing in a magic circle, this is a symbol of protection against evil forces. If you are using a wand or watching a witch or wizard use a wand, it is probable that the wand is a phallic symbol and conductor of energy. Pentagrams and hexagrams are symbols of defense against outside forces and a broomstick’s significance may lie in its phallic shape, as well as in its ability to help a rider take flight. Cauldrons can denote both the womb and the mystical powers of regeneration. A hex wards off evil and spells symbolize your deepest desires or fears, depending on the nature of the spell being cast. See also SPIRITS AND GHOSTS. ... magic dream meaning

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