What does it mean to see an vessels in a dream?

Vessels Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

1. A general omen of work, security and prosperity (note size and condition of vessel and what and how much cargo is being carried).

2. News from afar.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To dream of vessels, denotes labor and activity. See Ships and similar words.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

Vessels | Dream Interpretation

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Dreaming Of Vessels, Vases, Utensils, Mirror, Scissors Etc.

Vessels symbolise servants and lads while stove, hearths, grates, cauldrons, lamps, table-cloths etc. symbolise grief, sorrow and anxiety which will be felt by the head of the household if the Arabic masculine equivalent is used for any of the above words. But it it is used as a feminine such as qidr, qifah, maa’idah, musarrajah and qas’ah, then they symbolise a person’s wife. . As for the word sufrah though feminine, it symbolises the husband all the same. (Qidr : Cauldron, Cooking Pot; Qifah : large basket; Maa’idah : table-cloth; Musrrajah : lamp; Qas’ah trough)Whatever is made from copper or lead such as cups, saucers, plates, trays kettles etc. they all symbolise a person’s servants and lads. ... dreaming of vessels, vases, utensils, mirror, scissors etc. dream meaning

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