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To fight with a knife portends a possible conflict related to your ideals. It represents a cut, wound, or violent break, probably by betrayal. Symbol associated with the ideas of revenge and death, but also sacrifice. The blade’s sharpness points to the primary character of the person who is holding the knife. Similarly, the length of the blade shows the spiritual stature of its possessor. If you use it against something or someone you should inquire within yourself what makes you too worried or upset that you resort to violence. Knives are also considered masculine sexual symbols. (See DAGGER). It is said that dreaming of a kitchen knife reports good luck. Any other type of knife warns against possible dangers ahead. KNIFEanalysis of a dreamVeronica dreamed: “I was walking quietly down the street, confident and calm, when suddenly a mugger appeared in front of me with a knife in his hand. He told me to give him my bag if I didn’t want him to use the weapon. I reacted immediately grabbing his hand, but his fingers became sharp knives. Although I was very scared, I grabbed his other hand and shouted: ‘No!’ The robber disappeared. ” ‘No!’ The robber disappeared. ”When Veronica had this dream she was going through a difficult time at work; they had just transferred her to another department. She felt insecure and thought she would not be able to perform her new role. In addition, her new boss did not seem very happy with her. The knife, or any sharp tool, indicates a possible conflict related to our self-worth. The dream was warning Veronica of the difficulties she would have to face to defend her territory. However, her attitude in the dream was telling her that she had the ability and strength to overcome it. Far from giving in, Veronica worked hard to earn everyone’s trust. Months later, her boss recognized her worth with a promotion. ... knife dream meaning

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