What does it mean to see an verna in a dream?

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The man who dreams of seeing a golden-haired girl will be successful in winning the love of a woman of the highest type. A man who dreams that his sweetheart has red hair will be charged with unfaithfulness by the woman he loves. A married woman who in combing her hair finds that it is snarled and has difficulty in making it stay put, is in danger of losing her husband through flares of ungovernable temper. A maiden who dreams of women with gray hair will have rivals for the affections of her sweetheart. If in a dream a man caresses a woman’s hair, it is a sign that although the worid may condemn him, he will bask in the love and confidence of the woman he wishes to many. If a young woman dreams that her hair turns white over night while her face remains young, will lose her sweetheart suddenly either by illness or some catastrophe. ... hair dream meaning

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Material aspects: In the vernacular, gear can represent both the paraphernalia associated with drug-taking and also clothes. We shall need to make some kind of link with the circumstances in our everyday lives. For instance, if in the drug-taking ‘gear’ a component is missing, we may be creating difficulties for ourselves. Insofar as clothes are concerned, we probably need to act more appropriately. ... gear dream meaning

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Due to the proliferation of medical dramas in the media, the visual image of scrubs has become part of the modern vernacular. They are the symbol of a character aspect that is connected with healing. If you are wearing scrubs in a dream, you may be taking on a new level of mastery over your health, whether literal physical health or metaphorical health. ... scrubs dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 08-14-22-23-32-43animals, of: wil make a big profit with your new project by using the work of the old. any other kind of: a gift you are waiting to receive is highly valued. babies’ diapers, in: your basic self-expression flows unrefined. defecation: production from the bowels of one’s being. diarrhea, having: an ungovernable flushing of nefarious thoughts at the wrong time. feeling dirtied by: a long-repressed shame needs airing. handling your own: have driven into an emotional bal ast. of: purge yourself of sexual repression; clean it up before you discard it. passing stool: relief is gained by sitting stil . playing with: an infantile pleasure search drives your materialism. stepping in: matters left behind cannot be resolved in your favor. others: cause trouble unintentional y, by not dealing with it. ... feces dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 02-13-19-21-28-39door, closed, a: have limited yourself to reconciliation without love. falling through a: have been duped into limiting your true self, exit graceful y. going trapping: are sabotaging your actions with delusions of grandeur. others, with: are trapped in a circle of relationships. of a: wil receive a surprising and unpleasant letter; don’t respond without a lawyer. snaring another in: disregard another’s influence and take back your governance. animals: family wil not approve of your choice of profession. birds: wil col ect a smal amount of money. trapped, being: have hardened your emotions against a dead issue. passage, in an underground: wil abuse the confidence of others. ... trap dream meaning

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