What does it mean to see an vengeance in a dream?

Vengeance Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

Should you be more aggressive?

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

1. Guilt, usually for a misdeed or harsh words or actions toward an individual.

2. A need or desire to get even, usually from being made to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Harboring dreams of vengeance does not speak well in favor of the dreamer. However, it is not necessary to exaggerate; this type of image only indicates the disability that the individual feels due to his own limitations.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

Vengeance | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Vengeance


Revealed to avert, for vengeance belongs to god... revenge dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


1. Extreme anger (aggressive or stinging). 2. Desire for vengeance against perceived enemies. 3. A sense that someone is jealous. ... hornet dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


1. Violation of principles, beliefs. 2. Assault on sense of worth, self-esteem. 3. Feelings of vengeance. ... rape dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


A symbol of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, Matt. 26:28. Washing in blood is a symbol of exacting vengeance, Ps. 58:10... blood dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols


This large and very beautiful cat can symbolize femininity, power, anger, unforgiving vengeance, great force, and cunning. Tigers cannot be ignored, and usually they get exactly what they go after. Consider all of these characteristics and try to see if they apply to your or anyone else’s current mood or character. See also: Animals and Cats... tiger dream meaning

The Bedside Dream Dictionary


Dreaming of tigers symbolizes femininity, power, anger, unforgiving vengeance, great force and cunning. Tigers can not be ignored, and usually they get exactly what they go after. ... tiger dream meaning

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation


A positive color, representing vitality (fire) and activity, love and passion. Red, however, can also be a sign of aggression, rage, and vengeance. According to alchemistic tradition, red is the color of the spirit, of gold, and of the sun. It is a warning of danger. For the Hindus, red means vitality and expansion. For the Mayans, red meant victory and success. For the Chinese, red is the color of luck. In alchemy, red is the color of emotions, of Blood, and Fire. The colors of heaven and hell are red. Red is the color of overwhelming emotional upheaval and in a dream often points to a situation that is packed with intensity. ... red dream meaning

Little Giant Encyclopedia


1- Dreaming of hammers or blunt instruments highlights the more aggressive and masculine side of our nature. There may be the feeling that their is an aspect of our personality which needs to be crushed or struck for us to be able to function properly. 2- While aggression may be necessary it may be more that the judicial application of force is appropriate. 3- The hammer also has a double- sided symbolism these are justice and vengeance. The dreamer needs to be aware which of these apply in his own spiritual domain. ... hammer dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Arms are significant as a symbol of surrender, wisdom or action. One arm upraised denotes commitment but sometimes also suggests vengeance. Two arms raised sideways signify supplication; raised forwards suggest welcome. ... arms dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile


The hammer is a symbol of the old forge gods such as thor and vulcan and with a head of iron is a symbol of craftsmanship and good work. When the hammer is a double-sided one known as the labrys it signifies justice and vengeance. It was used by the amazons, a race of warrior women, and has been adopted as a symbol by some gay women. ... hammer dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile


(1) In a woman’s dream, rape may represent cither (unconscious) fears of sex or (masochistic) fantasies of being raped. (2) A man’s dream of committing rape would probably be a straightforward symbol of sexual desire, but of a sadistic kind. You probably need to become acquainted with your own feminine qualities - ability to relate, patience, gentleness, etc. - and let them play a larger part in your life. What arc you trying to take vengeance for? Did your mother seem to withdraw her love from you as a boy?... rape dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Everyone has a dark side to their personality. The wicked thoughts and actions that appear in dreams, therefore, come from within you. Normally, they represent the most destructive psychological forces we harbor, such as jealousy, rage, vengeance, and hate. If you recognize yourself as the owner of these tendencies, you should accept them and practice the opposite in real life. That is, if you hate someone in a dream, love more; if you avenge yourself, forgive; if you are jealous, be good and generous. According to an old teaching of I Ching, the perseverance of good is the only way to ward off evil. ... evil dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The panther could symbolize for a woman that she is being stalked, and represents great danger (sexual assault, betrayal, vengeance, etc. ). This is an oneiric symbol that alludes to the ingratitude of friends and family. ... panther dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Dreaming of rape symbolizes the loss of control over your reality. You are living in a situation in which you own love seems damaged. For a man, it could be a sadistic representation of his sexual desires. It is possible that you harbor feelings of vengeance towards the opposite sex. For a woman, it could represent sexual fears or the manifestation of masochistic fantasies. Even Victorian books about dreams contemplate this image. According to superstition, if a woman dreams of rape, her pride will be damaged. In the case that it is a close friend who suffers, it is saying that you will hear impactful news. ... rape dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


This figure could represent a part of your personality that you need to reform. The villain symbolizes your rebellious side and your hidden desire to abandon societal norms. On the other hand, it could show feelings of vengeance that you harbor, or your craving to interfere with someone’s plans. Equally, the dream could be caused by the desire to overcome a vice, like smoking or drinking. Dreaming of a victim predicts that you will receive a gift or card from the person that you love. ... villain dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams

A Brief Dictionary Of Dreams From The Kabbalah

Danger related to an intense emotional situation. You should be cautious when interacting with others in very emotional circumstances. ACADEMY
Denotes knowledge, especially of a philosophical and metaphysical nature. Intensive study will favor the dreamer. ANGEL
An elevated characteristic, like friendliness, compassion, or An elevated characteristic, like friendliness, compassion, or healing, is found in the dreamer’s life. A direct encounter with an angel indicates that you should strengthen said quality. ARM
Strength and great achievement. The dreamer has power in a particular situation. If the arm appears wounded, it symbolizes that this power grows weaker. BABY
Something is born, possibly a relationship. BRIDGE
Transition from one situation or point of view to another. The dreamer is experiencing a positive change in his life and attitude. BRIGHT STAR
Divinity. Proximity of favorable events and good luck. BLINDNESS
The dreamer cannot, or does not want to, see the truth about a part of their life. Dreams in which you are surrounded by darkness have the same meaning. BOOK OR PARCHMENT
Knowledge is near. CANDLE
It is the human soul. A candle that burns represents a strong soul; one that is dying little by little indicates a weakness of character. CAVE
A place to take refuge from a threatening or stressful situation. CHILD
Represents innocence and ingenuity, the desire to learn which benefits intellectual development. Sign of the importance the dreamer places on this virtue. COFFIN, TOMB, OR CEMETERY
Something has died in the dreamer’s life. Everything will be fine if you accept it and move forward strongly. COMET
A great change is coming in the life of the dreamer. It will be beneficial, but could bring a sudden loss of something, a disruption, or an unexpected turn. CORPSE
Something has died and is rotting in your life. You should determine what it is and act immediately to “bury” it. CLIMBING
The dreamer is searching for greater satisfaction from life. This image is very positive and signifies inner growth and advancement. CRUISE
Higher spiritual growth and transformation. If the ship moves quietly over calm waters, the dreamer will find little stress in their life. If the waves are rough, on the other hand, it foretells tensions. CUP or CHALICE
Divine blessing; very positive if it is gold or silver. If it is broken, it means the blessing will be rejected. DANCING
Happiness and fun in the dreamer’s life. DAGGER or WEAPON
Personal violence. Denotes that the dreamer is furious and holds feelings of aggressiveness inside. DAWN, SUNRISE
A new start, either in a relationship or a job. DAWN, SUNRISE
A new start, either in a relationship or a job. DEAFNESS
The dreamer is ignoring the good advice of a friend or loved one. Indicates that you don’t want to hear a truth you are being told in real life. DEMON
Symbolizes the lower passions such as jealousy, resentment, or vengeance. The dreamer should remove these from their life as soon as possible. DESERT
Spiritual aridity in some aspect of the dreamer’s life. A way of avoiding it is to find a manner of achieving more productivity and spiritual wealth. DARKNESS
Absence of divinity and saintliness. Ignorance. The more darkness that appears in the dream, the less spiritual illumination the dreamer will have. DOOR
A barrier that can be overcome with willpower. Closed doors symbolize a lack of the right attitude when approaching a certain situation. DOVE
Peace in general; pacific resolution of a particular situation. DUST. Humility before the greatness of God. Associated with destiny. It reminds you that you should cultivate qualities of deference and submission. DRAGON OR MONSTER
Demonic or spiritually negative forces, such as black magic or malevolence. The dreamer should avoid any matter in life related to such aspects. EAGLE
Imagination and creativity. If it flies very high it represents a greater emergence of these qualities; an eagle nest is safe place to strengthen them. EARTH
The world is means of life, where all creatures must fight for their existence. Indicates that the dreamer has too many mundane worries. ECHO
Everything you do echoes and has repercussions in the hidden worlds. Dreams of this kind remind you of said spiritual truth. ELDER
Eternal wisdom, especially religious. The dreamer should seek this quality in their life. EYE
A human eye represents that the dreamer has a correct judgment about some matter or situation. If the eye is wounded or blind, it means the opposite. FALLING
The dreamer is falling in a lower level of consciousness and feels negative emotions such as rage, pride, or fear. Without exception, it is a negative symbol. FISH
Abundance and material blessing in the dreamer’s life. Money, FISH
Abundance and material blessing in the dreamer’s life. Money, properties, and other possessions will increase. FIRE
Divine judgment of the imperfections and bad acts of the dreamer. Fire also indicates a need for exhaustive moral cleansing and self purification. FIRMAMENT
Divine order in the universe that translates to the dreamer’s life. FLYING
Freedom from mundane worries. Also means that you should use your imagination to experience a greater sensation of freedom when facing trivial problems. FOUNTAIN
A good emotional state, vitality. The more water that flows, the greater capacity you have to express positive emotions, such as gratitude and compassion. FUNERAL
Something has died in the dreamer’s life; a job, a relationship, or even an important belief. GAZELLE
Precise and elegant decision that the dreamer should make. A very positive symbol. GARDEN
Liveliness in attitude and beliefs. Reveals an excellent perspective and spiritual growth. GENITALS
Generative capacity, the dreamer’s potent creativity. GETTING LOST
The dreamer has gone astray, has diverted from the soul’s mission and his purpose in life. You must regain your spiritual orientation, above all. GIANT
Egomania, pride, and arrogance. The dreamer or someone close to them is behaving ungenerously. GOAT
Great ability to overcome and resist. The dreamer needs to develop other elevated qualities such as imagination or esthetic sense. GREEN FIELDS
The dreamer’s life is full of vitality and good intentions. HAIR
Virility and sexuality. If it is thick and voluptuous, it denotes sensuality; the opposite if you lose it. Brushing your hair is a sign of vanity. HEBREW ALPHABET
Each of the twenty-two letters has a specific meaning. In dreams, they indicate elevated communication. HIGHWAY
Symbolizes the road or life journey. If it is well traveled, it means the dreamer enjoys a close relationship with others. If the opposite, it denotes loneliness. HORIZON
The near future. A clear horizon represents good luck; a hard one, on the other hand, indicates problems. HUNGER
Physical or emotional deprivation. The dreamer feels some HUNGER
Physical or emotional deprivation. The dreamer feels some bodily or personal need unsatisfied. ILLNESS
The dreamer lacks balance in their life and soon could experience physical or emotional disorder. JEWEL
Divine illumination. The more beautiful or brilliant it is, the greater the spirituality that will shine in your life. JOURNEY
The present path of the dreamer. If the setting of the dream seems strange, it indicates a new situation or challenges. The presence of companion is a good sign; their absence denotes isolation. KING
Power and divine judgment. Emphasizes the importance of these qualities in the dreamer’s life. KISS
The taste of the transcendental soul. Whether consciously or not, we experience said condition in some aspect of life. LAMB
Submission and sweetness. A shepherd directing his flock signifies that you are taking special care with a certain situation. LAMP
Spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The Zohar speaks of a lamb of darkness, which is associated with evil and discord. LEG
Resistance, especially in journeys by foot. Signifies that the dreamer has the strength necessary to successfully resolve a problematic situation. LIGHT
Divinity, saintliness, and wisdom. This is a superior symbol. LIMP
Inability to resolve a certain situation, caused by yourself or by external circumstances. LION
Courage and spiritual strength. Traditionally, the lion also represents the Jewish community. The image of a lion nuzzling its cubs indicates that you give courage to others. MARKET
Sustenance of human existence. Indicates your worries about how to earn a living. MAKING LOVE
Ecstasy of the soul when it refers to a union with God. MOON
Fantasy, intuition, and receptiveness in the soul of the dreamer. Traditionally, it is related to other hidden aspects of the soul, like imagination and creativity. Equally, it is associated with femininity. MIDNIGHT, however, represents a time of mystic study and contemplation. MORNING
State of spiritual satisfaction and happiness. Also associated with physical pleasure, well-being, or healing. MOUNTAIN
Place of divine inspiration and revelation. Indicates that the dreamer needs to find this place in real life. MOUTH
Human speech and the capacity to create harmony or conflict. The dreamer should pay attention to the effect their words cause. The dreamer should pay attention to the effect their words cause. A wounded mouth symbolizes a lack of communicative skills. NIGHT
Judgment and dark qualities. Night is usually associated with demonic forces and emotional negativity. OASIS
A place of rejuvenation and replenishment. Indicates the end of the feeling of spiritual sterility in the dreamer’s life. It is a positive symbol. PALACE
Dwelling of the divine. The dreamer should seek more consciously the sacred side of daily life. PLANETS
Subtle, hidden forces in the life of the dreamer. Traditionally, the vision of this symbol was astrological and it was believed that it exercised a concrete influence on our daily experiences. PLAYING AN INSTRUMENT
Exaltation and spiritual pleasure; also, experiencing the sacred through an esthetic activity. QUEEN
Divine love and compassion. Her oneiric presence confirms the importance of these characteristics in the dreamer’s life. RAINBOW
Protection and divine security. A hopeful and encouraging symbol for the life of the dreamer. RIVER, STREAM
The vital spirituality is flowing correctly. Soon a positive change or great experience will arrive. SNAKE
Deception and malevolence, disguised as sincerity and attention. Warns that there is someone or something in your life that may be dangerous. SINGING
Gratitude. The act of singing, whether it is the dreamer or other people, means that you will soon have something to be grateful for and to celebrate. SKY
The spiritual world; the intangible, pure, subtle, and mystic part of life. A cloudless sky signifies clarity; if it is clouded, it means there is confusion. SLEEPING
Ignorance, passivity, and withdrawal. In its most positive interpretation, it represents waiting without hurry. Falling asleep symbolizes loss of consciousness and acuity. STAIR
Character development and personal growth. STAGNANT WATER
Blockage in the life energy, especially in the spiritual sense. STRONG WIND
The force of change. To dream of this element means your life will undergo a complete metamorphosis. Hurricanes indicate that said change will be very violent. STUDY
Acquisition of knowledge, above all spiritual. It is a positive dream that indicates the dreamer is above all spiritual. It is a positive dream that indicates the dreamer is developing internally. SUN
Will and intention. The sunrise represents the birth of something new in your life. The sunset indicates that some matter is ending. Traditionally it is also associated with masculinity and it’s most characteristic traits such as stubbornness—in a positive sense as well as negative. TEETH
Physical vitality. Losing teeth is a warning to the dreamer about their health. THIRST
Spiritual desire. Represents that the dreamer is not receiving the spiritual satisfaction they desire. THRONE
Physical manifestation of the divine. Indicates that the dreamer must be more conscious of the sacred side of their body. TREE
Life and spiritual knowledge. A flowering tree also represents deserved success; a bare tree denotes a lack of achievement. TRIPPING
Impatience and too much hurry in daily matters. You need calm and balance to avoid the possibility of a serious fall. TURTLE
Good luck in life. UNOPENED LETTER
The dreamer did not heed a very important message. It is necessary to pay attention immediately to any communication received in real life. WAKING UP
The dreamer is recovering clarity, acuity, and personal energy to complete some personal matter. WAVY OCEAN
Pride and arrogance. This dream indicates that the dreamer must cultivate humility. WEDDING
Spiritual compromise, possibly related to a field of study, training, or an effort in the long term. WILD
The absence of civilization. A place of power and potential danger. ... a brief dictionary of dreams from the kabbalah dream meaning



lucky numbers: 02-13-18-19-33-38archer, being an: are unfitted to fil your position. hitting the target: unfaithfulness until you find the right spouse. married: danger is nearby, disgrace wil soon fol ow. of an: your planned seduction wil bring unhappiness in love. unmarried: engagement is near. bow, a: to honor the God within. and: benefit from other’s failure to complete tasks. stringing a: with steady effort you wil accomplish. breaking an: present failure in love is partial y your fault. broken, a: business failure. bulls-eye with an, hitting: power to set your goals and the skil to carry them through. Cupid’s, being hit by: wil be smitten with love. hit by an, being: have the strength to redirect your performance back to its source. hitting target with: a straight course with swift arrival at a clear accomplishment. injury from an: your nerves are breaking down. losing: difficulties because of carelessness. many: messages, powerful and purposeful, are intended for you. having: friends are spectators to your money losses. missing the target with: expect difficulties, misfortune because of an unsuspected person. quiver full of, a: concentrate on your performance at work and a raise is in the offing. shooting an, in self-defense: pending verification, you are the target. splitting target in two: wil alienate a friend. throwing an: vengeance never clears up the injustice. volley of: opposition from several sources. ... arrows dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 07-12-15-16-26-40being defrauded: big treachery wil expose your foes and gain you honors. others, by: enemies try in vain to cause loss of your reputation; wil lose it yourself. relatives, by: deception in love; wil not lose your ability to give and feel love. committing: your lies wil be uncovered; your indulgence in pleasures wil degrade you. defrauding others: lose a too-trusting friend for a bit of money and a lot of vengeance. catching someone in the act of: gossip about you has become nasty. ... fraud dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 12-14-17-32-33-37advancing in a, affair: act on your third rational sober thought. adversity in: be on guard for spiteful gossip bringing conflict into your relationship. being in: friends are jealous of your concentration on your new love. yourself, with: vanity, faith and confidence wil be abused. company of a lover, the: freedom from anxious cares. being loved: satisfaction with your contentment in present home life. children, by: quarrels over which child is loved most. lover, accepted, being: affairs do not prosper because you scorn them. afflicted, being: if you can’t help publicly, leave to make room for someone who can. angry with: the nagging question is where this wil lead; if nowhere, give it up. arrival of a: a special gift to your inner self is of little value when vengeance is paid. back door, letting go out the: seek an idealized, unrealistic love. bath for a, preparing a: wil have a life of luxury. beating his mistress: this affair in its secrecy al ows no rational advice from an outsider. giving a promise to a: suitable time to pursue courtship of everything surrounding you. lover’s quarrel, a: harmony in the relationship must go through discordant tones. loving your children: it is impossible for them to do anything to sever that bond. partner: wil succeed in present project through true grit. not: disappointing search for contentment lacking at home. others: wil live happily together al your life. relatives: a secret love wil be revealed. work: prosperity is ahead if you trust in your fortune. not succeeding in: be happy with what you possess; not dissatisfied with what you don’t. trying to make, to someone: partner wil succumb to romantic interlude with another. unwanted, being: heart trouble wil be shortly resolved. ... love dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 04-09-16-20-28-29advising others of a: have confidence and are decisive in what you believe. aloe to skin, applying: domestic problems are resolved. drinking juice: wil heal the cuts in your stomach and the bruises on your heart. antidote, taking an: for any thesis there is an antithesis; healing is synthesis. camphor, using in the house: failure of the plans of a moth; wil risk vengeance. castor oil, being ordered to take: recovery from a short bout of argumentativeness. chamomile: peaceful settlements of adverse energies. cupping, the process of: usury wil be only to your advantage. finding a, for business affairs: wil economize and foil a scheme to ruin your interests. giving children a: wil be highly considered by others who are not worthy of you. iodine, swallowing: snap out of your depression. liniment, rubbing a pain with: a valuable legacy of simple treasures. manna as a mild laxative: everything in nature has medicinal properties. divinely supplied: your health issues are nutritional. poultice, applying a: climb out of that pit and develop that crazy obscure idea. taking a: wil recover from an il ness very soon. aspiration: neither listen to nor respect gossip. belladonna: failure to meet debts, which cramps your hands. giving: vain efforts to win affections away from the throes of poison. cod liver oil: a love episode ful of ecstatic charm. ipecac: your disgusting needs amuse you; wil stand firm against deceitful adventurers. lozenge, throat: your disagreeable chatter does not make the job go away. ... remedy dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 03-14-18-40-43-46being put in a: treachery by relatives who misrepresent your actions. enemies: financial improvements for the present; prepare for future vengeance. friends: triumph over persecution with the cleansing of a life. relatives: avoid being alarmed by the revelation of family secrets, and showing it. being released from a: big fortune gained in gambling at the tables, not with your sanity. friends: another who had you committed is promoted above you. relatives: postponement of success while you rebuild the family name. of a: you’l make yourself il if you don’t step back from the situation. working in a: others may not be able to appreciate your contribution. ... sanatorium dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days