What does it mean to see an velvet in a dream?

Velvet Dream Meaning: From 20 Different Sources

(see also Black)

May express sensuous desire; or a promise of, or desire for prosperity.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd

1. For the Rich and Royal. Esther 1:6.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand

Figurative of luxury; research the color

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

The appearance of this elegant material in a dream may represent the dreamer’s emotions— soft, sensuous, and elegant.

If the dreamer is wearing velvet, it may indicate that some honor is forthcoming.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Vision: Looking at velvet cloth or clothing made from velvet: you will increase in stature. Wearing or stroking velvet clothes: you would like to escape from the daily grind and yearn for a loving relationship. Seeing others in velvet clothes: you will meet powerful people who will be helpful to you.

Depth Psychology: Wearing velvet clothes: you are a bit vain and arrogant. Are you trying to impress people with what you wear? It won’t work! See Clothes, Silk.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda

See Dress.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary | Raymond Buckland

Luxury and sensuality.

The symbolic meaning of the color is important.

According to Freud, pubic hair, as in Fur, and sexuality.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

If you dream of wearing velvet, you will soon receive an award of some kind or be the subject of admiration.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

A fortunate dream, but it will depend largely upon the colour. See COLOUR.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

1. Prosperous business ventures.

2. Regal and wealthy, hon­ors bestowed.

3. Pleasurable sensations, softness, suppleness— usually emotional.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Dreams of velvet symbolize luxury, wealth, extravagance, status, and elegance.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

It is usuallv the texture and quality that is relevant when a material appears in a dream.

It is the sensuousness and softness of velvet which is significant.

In old-style dream interpretation. to dream of velvet was to dream of discord. In modern day interpretation it is more likely to mean the opposite.

Spiritually velvet can dcpict richness and giftedness.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

To dream of velvet, portends very successful enterprises.

If you wear it, some distinction will be conferred upon you.

To see old velvet, means your prosperity will suffer from your extreme pride.

If a young woman dreams that she is clothed in velvet garments, it denotes that she will have honors bestowed upon her, and the choice between several wealthy lovers.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

Velvet is a symbol of richness and sensuality. Many people link it with eroticism. This dream reveals an evident emotional need.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

To dream you trade with a stranger in velvet, and other fine silks, signifies profit and joy.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

To dream that she is wearing a velvet gown predicts to a young woman that she will receive attentions from several wealthy men.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

To see velvet in a dream, whether you are Wearing it, or someone else, is usually fortunate, depending on the color. Look up COLOR.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

As a general rule this luxurious fabric pertains to material wealth, but its meaning in your dream will depend on the action, its color, and other details which must be correlated.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

Honor and riches (Artemidorus).

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig

lucky numbers: 16-22-38-40-42-48

being a, merchant: wealth wil be amassed by questionable methods.

buying: wil be industrious, soft, sensuous and elegant.

dress, a: another’s honor and riches wil rub off on you.

of: the opposition wil resent your rise in stature.

sewing with: wil receive assistance from a friend and return it tenfold.

splitting: wil offer little resistance to advances.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

Velvet In Dream | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Velvet


To dream of calves peacefully grazing on a velvety lawn, foretells to the young, happy, festive gatherings and enjoyment. Those engaged in seeking wealth will see it rapidly increasing. See Cattle. ... calves dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


To dream of wearing a girdle, and it presses you, denotes that you will be influenced by designing people. To see others wearing velvet, or jeweled girdles, foretells that you will strive for wealth more than honor. For a woman to receive one, signifies that honors will be conferred upon her. ... girdle dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


(Lignite; Velvet-black coal used for jewelry. )In a dream,jet denotes festivities, celebrations, happiness, honor, or marriage. In a dream, jet also represents suspicious money, tainted profits, or a friend for interest, and if one’s wife is pregnant, it means that she will deliver a son. ... jet dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Protection, as in wearing rubber gloves; keeping one’s hands clean’, as in the sense of avoiding ‘dirty busi­ness”; being out of touch. Can also represent someone’s hand —holding their glove would be holding their hand. Picking up a dropped glove: similar to picking up a handkerchief dropped by a woman—an invitation to a relationship. Idioms: hand in glove; iron fist in velvet glove; with kid gloves; with the gloves off. ... gloves dream meaning

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Strength; the material side of life; unbending emo­tions. Idioms: iron fist in velvet glove; iron curtain; man of iron; rule with rod of iron. ... iron dream meaning

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Dress, Articles Of

Chain: A chain belt, or similar anicle of dress, denotes union. Embroidery: Love that could grow to something wonderful. Fan: Pride, touched with vanityFeathers: White: a great sense of humor. Black: a pessimistic attitude. Also see Feather. Garter: A symbol of rank and recognition. You will be promoted, but this will place you in a more vulnerable position. You will have to be much more careful in considering the consequences of your words and actions. Gauze: Affected modestyGloves: Pleasure to come that will be all too brief. Hat: A new hat is the sign of a surprise. A hat that is too big is a sign of ostentation. A hat too small shows that you are overly modest. Linen: Fortune; abundance. Muff: Ostentation. You too often do things on a whim. Needles: Disappointment in love. Pearls: Tears. Pins: Contradiction. Ribbons: Change of employment. Sash: To be wearing a sash means that you will be singled out for some sort of recognition, but that it will cause jealousy among your friends. Satin / Silk: Financial gain. Shoes: See Boots. Veil: You have something to hide. Velvet: To dream of black velvet is a portent of a coming death. Purple velvet signifies glory and luxury to come. Red velvet is a dangerous affair that could lead to scandal. Blue velvet is a need for a vacation. Green velvet is a sign of unexpected wealth. ... dress, articles of dream meaning

Gypsy Dream Dictionary


It is a fortunate augury to dream of strolling on a velvety green lawn, denoting ease and contentment. ... lawn dream meaning

The Complete Dream Book


Vision: Looking at silk fabric means a bright future and exciting events ahead. Buying silk: be honest, are you about to cheat on your lover? W earing clothing made from silk: you would love to have the admiration of other people. Are you hiding feelings of inferiority? Weaving silk fabric, or spinning silk thread yourself: vou will have to deal with manv uncertainbes in life. Are you living in a fantasy world?Depth Psychology: Are you entertaining grandiose ideas? Would you like to ushinen? Don’t overdo it—silk tears easily! See Clothes, Velvet. ... silk dream meaning

Dreamers Dictionary


Dreams of a glove represents physical, mental or emotional protection. Your hands symbolize your ability to reach for what you want in life, to have and to hold, and gloves are a way of keeping a distance or softening your approach; like Margaret Thatcher was known for having a steel fist in a velvet glove. You may be keeping yourself at arms length from what you really want or need, either because of formality or a fear of intimacy. See Condom. ... glove dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


To see fabric in your dream represents the various pieces that compose your life. Consider the color of the for added significance of the dream. Also see “Satin”, “Silk” and “Velvet”. ... fabric dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


To see or wear pants in your dream may suggest you are questioning your role in some situation. If the pants were dirty and you were trying to clean, this means you want to change something about your personality. A dream of pants that fit too tightly suggests you feel smothered in a relationship. Torn or ripped pants indicate that there is some flaw in your thinking or thought process - you need to alter your reasoning. A dream of wearing velvet pants signifies your sensual side. ... pants dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


Dreams of grass are very prophetic. A beautiful carpet of grass, like a rolling lawn, promises a quick route toward the realization of one’s ambition. If the dreamer crushes the grass by walking or running over it, there will be many hindrances before ambition is achieved. To lovers, the velvety vista of lawn augurs a happy union. ... grass dream meaning

Psycho Dream Interpretation


The significance depends on the kind of cloth, the color, and other details, but as a general guide: Linen signifies increased income; Woolen promises security; Velvet or Brocade forecasts success in love affairs; Silk predicts a happy social life; and Cotton indicates a need to guard against loss of reputation through indiscreet behavior. To cut cloth on the bias predicts a message of distress from a distance. See also Colors, Cut, Sewing, etc. ... cloth dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


(1) A black hole or dark depths - for example, an unlit cellar or a deep well or oceanic depths - may represent the unconscious. This blackness mav be frightening, so long as the unconscious remains alien and unfamiliar. However, black can also be warm and comforting - which is whv insomniacs arc sometimes advised to close their eyes and imagine themselves wrapped. round in black velvet. If you begin to trust your unconscious (which means trusting Nature), each previously horrifying or disgusting part of your unconscious will show itself in a new light, as something vou need for personal fulfilment. Putting vour consciousnessinto the unconscious - becoming aware of it - means putting more and more light into the darkness. If a star or other bright light appears in the blackness, this may be seen as a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, that is, as a symbol of the ‘illumination’ - new wisdom or insight - that may be achieved by dwelling a while in the unconscious and making its better acquaintance. (2) Black (particularly for white people) may symbolize evil. If so, bear in mind that, as a general rule, what appears in your dreams is always some part of you, and that the so-called ‘evil’ (and therefore repressed) parts of you are really evil only if, because of neglect, they become rebellious, or if you let them take control away from your conscious self. These ‘evil’ things are transformed into good things - creative, and bringing fuller life, happiness and wholeness - when conscious and unconscious interact and establish a harmonious working relationship. NB It is only Judaism, Christianity and Islam that have a thoroughgoing dualism of good and evil, and a matching moral dogmatism. In the earliest known forms of religion, and in traditions (such as the Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist traditions) that have not cut themselves off from their early roots, good and evil are opposite but equally necessary’ components of reality; and in mystical traditions (including Jewish, Christian and Islamic mysticism) even God is described as a coming together of opposites - good and evil, but also masculine and feminine. (3) A person dressed in black may represent vour shadow. (4) A black-skinned person (if you are white-skinned) may represent either the shadow or closeness to Nature. (5) A black animal probably represents some unconscious repressed drive or emotion. If the animal is fierce, this possibly means that something yrou have repressed is now urgently pressing you to give it your conscious attention and let it have some expression in your w aking life. (6) Blackness (as in a black night, etc. ) may simply signify’ diminished visibility, in which case the meaning of the dream may have something to do w ith a loss of orientation in your life. Do vou feel you don’t know’ which w’ay to go; or that you don’t hav e the energy’ or will to go in any direction? If so, make a pact w ith v our unconscious to die effect that, if it will tell you where you have the potential - and the need - to go, you will respond accordingly in your life. Then pav close attentionto the dreams that follow. (If you go the next few nights without dreaming - or, more precisely, without recalling any dreams - this probably means that you are backing out of the pact and setting up a defence against what you fear your unconscious might have to tell you. )(7) Black may symbolize despair or deep depression. If so, follow the advice given in (6) above. (8) In many parts of the world black is associated with death. It is possible, therefore, that this is what the colour signifies in your dream. Bear in mind, however, that death in a dream may refer to something internal: the ‘death’ - or the giving up - of something within you (for example, some irrational fear, or other negative attitude or emotion). See also Death. ... black dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(see also Black)(1) Darkness is a common symbol of the unconscious. If the darkness is frightening, this represents your fear of the unknown forces in your psyche. If the darkness is warm and velvety, you are being invited to regard your unconscious as your friend. (2) Darkness pierced by a light may be a sign that ‘light shines in darkness5: that the truth you are seeking (about yourself, or about life) is to be found in the unconscious. Darkness represents the unconscious in its unknown aspect; when it has been integrated into one’s conscious life, all is light. (On the shadow)(3) It may be that, in the dream, you cannot find your way to the light, for example, at the end of a dark tunnel. This may reflect desperate feelings; frustration; depression. See also Tunnel. (4) The dark place may be womb-like and represent your own mother or, more likely, your emotional relationship to your mother. The unconscious may be recommending that you liberate yourself from a dominating mother (or mother image) and become your own person. It may represent, not your own mother, but mother in a vaguer and profounder sense: ‘Mother Nature5, physiological, natural, instinctive functions; the unconscious. See also (I) above and (5) below. (5) Darkness may represent death. (The womb, too, may be a symbol of death: the desire to return to the womb is a desire to escape from life’s pains and problems. ) See also Dead / Death. ... darkness dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

Female Sexual Symbols

Flowers, lilies, figs and ripening fruits all have female sexual symbolism. The red rose is a traditional symbol of romantic love and passion, suggesting to Freudians the female sexual organs. A rose with thorns in a man’s dream suggests an ambivalent attitude towards female sexuality. Velvet is a soft and sensual fabric, and is associated with pubic hair by Freudians. Other dream analysts link velvet and moss in dreams with a desire for comfort and peace. Purses, according to Freud, are symbols of female genitalia or the womb; when the purse opens, this suggests sexual availability and when it is snapped shut, this suggests withholding. ... female sexual symbols dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Different Types Of Dreams

“The interpretation of dreams is the real path to knowing the soul. ”
SIGMUND FREUD Clear and personalized messages Before jumping in to discover the hidden messages that filter into our dreams and appear in the dictionary in the second part, it’s best to keep in mind that not all oneiric thoughts can be analyzed with the same pattern. Therefore, psychologists and analysts distinguish between three classes of dreams:

  • Readjustment dreams
  • Satisfaction dreams
  • Premonitory dreams
In the interpretation of dreams, we work from the base knowledge that the same subject can have very different meanings depending on the circumstances and personal situation of the dreamer. Because of this, this dictionary offers abundant explanations (psychological and esoteric) from very distinct viewpoints, although the boundary is often blurred. This is meant to show the melting pot of possibilities for discovery and prediction if one atunes their sensitivity and perceptiveness in each interpretation. But back to this chapter, where we have compiled a series of recurring themes as examples, and touch on erotic dreams, another way in which the subconscious offers information to be analyzed. Although these belong in the group of satisfaction dreams, their details warrant a separate explanation. Readjustment dreams In this type of dream, the oneiric images are provoked by merely physical causes. Readjustment dreams can be of internal origins—that is, generated by the body due to factors such as indigestion or a headache—or of external origin—heat, noises, the feel of sheets on the body, etc. A typical example of a readjustment dream with external origin would be that of a person who, due to the weight of the blankets, dreams of carrying a heavy load. Where do these types of images come from? It’s simple: when we close our eyes, we have the sensation of being isolated from the world because our consciousness of the exterior world is so linked to visual perception. However, the other senses remain in contact with the world. Therefore, even though when we sleep we appear to lose consciousness, this information continues to be collected in the brain (this is why loud noises wake us up). This is why we prefer darkness and quiet to sleep. However, we can’t always control our surroundings. When situations arise out of our control (the sound of a siren, a change in temperature, etc. ), these sensory impressions become integrated in our dreams and can take surprising forms. Abraham Lincoln, president of the United States, dreamt of his own death by assassination. Premonitory dreams
These oneiric episodes dream of something that will become reality in the future. In the majority of cases, these are negative dreams that tend to warn of a coming danger. As a paradigmatic example of premonition, take that of Abraham Lincoln, president of the United States, in 1865. A few days before being assassinated, Lincoln saw his own death in one of his dreams. Even though this mythical case of the US president indicates the opposite, let us be clear that dreaming of a death does not necessarily imply that a tragic event is imminent. In these dreams, death can mean many different things; for example, some psychologists interpret it as marking the end of a life cycle. This is why we insist on the importance of personalizing the dream interpretation. Be that as it may, premonitions tend to be hidden in a symbolism that is difficult to decode, since it does not refer to past experiences. They are messages that try to warn us of dangers that face us on the physical or emotional plane. For this reason, eastern cultures have always valued them highly, as we will see later on. Satisfaction dreams Satisfaction dreams constitute the basis for the main theories of oneiric interpretation. They deal with those images in which we fulfill the desires that we cannot satisfy while awake. Therefore, this huge category includes everything from erotic dreams to the worst nightmares. In some cases, a certain satisfaction dream may repeat for years. This means that the person’s subconscious is warning them of the importance of something they may be trying to ignore. The part of this book dedicated to interpretation refers to this type of dreams.
Sexual dreams are not necessarily the result of accumulated sexual tension that needs to be released, but rather they usually refer to inner conflicts and hidden needs, or a desire to enjoy sex more freely.
Sexual dreams There are dreams that have the capacity to excite us, intrigue us, make us tremble, embarrass us . . . These are the ones that we never, or almost never, share with others. These are erotic dreams that, generally speaking, have nothing to do with the social or sexual conduct of our waking lives.

“Dreams manifest the desires that our consciousness does not express. ” Sigmund Freud Erotic dreams join other sensations that, in waking life, we probably wouldn’t relate immediately with sex. Therefore, these dreams, which could be violent, passionate, perverse, romantic, etc. , tend to refer to inner conflicts and hidden emotional needs. Therefore they belong to the classification of satisfaction dreams. On some occasions, they reveal a fear of intimacy or warn against certain relationships. In others, they illustrate situations and behaviors that we cannot normally exhibit. The dream represents everything through symbols or a strong sexual connotation. Its themes and languages, often dark, can confuse us or make us doubt because each individual has their personal symbols (just like with other types of dreams). It’s interpretation, therefore, should be performed according to the situation of the individual. Dreams are escape routes for sexual impulses that social conventions repress; in erotic dreams everything seems permissible, so they are the best way to bring our most secret emotional desires to light. For Sigmund Freud, dreams manifested the desires that our consciousness does not express, and that was all.

Dreams contain valuable information about ourselves. But their meaning is often far from what it seems.
On occasion, erotic dreams illustrate situations and behaviors that we can’t experience in real life, whether it is due to social convention or our own beliefs. These sexual dreams act as an escape route for repressed impulses.
Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to them because they contain valuable information about ourselves. However, their meaning is often far from what it seems. They may just as well symbolize tension in our daily lives as the desire to have a good time. Erotic dreams and fantasies Erotic dreams are also related to a person’s physical and emotional development. During puberty, for example, these kinds of dreams are very common. Others that are more unpleasant are related to episodes of abuse or sexual assault. In some form or another, almost everyone has had some type of erotic dreams because at the end of the day, they are natural occurrences that are part of our lives. They deserve our time and attention. For example, it’s important to discover when they refer to sexual issues and when they refer to other aspects, because erotic dreams often bring us valuable clues about intimacy with a partner. If something is not right in the relationship, they probably indicate the path to resolution. There should not be any difference between the erotic dreams of men and women, just between different people. However, various studies done in the United States have demonstrated the opposite. While women usually have erotic dreams with someone they know and go all the way from flirting to coitus, men dream of anonymous kinky women that succumb to their fantasies. Obviously this is not always the case, but it is undeniable that a personal relationship is highly valued in the feminine psyche. The masculine, on the other hand, opts for pleasure and domination. The education one has received, the latent sexism of the collective subconscious, and that of the media are all factors that dreams cannot bypass. These dreams can provoke even decisive, strong women to feel more vulnerable during dreams. Fortunately, as our customs are changing, the dissimilarities between masculine and feminine erotic dreams are gradually shrinking. Finally, erotic dreams, like all dreams, can hide fears, anxieties, and needs that you repress due to inhibitive situations or a lack of time to face the problem. With the interpretation of erotic dreams, we can find many clues to understand our emotions better.
While men dream of anonymous kinky women succumbing to their fantasies, women usually dream of erotic encounters with men they know.
Dreams of duality: masculine-feminine
Dreams of duality are those that refer to our double identity: masculine and feminine. These dreams translate the union of our two elements: animus and anima, two notions defined by Jung that appear constantly in dreams. The majority of these oneiric episodes are characterized by the denial or rejection of one of the two parts of our being—and what each one represents—creating a tension or internal conflict that can even show through in our personality. In order to help us regain balance, the dream tries to make us understand how and why we’ve forgotten the other side of ourselves. In this way, when a man dreams that he is a woman, the message is not necessarily about a conflict of identity or sexuality; more likely it refers to a lack of attention to the more sensitive, intuitive side of his personality. Equally, when a woman sees herself as a man in her dreams, her subconscious may be appealing to her more energetic and rational side. Dreams in which the left (feminine) or right (masculine) side of our bodies are hurt or immobilized (for example, an arm or leg) warn us that we are repressing or denying our masculine or feminine development. It is difficult for us to accept our duality and we reject this aspect that we don’t know how to express. Dreams of houses
The great oneirologist of ancient times, Artemidorus of Ephesus (second century BC) said: “The home is us”; and the most recent research on oneiric content confirms it. Buildings in our dreams are a reflection of our personality. Therefore you must pay attention to all the details that appear, which give you reliable hints about your desires, fears, worries . . . Each place and element of the house refers to a personal aspect of the self; the kitchen represents our spiritual or intellectual appetite; the oven is the alchemic place of transformation; the basement represents the accumulation of riches; the bedroom, conjugal difficulties, etc. However, dreams in which different rooms appear can also refer to different areas of real life. If, for example, you find yourself cooking in a kitchen, it may be a reference to a plan that you are “cooking up” in real life. If you find yourself locked in a dark basement, perhaps you feel guilty about something and think you deserve a punishment. Lying in a bed or on a sofa can be a sign that you need a break from your exhausting daily routine. When the doors of the dream house are shut tight or covered with brick, or there are signs on doors to the rooms prohibiting entry, you should ask yourself what is blocking your evolution in real life. It may be part of your own personality or some basic inhibition.
The buildings in our dreams are a reflection of our personality. “The Splash” (David Hockney, 1966).
Many people dream that they discover new rooms in houses that they know well. In general, this points to unknown aspects of their personality that are about to come out; but it can also indicate that they are ready for a new intellectual challenge. The feelings that emerge when we find ourselves inside an oneiric building are very significant. If you feel brave and curious while exploring every nook and cranny of the house, it means that you are not afraid of what you may discover about yourself, you act assuredly, and face your problems with confidence. On the other hand, if you feel afraid it is a sign of inhibition and insecurity.
A pleasant, organized room reflects mental order and spiritual serenity. If it doesn’t have windows, it is a sign of isolation, fear, and insecurity. “La habitacion” (“The Room”) (Van Gogh, 1889).
Nightmares and anxious dreams Nightmares are terrifying dreams that usually stay in our minds when we wake up. They usually occur during the REM phase and, on occasion, are so distressing that they wake you up and torment you for a few minutes. The fear is often accompanied by cold sweats, dry mouth, heart palpitations . . . and the sensation of having lived a terrible moment. Sometimes, traumatic events that happen to us in waking life (an accident, a robbery, a sexual assault) revisit us in dreams. Our mind needs to free the tension caused by the event and it does it while our consciousness rests.
Worry dreams reflect subconscious doubts and fears about events in our lives that have been saved in our minds but not our conscious memory.
These dreams typically disappear with time. If they persist, it may be a major trauma that requires professional help or, at least, and understanding friend to listen; talking about it is the first step to overcoming it. Many cultures share the belief that nightmares are nothing more than malignant spirits that attack their victims in their sleep with terrifying thoughts. Some research on oneiric content concludes that these scary dreams are more common in childhood, and if they persist into adulthood it usually indicates a deeply rooted problem. Research in sleep laboratories has demonstrated that often nightmares are triggered by a sudden noise, which detonates a distressing oneiric image. Therefore, for people who suffer from frequent nightmares, it is advisable to wear earplugs. Worry dreams
Dreams in which we feel worried about something are more frequent than nightmares, and sometimes the pressure we feel to resolve a problem in the dream wakes us up. Once awake, the oneiric worry may seem trivial compared to our real problems, however we should not ignore the importance of these dreams; their analysis will reveal areas of our lives that require attention or make us insecure. Worry dreams reflect subconscious doubts and fears about events in our lives that have been saved in our minds but not our conscious memory. They deal with minor preoccupations that we haven’t consciously given attention to, but our subconscious has recognized. According to Freud, dreams that generate anxiety or worry are the result of trying to repress an emotion or desire, usually sexual. Freud also highlighted the importance of finding the source of that worry in waking life, since these worries left unattended can degenerate into worse traumas. To analyze this type of dream you must pay attention to all the elements that appear in the episode, since it is symbolically giving you hints about what worries us.
Dreams about angels are usually messages of inner exploration. In some oneiric episodes they appear as spiritual guides and protectors that try to show us a path.
Dreams of inner exploration: forgotten babies and angels
Dreams in which forgotten babies or angels appear are very common, and meaningful for our personal and spiritual evolution. But what is the meaning of this baby that screams to be held and fed? It represents, symbolically, the spiritual seed inside of us that has been left to languish without nourishment. This sacred seed, the divine Self, the “philosophical child,” as the alchemists said. It has trusted us and we must help it grow. Dreams about angels or spiritual entities tend to be messages of inner exploration. We see various examples collected in an “office of dreams. ” “I am in utter darkness. I am surrounded by silence and emptiness. Suddenly, a shape appears, white and slender, pure, almost surreal. The features of the face are erased. A pure oval, the svelte body, without a definable sex. There is only the impression of extreme sweetness and deep harmony; but this character causes me such an impression of abandonment that it seems like a cry for help. I wrap it in my arms and want to save it at all costs. ” This is a dream of protections, of contact with the invisible world. In this oneiric episode, the androgynous character is recognized as angelic. This fabulous vision is none other than the person’s angel showing him his ailment, found in the darkness. In other dreams, angels appear as spiritual guides or personal guardians:
The cartoons of “Little Nemo” (Winsor McCay, 1905) always ended with the images of Nemo falling out of bed. His incredible stories revolved around his fascinating dreams.
“I had died on a golden carriage decorated with blue velvet; to my right, a feminine angel, all white, smiled at me . . . she held before me the reins of two white horses, while ahead of us, an unending path bathed in sunlight opened to us. ” Travel dreams
One of the most pleasant and stimulating oneiric experiences is traveling to a far-off place and waking up with the sensation of having returned from a great vacation. Without a doubt, this often means a deep desire to travel that you have not been able to satisfy; but it can also hold other interesting readings. On occasion, you remember precise details about places and settings you have never been to. This could be due to photographs, movies, or television reports that you’ve seen and that your subconscious has saved for some special reason. These journeys coincide, sometimes, with moment in real life when we are about to begin something new (a change of job or location . . . ). Just as the landscape and feelings of the dream can indicate our real emotions about this change, the circumstances of the trip are also revealing. If it is a bumpy trip in which it is difficult to get to your destination (because you lost the tickets or bags, or crashed the car . . . ), the dream may be encouraging you to weigh the pros and cons of the situation, and warning you about obstacles ahead. Perhaps you are not mentally prepared for the change. On the other hand, dreams about remote and exotic places are warning you that your lifestyle is claustrophobic and repressed, and that you need a change or to broaden your horizons. The mode of transportation that you use to travel in the dream is very significant. If you travel in plane, for example, you should ask yourself if you have your feet firmly on the ground or, on the contrary, if you feel more comfortable “in the clouds. ” Escapism in real life tends to appear symbolically in travel dreams. Trains are symbols of new and exciting opportunities; missing the train or letting it leave is a clear symbol of a fear of change—and the insecurity that goes along with this. The station, or point of departure, is a symbolic place of transformation. The predicament of not having a ticket or money to buy one is related to some type of deficiency. However, if you manage to arrive at the destination despite it all, the dream is reflecting a certain amount of self satisfaction. Surrealism was a revolution. The world of the oneiric, the subconscious, the paranoid . . . become a new way of seeing and exploring life. Its influence is still seen today. ... different types of dreams dream meaning



The fabric of a garment, curtain, or other object made from cloth can represent: The image conveyed by the particular type of fabric (for example, velvet as luxurious or cotton as comfortable). A characteristic conveyed by the fabric’s color, weave, pattern, condition, weight, or otherwise (for example, flowered fabric representing cheerfulness, or dirty fabric representing neglecting yourself). A characteristic associated with the item that’s constructed of the fabric (for example, denoting a particular climate, generation, culture, nationality, or hobby). Unused fabric can represent: the raw materials for or input to a creative process; potential, possibility, or opportunity.

See also: Clothes; Woven; Thread; Sewing... fabric dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 17-19-23-31-33-49azure blue, of: happiness. brown, of: wil be double-crossed by employees. calico, buying: unhappy events within twelve months. canvas: an unexpected al -expenses-paid shopping spree. chiffon: frivolous. crimson, of: good times are coming. cutting on the bias: a friend in distress. cypress, having: delay in the conclusion of your business. of this heavy rich satin: troubles caused by prying into others’ affairs. dyeing colors: put too much trust in the wrong new acquaintance. frame for making: efforts are being wasted. fringe, adding: have knotted up the beauty of your sex. gingham, bright colored: must choose love of your life now. gray, of any: wealth. green: abundant means. having lightweight: wil be molested. Indianhead: wrongdoings wil be recognized. indigo, dyeing, with: wil have a long stay away from home. khaki uniforms, of cloth for: are surrounded by anxieties. lavender, silk: are blessed by the church. any other: success in own affairs. linen: wil make certain and secure profit from sustained health. white, buying: money wil come easily during life. lining, of, used for: vanity; an imperfection within yourself that needs mending. buying: wil receive an unexpected visitor. loom, making yarns into, on a: a promising career in the arts. of a: recovery from an il ness. mauve: warning of troubles. of: the wearing of the pattern of your life experiences. pinking, of: wil receive consideration from others. pink of any kind: wil have a happy family life. others’: certain and secure profit from sustained health. that has been pinked: joyous times and new clothes. plaid: kind companions who wil stand by you to the death. purple: loss of friends. red, of any: misfortune. satin: don’t be deceived by flattery; bring the project to your conclusion. wearing: al misinterpretations are deflected off of you by your confidence. scarlet-colored, of any kind: danger in love matters. silk: creating beauty out of chaos. silver-colored, various: wil have many friends. striped: face up to deep-seated problem before it resurfaces. taffeta, blue: wil resume being damaged goods. velvet: wil have an amorous conversation. white-colored, various: have unjustified negative thoughts. woolen: wil make profits from your own products. yellow, of any kind: wil have sorrow. zephyr, buying: wil have a serious accident. ... fabric dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 02-06-14-22-25-40being in a: a life lacking in individuality. belonging to others: are not using your opportunities to your productive advantage. building, a: respect from the community for financial gains rendered. closed and deserted, suddenly: that phase of your life is empty; move on. clothing, a: congenial work and good activity in making money. dish, a: wil live a long life. glass: sights must be lowered with regard to risky project. linen, a: use caution in business ventures. paper, a: affairs wil prosper. pottery, a: wil be visited by a good friend. silk, a: affairs wil go from bad to worse. velvet, a: wil entertain an unwelcome guest. workers entering a: beneficial activities of industriousness and productivity. buying a: wil be blessed. chimney smoking, a: new plans wil disrupt your peace. owning a: your investments yield little profit without your mastery and energy. selling a: loss due to inattentive and narrow-minded management. working in a: the hectic tense situation is part of a good job; to correct it is your job. ... factory dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 04-25-29-32-47-48buying: you don’t make friends by hiding yourself behind caution. carrying, in the hands: honor, pleasure and prosperity; economical but not mercenary. dirty, getting: are protecting yourself from shady business. dropping a: a potential love affair should be handled with the utmost diplomacy. finding a pair of: don’t dare get your hands dirty on that project. losing own: frustrations wil throw you onto your own resources. maker, being a: your lack of contact does not fit one of high position. putting on: insularity against the world; avoiding intimate contact. mittens: at times aggression is needed; add a bit of playfulness to simmer it down. receiving a gift of: politeness wil get you everywhere; openness, overexposure. throwing a, at someone: a velvet touch solves the issue until the smoothness wears off. too big: have taken on more than you can handle successful y. small: your dissatisfaction is confining you to a downward spiral. wearing: are hiding your iron fist. kid: need to handle the situation of your shame with particular care. new: promotion and social prominence. old: wil be betrayed and suffer a loss. others: matters are being brought to conclusion, not yours. torn: melancholy and dissatisfaction. ... gloves dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 07-16-28-46-47-49bags: dignity and distinction through your sharp wit. buying: wil experience many ups in your resources and downs with heavy burdens. drinking: return to the basics, free from bad influences. iced: relationship wil have an abrupt hiatus because you feel drained by it. large party, at a: are interacting with other’s spiritual center. lemon, with: your decisive clarity and reserved caution wil gain your promotion. milk: subtle intel igent actions wil gain you what you want. others, with: use a velvet glove to deal with the situation. shop, at a: abandon the hare, join forces with the tortoise. grounds: wil be solicited for many social duties helping the unfortunate. making: be cautious in your dealings because of an indiscreet act. teetotaler, being a: wil contend with unacceptable opinions from friends. ... tea dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days