What does it mean to see an velocity in a dream?

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(see Bus, Car, Travel)

Moving slowly in a dream may reflect taking your time and considering each step necessary for success. Alternatively, it can indicate procrastination or delays that may or may not be of your own doing.

Rapid movement represents hasty actions which may not have been thoroughly thought out. This can also reflect that you are moving through life so quickly and busily that you never stop to smell the roses.

Dream sequences that go in very slow motion are usually replays of something that’s happened so that you can examine the details more closely and from an alternative perspective.

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(see Vehicles by type, Highways, Travel)Taking indirect routes with frequent stops to obtain your goal (see Velocity). Choosing a course of action that you perceive as safe and fairly dependable. Depending on an authority figure to determine the best course of action in a situation, especially scheduling. ... bus dream meaning

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Gir Affe

(see Animals)Because of the giraffe’s extended neck, this animal often symbolizes someone who take unnecessary risks and put themselves on the line for other people (e. g. , “sticking your neck out”). The height of the giraffe affords it a unique perspective. The caution here is not to become meddlesome in this investigation. Use your heightened awareness discreetly and wisely. The long legs of this creature provide swift movement (see Velocity). Just take care where you step along the way. If gathering water, this represents counsel from the subconscious to keep your eyes on the horizon when it comes to emotional or intuitive matters. Giraffes are most vulnerable when they drink, as it sets them slightly off-balance. Raising your sights back up may avert an unanticipated problem that could likewise set you off-kilter. ... gir affe dream meaning

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(see Directions, Velocity)... movement dream meaning

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(see Velocity)... speeds dream meaning

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Traffic tickets are a message from the subconscious that something you’re doing is going to get you into trouble. If the ticket in your dream is for speeding, for example, definitely slow down and become more observant (see Velocity). Theater tickets represent a brief respite from your normal focus. If you’ve been thinking about taking a break, do so! It’s exactly what you need. Lottery tickets may reflect a wish for prosperity or improved good fortune. This is perfecdy normal and healthy, as long as you’re willing to back up that wish with practical actions for manifestation. While some people try to dream of their lucky lottery numbers, getting those numbers is very rare. Don’t count on your dreams to bring about your future realities—begin manifesting them yourself today!Dry cleaning tickets indicate that you recently trusted someone to clean up a problem. Now it’s time to check and see if the work got done. ... tickets dream meaning

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A storm of high velocity that can create a great deal of destruction, a hurricane in a dream is often a response to an extreme emotional situation or trauma in your life, which can leave you with a great deal of emotional debris to cope with. It may reflect extreme moodiness. ... hurricane dream meaning

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Dreams of an accelerator symbolize the need for speed and your desire to move forward in your life with velocity toward your goals. ... accelerator dream meaning

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Dreams of being hurt signify that you are venting and processing a painful experience from the past. When you realize that only your ego can be hurt and that your truest self cannot be threatened or harmed, velocity is added to your healing process. See Venting Dreams. ... hurt dream meaning

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Roller Blades

If you dream of roller-blading, then you are on the fast track of life. If this dream feels exhilarating, then you are enjoying moving through life with velocity. If, however, you feel scared, then this denotes that your relationship or career is taking off too quickly, and you are feeling of unstable, ungrounded, and insecure. ... roller blades dream meaning

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Dreams of skating signify that you are moving gracefully through life with velocity, gliding, striding and sidestepping adverse circumstances with balance and ease. Alternatively, this dream can signify that you have been skating through life, getting by on your laurels with a hope and a prayer. Consider the feeling tone of this dream to discern the meaning for you. ... skate dream meaning

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Dreams of skiing signify freedom, adventure, joy, becoming unified with nature, and that you are moving boldly with velocity through the ups and downs of your life with mastery. This dream also signifies skillfulness in coping with frozen emotions. ... skiing dream meaning

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