What does it mean to see an vans in a dream?

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Do not act on the impulse of the moment; all things come to one who waits.

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A caravan is a portable home and something you can take to any location. When it turns up in your dreams it suggests that family is important to you. You could be craving the comfort and love of those who know you best or missing them in some way. You feel disconnected from your nearest and dearest. Whatever is causing the distance between you, this dream is urging you to reconnect and sort out any minor disputes or misunderstandings. ... caravans dream meaning

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Evans, Christopher

In his book Landscapes of the Night, Dr Evans puts forward a new theory of dreaming. He states that our brain has programs’ for dealing with survival. We have basic behaviour programs for walking and talking, rather like a computer might have. We also have programs for social interaction and skills. In the different roles such as lover, par­ent, breadwinner, employer, we need different skills. But also, to deal with our own process of change, our internal urges, anger, drive to succeed, we need skill to handle them well. A person who doesn’t handle anxiety or stress can easily fail in work or in relationships. Many people do not enter a relation­ship because of the problems it poses. Dr Evans suggests that dreams are the means by which we both practise and update our programs of survival. Our experience of the day may ques­tion or enhance our behaviour stratagems for success at work or in relationships. Without the reprogramming occurring in dreams we would be stuck at one level of behavioural matu­rity. ‘As we gain in experience, as our input gets richer and more diverse, we modify our programs rather than replace them with a completely fresh set/ ... evans, christopher dream meaning

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