What does it mean to see an valet in a dream?

Valet Dream Meaning: From 7 Different Sources

The valet is the intermediary between driving and a particular destination.

If driving connects to your movement through your life and a destination is the consciousness of something to be expressed, then the valet is the representation of the part of you that makes sure your access to your movement through life (your car) is well cared for when you are having an experience. Your relationship and sensation around what happens with the valet in your dream will inform your interpretation.

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To dream of a valet indicates a timely handing over of an important responsibility in your waking life. You may think that the recipient of your legacy or responsibility is inferior to you. Be assured that the recipient will honor the importance of the handover, focus on learning the ropes, and take the job seriously.

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Vision: Seeing a valet in your dream: if you work hard for it you will earn a good income. You will also see an old friend again. See Servant.

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See Meeting (Pageboy).

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Dreams of a valet signify the aspect of self that is task oriented, supportive and helpful. Consider the feeling tone of this dream.

If you dream of being the valet for someone else, then you may be venting out feelings of victimhood and of taking better care of others than you do of yourself. See Parking Attendant.

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To dream of a personal manservant is a sign of social or community recognition*

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Concealed, domestic enemy (Gypsy).

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The keywords of this dream: Valet


In many dreams, you meet with different types of people. Here are the meanings for some that can be significant. See also separate listings for some of these. Baker: Symbolizes gain. Beggar: Unexpected help from an unlikely source. Blind Person: You have false friends. Cardinal: You will have to relocate against your will. Child: You will experience difficulties in business. Disabled Person: Misfortunes in business. Doctor: You are a person of honor and will be recognized as such. Dwarf: Great danger lies ahead. Footman: Enemies. You will undertake a journey that could be very dangerous. Grandparent: A legacyHangman: To see a hangman in your dreams means you will meet with a premature death. Hermit: A treacherous friend. Horseman: Pride. Judge: Punishment. See also Magistrate. Laborer: Conjugal happiness and increase of fortune. Lady / Lord: Humiliation. Lawyer: A friend’s marriage. Locksmith: Robbery. Lover: Trouble; disputes. Mayor: Malice. Millionaire: You will collect on money owed to you from the past; money you had forgotten about. Money Lender / Banker: Persecution. Nurse: Long life. Old Man / Woman: You will be called upon to display your knowledge to others. Pageboy / Valet: Abuse of confidence. Painter: Long, happy life. Pilgrim: You will be justly rewarded. Police Officer: Apprehension. Priest: Scandal. Prince: Honor and profit. Queen: Prosperity. Rival: Family quarrels. Sailor: Tidings from across the sea. Sculptor: Profit from hard work. Secretary: Assistance coming. Shepherd: You will be asked to take on extra responsibilities. Soldier: Quarrels. Tailor: Infidelity. Terrorist: Fear, deep down inside. Uncle: Advantages. Waiter / Waitress: Suspicion. Woodcutter: Hard work for no return. ... meeting dream meaning

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Parking Attendant

Dreams of a parking attendant symbolize that you leaving your physical and emotional well-being in the hands of someone you barely know and abdicating responsibility to someone other than you. The I-Ching calls “the keeper of keys” (the valet) a design of a person that has possessions in great measure. ... parking attendant dream meaning

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