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The keywords of this dream: Vaginal

Shaft / Well

A symbol of the level of the unconscious, and for descending into the world of the mothers and the past, into one’s own darkness.

A vaginal symbol, according to Freud.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


(see Closet, Wrapping Paper)

Unexpected surprises, good or bad.

For example, birthday gifts are usually pleasant, whereas what awaited inside Pandora’s box was not.

Gifts, talents, and abilities that exist within you, but have thus far remained “wrapped up.”

Freudian: An alternative vaginal emblem.

A sense of uncertainty, source of reservation, or seed of doubt. We don’t know what boxes contain until they’re opened, and by that time it’s too late to leave the proverbial wrappings on.

Being contained in a box is an alternative type of cage dream.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Abyss, Balloon, Basket, Bowl, Cauldron, Chalice, Coins, Satellite Dish, Zero)

Wholeness, totality, centering. Halos, for example, symbolize spiritual wholeness and focus (see Light).

Freudian: A vaginal emblem or symbol of femininity due to its shape.

Equality and unity.

The round table of King Arthur’s court gave everyone an equal voice and symbolized the solidarity of Britain.

Protected or sacred space. In the first century B.C.E., magicians were sometimes called “circle drawers” because ritual magic uses this emblem to contain power. Similarly, % fairy ring safeguards its residents from mortals.

Going around in circles: Being trapped in progressively worse cycles, outmoded ideas, or a static lifestyle with little achievement.

A circle with a point in the center is a type of mandala emblem representing personal wholeness, order, harmony, and healing.

God or divine influences and protection. There is a Hindu saying that God is an unbroken circle without a circumference, being nowhere and everywhere.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Animals by type, Field, Trees)

Obscureness (e.g., “not seeing the forest for the trees”).

Dark and filled with animals: Personal instincts and drives, reflected in the type of animals or their activities.

Freudian: An emblem of the vaginal region (more specifically, bushes).

A sacred space.

The first temples to the ancient gods and goddesses were groves of trees, often those that formed a natural protective circle in which to worship.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Abyss, Cliff, Underground)

Freudian: A vaginal emblem.

Jungian: The subconscious, or an opening to this realm. Aspects of the self that you’ve hidden or fear.

Manholes represent pitfalls and traps that can be plunged into, often without noticing the danger beforehand.

Falling into a hole symbolizes a hazard that was either unforeseen or underestimated. This can also be a descent into the subconscious, or a deepening depression.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Matters of communication and self-expression.

If you dream of being gagged, for example, this represents either swallowing your words, or having your speech repressed by societal or situational standards.

An overexaggerated mouth can reveal a propensity to gossip or to dominate a

conversation with your own ideas.

Freudian: An alternative vaginal emblem.

With an extended tongue, the mouth becomes an emblem for gender unification, and therefore potent speech that affects all who listen.

It is only in recent years that this symbolism transposed into an insult. Depending on the remainder of the dream, this might reflect the need to watch your words, being certain they carry the intended meaning for the most powerful impact on the listener.

A mouth with a forked tongue represents lies, and purposeful misrepresentations with an aim of personal gain or profit.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


A tampon is used to stop the flow of blood that connects with menstruation and reflects a desire for certain natural experiences to be tidier and cleaner than they naturally are. What flow in your life are you trying to stop from moving naturally because of some sense of shame or inhibition?

There is an interesting use here of something phallic to alter something vaginal; look for where you are switching out a masculine approach when a feminine one would be more authentic.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams