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Dreaming that you are enjoying a vacation shows the need for relaxation. The subconscious is advising you that, if you do not take a break, you will end up exhausted or ill. This type of dream often also shows itself through images of anxiety, like missing a flight, excess baggage, or a disaster during a vacation. Without a doubt, you need to learn to take things with more calmness.

If a young woman who has been rejected by her significant other in real life dreams of vacations, she will soon get over that person.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

Vacations | Dream Meaning

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To dream of tacks, means to you many vacations and quarrels.

For a woman to drive one, foretells she will master unpleasant rivalry.

If she mashes her finger while driving it, she will be distressed over unpleasant tasks... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


(Beauty; Eulogy; Hardness; Wealth) In a dream, marble represents prosperity, a beautiful wife, respectable people, class, servants, or properties.

If a poor person sees the floor of his house covered with marble in a dream, it means prosperity, marriage, purchasing a business, acquiring knowledge, learning a poem, bearing righteous children, or if he qualifies, it could mean that he will receive a high ranking appointment, or that he may actually work with marble, or in sculpturing marble or in manufacturing fountains from marble, or work in masonry, or as a stone cutter, or he may change his attitude toward things, signaling the end of depression and the start of a joyful time in his life, living in high rises, or spending money for leisure and vacations. Ifone sees gravestones made of marble, or if one sees marble pillars in a dream, it means a good reward for one’s deeds, or it could mean eulogy, or lauding.

An architecturally sound edifice made from marble in a dream represents good writing, skillfulness, dowry or a generous prenuptial agreement.

If the marble is used excessively in the dream, it means suspicion and doubt about one’s resources or source of income.

The marble bases of a pillar in a dream represents social benefits. As for marble tiles in a dream, they represent beautiful and noble women, or dignitaries. As for marble jars, tiles, or basins in a dream, they represent the positive and negative effects one overlooks during the course of this life.

(Also see Column; Marble cutter)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


For many people swimming pools are associated with summer fun, vacations, rest, and relaxation. Interpret your dream based on its content and see if any these positive feelings are being conveyed to you. All bodies of water represent our emotions and unconscious.

The manner in which they are presented depends on the dreamer and on the details of the dream. See also: Water, Ocean, River... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Bedside Dream Dictionary


See Foot. Being grounded. Asceticism, health, frequent vacations.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia

City Wall

See City. Security and protection, as in Dam. Sanctuary and positive femininity, as in Cave and Parents’ House. Memories of vacations, taking walks, and relaxation.

According to Jung, the emphasis is on the motherly function and protection.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


See Tree. Memories of vacations. Longing for Warmth. Slender and graceful.

Folklore: Troubles.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


A hint that something needs to be remembered. Do not repress your feelings. Remember vacations or other memorable events.

Folklore: A wish is not being fulfilled.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


A dream of the summer season signifies growth, emotional fulfillment and maturity, as well as relaxation and vacations. It is also a symbol of adulthood. To dream of summer appearing unseasonably early warns you to guard against relying on luck when you know that hard work and dedication are the ingredients for success.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia