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Time to take a break from cherished beliefs and ^ opinions. Go within and take a refreshing look at new and expansive inner resources. Time to play, relax, rebuild.

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Dreams of a vacation signify the need for a break from your daily routine. Your dream may be giving you the message that you would be more effective at your job and in your relationships if you stepped away to gain some objectivity perspective. See Wish Fulfillment Dreams, Holiday and Travel.

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1. A desire or need for rest.

2. To remove oneself from a bad situation or emotional state.

3. Good fortune and happy times.

4. Time to take life more seriously.

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A dream of being on vacation indicates that you need to take a break from you regular routine to recharge your energies.

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Vision: Dreaming about a vacation: you are sick of your job, or you do need a break, but the boss is not eager to see you go. Dreaming about going on vacation: you were looking forward to a fun event, but can’t take part.

Depth Psychology: The dream is a sign that you really need a break—it is high time you stopped putting in so much overtime. You are exhausted! See Park.

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See Holiday.

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Vacating temporarily for a beneficial reason, i.E. Going to the hospital, resort, or any retreat of restitution

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The essence of any vacation is the change in routine. In a dream, to be on a vacation is to be feeling a call to change the elements of your life that feel tedious and repetitive.

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See holiday.

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Dreaming that you are enjoying a vacation shows the need for relaxation. The subconscious is advising you that, if you do not take a break, you will end up exhausted or ill. This type of dream often also shows itself through images of anxiety, like missing a flight, excess baggage, or a disaster during a vacation. Without a doubt, you need to learn to take things with more calmness.

If a young woman who has been rejected by her significant other in real life dreams of vacations, she will soon get over that person.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams