What does it mean to see an usurper in a dream?

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To dream that you are a usurper, foretells you will have trouble in establishing a good title to property.

If others are trying to usurp your rights, there will be a struggle between you and your competitors, but you will eventually win.

For a young woman to have this dream, she will be a party to a spicy rivalry, in which she will win.

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Usurper | Dream Interpretation

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To dream of being in a beautiful and well-kept cemetery, you will have unexpected news of the recovery of one whom you had mourned as dead, and you will have your title good to lands occupied by usurpers. To see an old bramble grown and forgotten cemetery, you will live to see all your loved ones leave you, and you will be left to a stranger’s care. For young people to dream of wandering through the silent avenues of the dead foreshows they will meet with tender and loving responses from friends, but will have to meet sorrows that friends are powerless to avert. Brides dreaming of passing a cemetery on their way to the wedding ceremony, will be bereft of their husbands by fatal accidents occurring on journeys. For a mother to carry fresh flowers to a cemetery, indicates she may expect the continued good health of her family. For a young widow to visit a cemetery means she will soon throw aside her weeds for robes of matrimony. If she feels sad and depressed she will have new cares and regrets. Old people dreaming of a cemetery, shows they will soon make other journeys where they will find perfect rest. To see little children gathering flowers and chasing butterflies among the graves, denotes prosperous changes and no graves of any of your friends to weep over. Good health will hold high carnival. ... cemetery dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


lucky numbers: 02-06-10-30-38-45accompanying a close friend to: wil hear from friend you have mourned as dead. unknown person, an: money is needed to resolve one’s dead past. being in a: attain your peace, prosperity wil fol ow. bride passing a, on way to wedding: wil lose husband. bringing flowers to a: release from anxiety over past problem. cypress tree around border of a: protects the dead from evil. flowers, children gathering in a: have sensitive, indecisive personality. elderly people putting: wil have no grief if you resolve it. lingering about a: hang onto unfulfil ed dreams, there is stil time. of a: wil regain lost property occupied by usurpers. walking into a: uproot the anguish you have buried. ... cemetery dream meaning

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