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lucky numbers: 01-13-23-38-42-53another: wil lose money by acting according to another’s wil . being abused: it is poor business to provoke someone. children, by your: your hostility is mirrored back to you. friends, by: refuse to obey one who believes he is your superior, and you don’t. parents, by: false rumors may contain an element of truth. verbally: wil be molested through lack of attention. children, your: are wasting your energy forcing others to do your bidding. verbally abusive, being: your inferiority complex compounds the issue. ... abusing dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 01-05-21-33-43-48of a place of amusement: are going in circles; use time wisely to chart your direction. park, an: inhibitions thrown to the wind blow back in your face. others, themselves: loosen up your seriousness to laugh in the light. yourself: unhappiness unless you find new friends. family, with: arguments can be eased with a sense of humor. friends, with: if you can’t laugh at yourself, others wil . sweetheart, with a: wil have very high hopes. ... amusing dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days

Killing Someone Using A Sword

This is interpreted as quarrelling with that person and hurting his feelings through tongue-lashing. ... killing someone using a sword dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


To dream of numerology represents your quest to know yourself and others. Consider the numbers that show up in this dream and your personal association with it. See Number. ... numerology dream meaning

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See Numbers. ... numerology dream meaning

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Numerology is the age-old study of numbers according to numerical principles established by the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, the Kabala (ancient mystical tradition of Judaism) and Tarot. It attributes a number to each letter so that both words and numbers can be studied for their mystical meaning. In numerological divination, all numbers are reduced to a number between 1 and 9 and each number is also associated with each letter of the alphabet. Any number larger than 9 can be reduced to a single number by adding all the digits together; for example, the number 821 becomes 8 + 2 + 1 = 11; then 1 + 1 = 2. The qualities of 821 are equivalent to the symbolic number 2. Using the single digit as a guide, the patterns of different dates and a person’s name can then be analyzed to define character and to predict the future. Holy books such as the Bible are packed with numerological references. When the numerological equivalents of a person’s name and birth date are added together, the numbers obtained are thought to tell a great deal about a person’s character, skills and destiny. Dreams often use principles of numerology in the same way and the art of numerology is sometimes applied to dreams for divinatory purposes. In numerology all numbers correspond to the letters of the alphabet as follows:1 = A, J, S2 = B, K, T3 = C, L, U4 = D, M, V5 = E, N, W6 = F, O, X7 = G, P, Y8 = H, Q, Z9 = I, R The human qualities associated with each number are:
  • 1- Independent, creative, ambitious, extrovert, innovator
    Downside: Can be selfish and have tunnel vision
  • 2- Sensitive, domestic, imaginative, musical, attractive
    Downside: can be timid and gullible
  • 3- Scientific, powerful, seeker of knowledge, multitalented, communicator
    Downside: Can be superficial and hedonistic
  • 4- Practical, stable, dependable, honest, trustworthy, homemaker
    Downside: Can be stubborn and overly serious
  • 5- Energetic, sensual, daring, experienced
    Downside: Can find it hard to commit
  • 6- Perfection seeker, creative, compassionate, calm
    Downside: Can be super-sensitive and overemotional
  • 7- Intellectual, philosophical, imaginative (psychic)
    Downside: Can be impractical, secretive and unapproachable
  • 8- Materially successful, just, trustful, businesslike
    Downside: Can be opinionated, impatient and intolerant
  • 9- Spiritual, humanitarian, healer, free
    Downside: Can be self-serving, possessive and volatile.
Numerologists believe no number is better or worse than another. All the numbers have incredible power potential as well as a downside. The downside simply suggests challenges associated with a particular number and if these challenges are faced and overcome, they can be a source of incredible strength. See also LETTERS AND COMMUNICATION. ... numerology dream meaning

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