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If there is great urgency in your own or someone else’s actions, it is a sign that you are very impatient.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary | Raymond Buckland

A warning that immediate action is necessary

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The keywords of this dream: Urgency


Adversely used to express an urgency to go ahead... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Clock, Watch

The restrictions we place upon ourself; our sense of duty and timing; realisation of urgency or having ‘lots of time’. Ticking clock: might be the hean. Big clock: one’s life, how much time one has left. Clock watching: tension; being bored or lacking satisfaction; feelings about ageing. See time of day. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


1- Largely, when a clock appears in a dream we arc being alerted to the passage of time. We may need to pay more attention to our own sense of timing or duty, or may need to recognise that there is a sense of urgency in what we are doing.

2- The clock hands in a dream may be indicating those numbers that are important to us (See Numbers). When an alarm clock rings we are being warned of danger.

3- The Realisation of Age and Time is signified by a clock.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


1- Feelings in dreams arc often heightened in intensity.

A need which may be perfectly manageable in ordinary everyday life becomes a yearning and seeking in dreams. Such a dream would highlight an emotion which we may need to look at in order to understand.

2- If we have suppressed our needs through long habit or self-denial, an urgency may emerge in dreams for the very thing we have consciously denied.

3- The dreamer may have become somewhat impatient in his seemingly never-ending search for his spiritual self. This is often symbolised by a yearning feeling in a dream.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


To dream that you are looking for a job suggests that you are unhappy and frustrated with what is currently happening in your life.

To dream about your current job means that you are content and highly satisfied with how things are going in your life. This may also mean urgency in finishing a task or project.

To dream that you lost your job denotes fear, uncertainty, and great anxiety in your waking life.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


Psychological / emotional perspective: If we have suppressed our needs through long habit or self-denial, an urgency may emerge in dreams for the very thing that we have consciously denied.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile

Exit Sign

These ubiquitous objects are indications of how to shift your current environment. There is a sense of urgency connected with exit signs, as they are posted generally for the purpose of rapid evacuation. In a dream, they are the indication that your current level of risk is acceptable because you know where to move to reduce that risk when you feel the need. What situation in your life feels slightly uncomfortable such that you would prefer to know where the nearest exit is?... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Oral Sex

This dream image connects to the integration of verbal qualities and power and communication issues in general. While some elements of sexual dreams are just that—sexual dreams expressing unrealized desire—there is symbolic meaning to each aspect of this symbol. Sex represents the desire for union, the joining together or integration of separate ways of being or other personality aspects.

The oral aspect of this particular act indicates that communication is the area you are investigating.

If you are orally pleasuring a penis, you may be appreciating and experiencing a need to take more aggressive power into your speech. To be orally pleasuring a woman’s genitalia means that the receptive, sensitive, or creative elements of your personality want to be recognized and embraced.

The active position indicates a higher level of urgency than if you are the recipient.

If taking on new ways of communicating can be seen as an ongoing process, receiving oral pleasure connects more to the beginning of that process, while giving it might be associated with the end.

The object of your affection will give you a great deal of clarity on the matter at hand. This is where many people are disturbed or even horrified by sexual content, for many dreams have us partnering with people from our life with whom we would not ordinarily have sex. However, to the unconscious mind, sex is a symbolic expression of union and has none of the societal or personal stigma we may attach to it.

If the person is known to you, use his or her character aspects to indicate what qualities you are integrating into your communication.

If the person is a stranger, use whatever information you can recall from the dream to inform your investigation.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

Email / Fax / Texting

Although dreams in which you write and send an email can have a similar interpretation to those when you write and send a letter, the important difference here is urgency. Sending an email may suggest that you need to make a fast decision in waking life. Deleting an email indicates that you need to think things through more carefully. Hitting the delete button may suggest that you want to remove an uncomfortable person or situation from your life.

If an email, fax or text message appears in your dream this may be a message from your dreaming mind to attend to some communication as soon as possible. Such dreams represent your desire to move on speedily with a current project.

Alternatively electronic communication or texts can also express your desire to go on the record and publicly state your intentions. As always pay attention to the content of your message. See also MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Telephone / Fax

In dreams, telephones are symbols of communication or the desire to make contact with an aspect of yourself or someone else.

If you were speaking on the phone, try to recall to whom you were speaking and what the conversation was about.

If you repeatedly dial a number but cannot get through, this suggests an element of frustration in your life.

If a telephone rings continually but remains unanswered in a dream, there is a chance that you may be ignoring some issue or problem in your life by refusing to hear or see it.

If you are contacted by telephone, this suggests information is available to you that you do not consciously know.

If you go to a telephone box but find no telephone inside, this suggests that you are missing some vital clue or piece of information that would help you in waking life.

If the telephone is larger than usual, this may represent yourself but it may also be an indication that you will soon need to convey an important message.

If you dream of a telephone answering machine, this may be tied to the notion of passing or avoiding responsibility for something you need to do in waking life

A cell phone has similar associations with a telephone, but with the added association of urgency or emergency or fear of being left out or not included in your close circle of friends.

If you cannot or will not answer your phone in your dream, this suggests that people are finding it hard to get through to you; you may also be feeling alone and vulnerable in waking life.

If an emergency call figures in your dream, this suggests that you or someone you know is reaching out for help. It could also indicate some kind of moral dilemma.

If you know the telephone number you are ringing in your dream, it suggests an attempt to communicate with the person whose number it is.

If you do not know the number, it may be that the numbers are significant. Some people believe that dreaming of receiving a telephone call is lucky.

If you dream of making a call, it suggests that there will be postponements and delays in waking life. Long-distance calls are said to bring happiness. Fax machines and faxes may represent unexpected things arising out of your unconscious or the need to communicate with someone. See also EVERYDAY THINGS; NUMBERS.

Media... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Consider Common Dream Symbolism First

If there’s any such thing as a shortcut to finding dream meaning, this is it. The majority of dreams convey meaning using one of just a few forms of symbolism. So, chances are that your dream symbol represents something in your life or mind in one of the following ways, which you’ll begin to recognize as you interpret more dreams. When searching for a symbol’s meaning, always consider these most common forms of symbolism first.

Literal Translation
If the dream symbol (person, event, object, action, setting, etc.) exists in your real life, it might represent that actual element of your waking life. For example, your mother who was hugging you might represent a particular time she hugged you, or her affection toward you in general. Consider whether the dream symbol might represent the same thing in your current life, past, or imagined future, and whether your feelings about the dream symbol remind you of feelings you felt about something in your real life (perhaps recently).

The emotions you feel regarding the dream symbol are probably the same as the emotions you feel about whatever the symbol represents in your real life. For example, if you feel overwhelmed by a swarm of insects in a dream, the swarm might represent your to-do list that feels overwhelming in real life. (See more about emotions in the Emotions symbol category.)

Abundance or Lack
A dream symbol can represent something that you feel you have too much of, do too much of, or want less of in your real life. Alternatively, your dream symbol could represent something that you feel you lack, do too little of, or want more of. If your dream contained a pleasant experience (such as relaxing on a beach), your subconscious mind could be pointing to your desire for more relaxation in your life. If your dream was unpleasant (such as someone judging you), your subconscious mind may have been focused on trying to avoid that kind of experience in real life.

Personal Symbolism
A dream symbol may convey meaning that you personally associate with it based on your experiences, feelings, and other influences (as described in Subconscious Influences on Dream Symbolism). For example, one person might associate a baby with vulnerability and someone else might associate it with growth.

A particular dream symbol may bring more than one meaning to mind for you. For example, money might bring to mind how fun it is to spend, but you might also think of money as power or a solution to financial problems. If the first meaning that comes to mind doesn’t seem to relate to anything in your real life and doesn’t resonate intuitively, explore additional meanings (TOOL: Caveman Explanation is helpful for this).

The symbols you tend to notice in a dream are often the most important ones. So a good place to start when exploring your dream is with the symbols that stood out. Symbols may stand out because they’re so huge you can’t miss them (like a boulder falling on your house) or they could be small details that happen to stand out in your mind (like the chipped rim of a teacup). Sometimes an important symbol is highlighted in the dream with a bright color, illuminated with light, pointed to with an arrow, or emphasized in some other way.

If there’s a sense of urgency involved in the dream, the dream might represent an urgent matter that you feel needs attention in your real life (or one that you fear or imagine needing attention). For example, a dream about trying to put out a fire at work could point to a real-life problem that arose suddenly at work that you feel requires quick action to avoid catastrophe.

Subject Context
A dream might be about you or it could represent your perception of a friend or a recent situation—even in the media, on TV, or in a movie. For example, in a dream about a girl wearing a cheerful flowered dress, the girl could represent a happier version of yourself or your desire to feel more cheerful. Alternatively, she might represent a friend who was in a happy mood when you saw her yesterday, an upbeat song you just heard, or an optimistic character you saw in a TV show last night.

Time Context
A dream symbol could represent something in your past, present, or imagined future. Look for elements that bring to mind a particular time frame, either in the characteristics of the symbol itself or in the other things associated with it in the dream (people, activities, clothes, places, music, books, etc.). Time-related cues could include things like hair or clothing styles, a person appearing younger or older than their current age in real life, technologies of a different era, or personal cues such as the cowboy boots you wore at age seven.

Emotional Exaggeration
When a dream portrays a real-life situation that’s particularly emotional for the dreamer, sometimes the situation shows up as exaggerated in the dream. In other words, the subconscious mind may amplify the real-life situation, “making a mountain out of a molehill,” expressing how strongly you feel about the dream’s subject matter. For example, if in real life you saw a baby snake in your yard, and you’re very afraid of snakes, the snake might show up in a dream as a huge serpent attacking you. So, consider whether a particular dream symbol could represent a similar but less extreme situation in your waking life, about which you feel strong emotion.... Common Dreams


Common Dreams