What does it mean to see an upstairs in a dream?

Upstairs Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources

The level or floor in a building is directly related to various levels of thought and consciousness. Higher levels are connected to more conscious awareness and that to which we aspire. Anything connected to the ability to move upward is a symbolic representation of this desire to ascend.

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İndicates that positive steps were taken, for “up” is a step of faith; see “staircase”

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Dreams of walking upstairs signifies that you are moving up in the world, that you are elevating your consciousness and seeking a higher perspective. Dreams of upstairs also are a message to use your mind, logic, reasoning and mental process.

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The top floor (or an upper floor) in a house or building can represent: Your spirituality or the spiritual aspects of your life.

Higher wisdom.

Greater insight or perspective.

See also: Floor; Stairs; Climbing; Ceiling; High; Above; Top

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Upstairs Dreams | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Upstairs


Memories, feelings, guilt, which haunt us, parts of the wider awareness of the unconscious which attempt to communicate; the husks or influences from past traumas or events, which have been emptied of hurt and real influence, but still affect us; fantasies, hopes, longings we have given time to, and so filled with our life and sexual energy, and which now influence us. Ghost of living person: a sense of their thoughts or presence influencing one; haunted by desire for them, or a resentment or feeling about them. A ghost which feels solid: the dreamer is ‘touching’ aspects of their own mind or awareness existing beyond preconceived ideas and beliefs. Example: ‘So frequently do I dream of the house and the town I lived in as a child, I wonder if I do indeed haunt the house by dreaming of it. I must tell you I believe that a trau­matic incident, which happened when I was 20, is involved. I was playing the piano downstairs when I heard a gun fired. On searching I found my father lying dead upstairs in an attic. He had shot his brains out. I took the scene in, never to be forgotten, in one horrified moment’ (Barbara T). Some people believe that, because of such incidents as described, in their dreams the living haunt a place. Seeing a ghost while awake can still be considered as connected with the dream process. See third example under husband. See also hallucination. ... ghost dream meaning

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If the house is one we know, live in now or in the past, what is said about home applies. If it is a house created by the dream: one’s body and personality in all its aspects. Inside the house: within oneself. Outside the house and garden: extroversion or the relationship with environment. Ground floor: practical everyday life; sexuality, hips and legs. Basement : unconscious: see basement, cellar. First, other middle floors: internal needs, rest, sleep, hungers; the trunk. Top floor, attic: thinking, the conscious mind, memory, the head: see attic above in this entry. Front of house: our persona, facade; social self; face. Things in house: aspects of one’s feelings and makeup. Other people in^ house: different facets of dreamer. Windows : one’s outlook! on life; how you see others: see larger entry on window below in this entry. People, things coming from downstairs: influences, fears, impressions from unconscious or passions, or from everyday worries. Peo­ple, things from upstairs: influence of rational self. Attackers, intruders from outside: social pressures or response to criti­cisms. Repairs, enlargement, renovation: reassessment or change of attitudes or character; personal growth. Damage, structural faults: faults in character structure; hurts such as broken relationship; bodily illness. House falling down, burn­ing: big changes in attitudes; leaving old standards or depen­dencies behind; sickness: see last example in falling. Cramped house: feeling of need for personal change; feeling restricted in home environment or in present personal atti­tudes. Kitchen: creativity; nourishing oneself; mother role; diet: see cooking. Living room, personal leisure; space’ to be oneself, everyday life. Dining room: appetites, social or family contact; mental or psychological diet. Bedroom: pnvacy, sex; intimacy, rest: see bed under furniture. Study, library: mental growth, mind. Larder: hungers, sensual satisfaction. Toilet: privacy, release of tension; letting go of emotions, fantasies or desire which we need to discharge: see toilet. Nursery, child’s bedroom: feelings about your children; one’s own childhood feelings and memories. Floor: basic attitudes and confidence; what supports you, such as health and good will of others. Ceiling: boundary of ideas or awareness. Row of houses: other people. See room; stairs; wall; attic in this entry. ... house dream meaning

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Concern over one’s image’ or how others feel about one; self examination, self love, negative only if the love is not shared with others; anxiety about changing or ageing. Example: ‘Getting ready for a wedding in an upstairs room, feeling a bit unsure of what to wear. I look in a mirror and see I have on stockings and suspender belt with a very shon frilly petticoat. It looks very sexy. I am aware that the door is open and have an urge to close it, but then feel OK about looking sexy and people seeing me’ (Nora). Nora is looking at how she may appear to others if she allows her natural feelings to show. Also self awareness in the sense of insight into behaviour or character traits; the mirror is similar to water and can de­pict looking into the unconscious to see who one is. Change face in mirror, multiple selves: becoming aware of aspects of one’s character which are usually unknown or not accepted. ... mirror dream meaning

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Things we repeat over and over, like habits; move­ment towards greater awareness or insight. Example: We walk around, go upstairs, and I notice a staircase leading to a room or rooms. The stairs are painted in the green too, and they go up square, about eight steps in a flight, but round and round—spiral. I am scared by them, don’t want to go up, but am curious. We move in and nobody but myself has really taken any notice of the stairs. Nobody has been up. Half way up I can see there is a glass roof, the wooden frames painted green. I am terrified but have to go on. Then I wake. Next dream I got up there. It smelt very musty. Lots of draw sheets covering things. I bent to lift a sheet. It was raining. I could hear it thrashing on the glass. Then I woke (Ann H). In this example we have the spiral and the square combined in the stairs. In this way the dream manages to combine many different ideas such as climbing to the un­known, spiralling or circling something, and the squareness or down-to-eanh nature of what is being discovered. There arc things we have learnt, yet not realised consciously. Like a jigsaw puzzle, we have all the pieces, and we sense the con­nection, but we have never formed it into a conscious thought or verbal idea. It therefore remains as a feeling sense or hunch, but not a rational idea. Ann is spiralling towards, or circling around, such a realisation. She is frightened because it may be difficult—one may realise that all the years of mar­riage point to having been used as a doormat. ... spiral dream meaning

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Taking steps towards something; going up or down in life in your own estimation. Running up: escaping from urges arising from lower down in the body; so, a movement of attention towards the abstract or mental, away from fears aris­ing from unconscious or sexuality. Example: T go up the first flight of stairs, then the next, and there is my ex husband s Nan who is dead and whom I have never met. I don’t see her face but I know it’s her. She is a blinding white light and I run down the stairs’ (Mrs H). The example shows how going upstairs can be an opening or widening of awareness to in­clude areas of expenence usually avoided. In fact Mrs H takes her awareness down to more everyday levels to escape meet­ing the light. Example: ‘1 climb a few flights of stairs. As I go up, the stairs stan wobbling and breaking up. At the top the last flight breaks away from the landing and I am left to cross a gaping hole with a few bits of debris to cling to. It is very frightening, but I see other people passing me on the caved in stairs and on to the landing as if nothing has happened’ (Maureen). Lack of confidence, a fear of failing or not being capable is also a common feeling in connection with stairs. Maureen sees life as full of pitfalls. ... stairs dream meaning

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Up, Upper

Example: ‘When I was very small probably even pre-school I often dreamt of flying. I was mostly dressed only in my short vest and usually floating upwards to escape adults who were clawing at my legs to pull me down’ (Miss GC). Looking through dreams in which the words ‘up’, ‘upwards’, ‘upper’ or ‘upstairs’ are used, again and again one sees the same feeling as expressed in the example—getting away from being ‘pulled down’ by difficult feelings, by depression, by everyday duties, by difficulties in relationships, and so on. It expresses the technique we use when worried, such as reading a book, being entertained, having a drink—anything to take our attention away from the difficult feelings. Moving upwards of course also depicts positive change; shifting towards mental activity; gaining a wider view of things; promotion. Idioms: one up on; on the up and up; up a gum tree; up and down; ups and downs; up the pole; up the wall; up the spout; up to the hilt. ... up, upper dream meaning

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Word Analysis Of Dreams

Having written a dream down, by using highlighting pens to make all matching words the same colour, one can immediately see the main issues in some dreams. Example: ‘We walk around, go upstairs, and I notice a staircase leading to a room or rooms. It goes up square, about eight steps in a flight, but round and round—spiral. I am scared by them, don’t want to go up, but am curious. We move in and nobody but myself has really taken any notice of the stairs. Nobody has been up . In one dream I try to go up but the children are scared for me. They plead, ‘Don’t go up Mum, just forget them”. Then I wake. In the next dream I wait till they are asleep. Half way up_ I am terrified but have to go on. Then I wake. Next dream I got up there. Then I woke’ (Ann H). Ann’s dream theme recurs, so is important to her. In marking just some of the words we see that the ‘up’ or go up’ is important. Childhood fears hold Ann back for a while, but she dares to climb. If we look at the entries for climb and stairs, we see they depict taking steps towards ex­ploring the unknown, daring to explore one’s potential or opportunities. By marking the words in this way we might also highlight certain statements otherwise hidden in the dream. Particularly watch out for the connections with the word T, such as I want, I do, I will, I have, I know, I cannot, etc. Example: ‘1 want to withdraw. ’ I was full of sadness but was trying not to show it. ’ ‘1 felt keyed up and ready to fight. ’ Taking such statements out of context and looking for connections with everyday feelings oi situations often throws considerable light on the dream. If what you realise is then considered in con­nection with the plot of the dream, the viewpoint your uncon­scious has on the situation might become evident. For in­stance, the statement ‘I felt keyed up’ occurred within a classroom, and helped the dreamer understand the anger gen­erated at school. See amplification; plot of the dream; the comments on dream processing in the Introduction; dream processing; postures, movement, body language; settings; symbols and dreams. ... word analysis of dreams dream meaning

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Buildings in dreams represent the constructions we make in our lives. They are attitudes and beliefs we have built from our experience, perception, and often from our family habits and customs. Where in real life we can learn a lot about a person from his personal environment, so in dreams a building can also reflect the dreamer’s character hopes and concerns. The features of the building mirror the features of the dreamer’s personality. Buildings in dreams can become composite, and therefore confusing. In understanding the dream, we should interpret the main appearance of the building first, as its main function, and the secondary appearance as qualities to be recognised. Various buildings have distinct meanings:Boarding house or Hotel - also see individual entry in To dream of a boarding house or hotel indicates that we may not feci secure within our living conditions. Castle, Fortress, Citadel The symbolism of the castlc or fortress is that of the defended spacc and therefore can be taken to represent the feminine or the Great Mother. Courtyard In dreams, the courtyard is a place of safety and often the shape will be relevant (see Shapes). Church, temple etc. also see Church Buildings in C and Church in Religious Imagery As an environment for us to consider our system of belief, any religious building will suggest a place of sanctuary and refuge. Although we may not consciously adhere to any particular religion, most of us have principles by which we live, which will surface in dreams in recognisable images. HouseIf we are aware that the house is not empty - that there is something in it (e. g. furnishings) it shows some aspect of the dreamer. Someone else in the house suggests that the dreamer may be feeling threatened by an aspect of his own personality. If there are different activities going on it indicates there is a conflict between two parts of our personality, possibly the creative and the intellectual. The front of the house portrays the front we show to the outside world. Going into/out of the house We may- have to decide whether we need at that time to be more introverted or more extroverted. An impressive, awe-inspiring house In a dream like this we are conscious of the Self or the Soul. Moving to a larger house There is need for a change in our lives, perhaps to achieve a more open way of life, or even for more space. Being outside the house The more public side of ourselves is being depicted. A small house, or the house where the dreamer was born The dreamer is seeking security, or perhaps the safety of babyhood, without responsibility. If the smallness of the house is constricting We are being trapped by our responsibilities, and may need to escape. Work on the house; cementing, repairing, etc. Relationships may need to be worked on or repaired, or perhaps we need to look at health matters. We may need to take note of the damage or decay that has occurred in our lives. Igloo - also see individual entry Because of its shape, the igloo stands for completeness and sanctuary. It is warm on the inside and cold on the outside and therefore signifies the difference between the internal and the external. Pyramid The pyramid is considered to be a focus for power, so for one to appear in a dream is to be concentrating on the power within. Temple - see Church Buildings in C and Church in Religious Imagery Tower (obelisk, steeple, lighthouse, etc. ) Any image of a tower is representing the personality, and the Soul within. While there are obvious connotations that conncct it with masculinity, it is more corrcct to perceive it as the Self within a wider context. When thought of in this way attention can then be paid to other attributes of the tower, such as where windows, doors and staircases are placed. This leads to a greater understanding of the Spiritual Self. Warehouse The warehouse being primarily a storage place has the symbolism of being a repository either for spiritual energy or for spiritual rubbish. Components of buildings Balcony (or ledge, sill, etc. )We all have need for support within our lives and a balcony indicates both support and protec- tiveness. It can also represent the Mother in her protective aspect. Construction or demolition of a building. We all have the abil- itv within us to construct successful lives and equally an ability to self- dcstruct. A dream that highlights construction or demolition gives us access to those qualities and abilities within ourselves. Doors also see individual entry Doors refer to the openings of the body and therefore, by default, one’s scxualitv. The front door and back door signifies the vagina and the anus respectively. Breaking down the door can be taken to indicate an inhibition over sex and an unwillingness to face the issues. It can also represent rape or abuse. Opening and closing the door While often taken to stand for intercourse. this can show the dreamer’s attitude to sex. Refusing to open the door Although the dreamer may not technically be a virgin, for this to occur represents an innocent approach to their scxualitv. A door between the outer and inner rooms shows there mav be a conflict between the conscious and the unconscious. Barring the door This highlights the dreamer’s need for self- protection. If an animal or person forces his way in and destroys the lock Our own protective mechanisms have let us clown. Escaping by another door indicates the dreamer needs to find a new solution to the one he thought of to solve a problem. Someone knocking on the door signifies that the dreamer’s attention is being drawn to an external situation. Hall/Passages Any passage can stand for the passages within the body; for instance the vagina or the anus. Equally; on a psychological level, it signifies how we allow our personal space to be penetrated. Passages also represent the transitions between the various stages of our lives. Lift A lift usually indicates how we deal with information. For instance, a lift going down would suggest going down into the subconscious, while a lift going up would be moving towards the spiritual. It is believed that in the sleep state we leave our bodies. Thus, descending in a lift and getting stuck represents the entrapment of the spiritual by the physical body. Rooms in a dream can describe various parts of our personalities or levels of understanding, but often signify either the womb or the mother figure. Thus the kitchen would be the home- making part of us whereas a sitting room would be the more relaxed, comfortable side. A small room with only one door or a basement with water in it is a direct representation of the womb, and may indicate a return to the womb-like state. A series of rooms This refers to the various aspects of femininity and often to the whole soul. Anything in an upstairs room An upstairs room usually signifies mental or spiritual attributes, so any object will represent an idea or concept. The basement or cellar This meaning can be ambivalent, since a cellar can represent the parts of ourselves that we have chosen to suppress. It can also represent family beliefs and habits, particularly if the basement is that of the parents. Leaving one room and going into another If this is a deliberate action in the dream, then it represents a change of state and of leaving something behind. Empty rooms Something, such as comfort or support, is lacking in our lives. Stairs Stairs are often an indication of the steps we must take in order to achieve a goal. Climbing the stairs is indicative of the effort that we must make in order to have access to the more mystical, spiritual side of our being. It can more simply be the exertion we practise in our everyday life. Going downstairs Conversely, in order to have access to the hidden unconscious side of ourselves, we need to ‘go down’ into the unconscious. A golden staircase This is such a basic image, with so many interpretations, that particular attention needs to be paid both to other aspects of the dream, and also the dreamers spiritual state at that specific time. Largely it represents a ‘death’, but not necessarily a physical death. It is more the realisation that we no longer need to be trapped within the physical, but can move towards a more fulfilling life. It is a way out of the mundane. Walls A wall signifies a block to progress a difficulty we have or will come up against. Often the nature of the wall will give some clue as to what the block is. For instance, a wall which looks old will signify an old problem, whereas a glass wall would indicate some difficulties with perception. Walls closing in could describe the remembered feelings of birth, but is more likely to represent a feeling of being trapped by the lifestyle we have. A brick wall, rampart or dividing wall all signify the difference between two states of reality often the inner psychological state and the exterior everyday world. Windows Windows will describe the means by which we appreciate the world we live in, the way we perceive reality. Dreaming that we arc looking outwards through a window can suggest that we have a more extrovert view of ourselves and will tend to look at external circumstances. Looking inwards through a window indicates we are looking inwards at our own personality, and perhaps at our own motivation. Opening a window The interpretation depends on whether we are opening the window from the inside or the outside. If the former, we are dealing with our inner feelings which we may need to escape; the latter shows our attitude to outside opinion. Breaking through a window (or glass door) This can suggest the first sexual experience. Stained glass windows Because of the connection with churches, stained glass can be accepted as religious belief (also see Colour). ... buildings dream meaning

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In a dream, these can describe various parts of our personalities or levels of understanding, but often signify either the womb or the mother figure. Thus the kitchen would be the home-making part of us, whereas a sitting room would be the more relaxed, comfortable side. A small room with only one door or a basement with water in it is a direct representation of the womb and may indicate a wish to return to the womb-like state of innocence, where everything is taken care of for us. A series of rooms refers to the various aspects of femininity and often to the whole soul. An upstairs room usually signifies mental or spiritual attributes, so any object within such a room will represent an idea or concept. The meaning for a basement or cellar can be ambivalent, since a cellar can represent the parts of ourselves that we have chosen to suppress. It can also represent family beliefs and habits, particularly if the basement is one that belongs to our parents. If we deliberately leave one room and go into another then it represents a change of state and of leaving something behind. Empty rooms signify that something, such as comfort or support, is lacking in our lives. ... rooms dream meaning

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10 Common Dreams

TEETH My most popular requests for dream interpretation are by far, dreams about teeth falling out. Apparently this is quite disturbing to people who have this dream. . . they simply MUST know what it means! In my experience, a dream about one’s teeth falling out usually symbolizes that the dreamer is having a challenge getting their voice heard, or feelings acknowledged. This may be referring to their conversations with a particular person such as their significant other, boss or friend; or can be generalized for people who are shy; to include almost everyone they come in contact with. The dreamer needs to brush up on conversational skills, believe in the value of their own opinion, learn how to be less intimidated by aggressive people, and become more assertive in making their voice heard. Once they do that, this dream (which is a common recurring dream) should evolve, show improvement or disappear altogether.

PEOPLE Every person that appears in a dream is supposed to represent an aspect of One’s Self, and not actually be about that other person at all. Rather, it is a quality or characteristic about that person that your dream is focusing on, and how it applies to YOU. Try to think about what aspect(s) this could be. It can be something you admire and wish to follow or incorporate into your own personality. It could be a more negative characteristic that you may dislike intensely in your waking life, but which is telling you something about yourself and your beliefs, judgments or attitude. It could be a call to alter your thinking in some manner, in order to be more open-minded and accepting of this aspect in others and your own personality, because it is hampering your spiritual growth & making life harder for yourself. The other person in your dream is always mirroring something back to you about YOURSELF. Try to discover what that something is, and go from there. Once you get it through your head that the other person’s appearance in your dream is NOT about them, but really about YOU, then you will be much more successful interpreting your own dreams. This takes constant reinforcing - I still find myself wanting to think it’s about that other person instead of me. FLYING usually represents freedom from the physical body, as we experience in sleep & while dreaming where we don’t use our physical bodies but instead use our mental & spiritual bodies to experience our dreams. Everybody seems to have a natural inclination to want to fly, unless that is changed by a fear of flying due to a frightening incident in his or her waking lives. Flying = freedom. This could mean a desire for freedom, an “escape” from restraints in your physical life (like a mini-vacation for the mind) or any number of possibilities. Tie it in with the context of your dream. . . what were you doing in your dream besides flying? How did it make you feel? Also, the type of flying I’m referring to here is the person flying on their own without an airplane or any aircraft at all. Airplanes & other aircraft are different symbols dealing with spiritual awareness, among other things.
SCHOOL This type of dream relates to your current “lesson in life,” and if you learn how to interpret it, you’ll find out how you are progressing. . . yes, folks, you’re still taking tests and getting graded! Our “true selves” are our souls, and not our physical bodies. You are a spirit / soul having a physical dream, not the other way around. Ever feel like your life is like a play, and you are acting out some role that you don’t even understand, even surprising yourself with your actions sometimes? Bingo! When we sleep, that proverbial “Veil of Forgetfulness” that prevents us from “cheating on the test” is lifted, and we are shown what type of progress we are making (or, GULP, not making) and given guidance on what to do next. We always have free will in our waking physical lives, though. If we stubbornly refuse to finish our tests, then we have that right - but we are doomed to repeat it until we pass it. And each time we turn away from the test, the next time it will be more unpleasant until finally we are forced to acknowledge it’s importance for our growth. The things we consider vitally important in our waking physical lives are not nearly as important as the TRUE reason we are here, which is to overcome our shortcomings so that we may get closer to our Source / God / Higher Power. To avoid learning the lesson is like forcing your soul to a fate similar to the mythical Greek god named Sisyphus who was doomed to keep rolling a boulder uphill for eternity, only to watch it roll back down & have to repeat the same tedious hard chore again & again. That sounds like school to me! So pay attention to the messages in dreams about schools, and you may advance faster. Do you really want to repeat kindergarten again?
CAR or VEHICLE This is supposed to symbolize you in your waking life, in your physical body. Your physical body is used by the soul pretty much like we use a car. . . it’s driven for awhile and we give it gas / nourishment & repairs as needed until it stops running, and then we go back home. Pay attention to your car, which symbolizes your physical body. Are you behind the wheel, or is someone else in control? You want to be in charge of your life, naturally. What is the color & condition of this vehicle? Do you seem to be driving it the right way, on a safe road in good condition, or is the road rocky, winding, or suddenly ends at a cliff? That would signal that you need redirection. The bigger the vehicle, the more energy you may be successfully using for your daily lessons, depending on the context of your dream. Note all clues as to how you are faring, and make adjustments accordingly.
HOUSE You drive a car, but typically you LIVE in a house/apartment. Dreams about a house symbolize a larger aspect of your Self, and the aspects of self, which make us whole. Each room is said to symbolize a different aspect of your Self, for example: An Attic symbolizes your Higher Self, and your spiritual development & progress. Look at other symbols in the attic of your dream, and try to evaluate what they mean. Also pay attention to the feeling(s) you experience in your dream. . . is it serious, enlightening or what, exactly? All these things are clues for you. A Bathroom would symbolize the need for cleansing / purging / elimination of something in your life that isn’t quite working, or that has served it’s purpose and now it’s time to move on.
A Kitchen would symbolize the need or act of supplying nourishment or food for the body / mind / soul. . . whatever is currently “cooking” or developing in your life. If the food is plentiful, you have what you need. If the cupboard is bare, time to go shopping for new nourishment, and you need to figure out what is needed for that “shopping list. ” A Dining Room is similar to the kitchen, but has more to do with immediate needs for supplying & utilizing nourishment, and less with the preparation or taking stock of those needs. The Main Room or Living Room symbolizes your daily interactions with others, and often you will have other people appearing in your dreams in this room. Remember, they represent aspects of YOUR Self, and not themselves. (See PEOPLE, above) Bedrooms symbolize the unconscious mind aspect of your self, rest, dreams, sometimes and sexuality issues in your life. The Upstairs symbolizes your spiritual awareness aspect of self, or the Higher Self that holds all the keys or knowledge to this life’s role you are acting out, and always has your higher good looked after, no matter how it might seem otherwise. The Downstairs / Basement symbolizes your subconscious mind / aspect of self, which deals with habits, old coping skills, self-regulation, ego. That’s usually the part of our Selves that makes us feel “torn” between knowing we should do one thing, and inexplicably ending up doing the opposite. (Don’t you HATE that?) Old belief patterns & fears have to be corrected, if that is the case. Tackle & overcome it, and you will feel much more peaceful about your life. The Ground Floor of a house represents your daily agenda; what’s currently going on in your life. Revisiting Old Houses from Childhood or Earlier Times: this points to issues that probably are resurfacing in your current life, and need to be looked at, analyzed, and healed so you can move forward and not backward. If you find yourself repeating the same old tired mistakes, or dealing with the same old tired fears, chances are you will have this dream. A Hallway symbolizes that you have reached an area that is necessary to journey through in order to get to the other side, and it may be a narrow path that has to be traversed with care and awareness. If you have that “closed in, claustrophobic feeling” then you need to expand your awareness/open your mind to more possibilities for completing this phase of your journey. TORNADO This symbol points to emotional turmoil, as in a “whirlwind of emotions”; and / or rapid or sudden changes in your life. It is a sign to “get a grip” on what is possibly spinning out of control & deal more effectively with your emotions. Meditation and finding some private “thinking time” for yourself might be a good idea.
COLORS Pink: the color of love in all its forms. Often used to show healing through love. Red: passion or anger. Black: the unconscious mind; void; death of the old. Grey: fear or confusion. White: truth, “coming clean,” purity; can also be symbolic of death & new beginnings. Green: healing, growth, newness. Blue: spirituality; could be a metaphor for “being blue” (look at context of dream). Yellow: peacefulness, hope (as in “sunny disposition”); could be a cowardice metaphor.
NUMBERS I am not a numerologist, but I will put a few basic numbers here One: unity, completeness. Two: balance of yin-yang principles, or male / female energies-either it’s needed or it’s achieved. Three: (common dream symbol) the trinity of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, and the 3 principles uniting in harmony, as in body-mind-spirit harmony. This dream has an important spiritual message for you - pay attention! Five: changes!
BABY or PREGNANCY Newness or creation in your life, a new aspect of self is being formed and coming into being!... 10 common dreams dream meaning

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This dream follows the general “up” is good, “down” not so good, rule (see the chapter on interpretation); however, as an additional guide: to fall upstairs augurs well for love affairs, and to fall— as opposed to stumble— downstairs is a warning to be less controversial in your expressed views; if you dreamed of sweeping or scrubbing the stairs, you are likely to have an unexpected improvement in your life-style. ... stairs dream meaning

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(1) A house or other building may be a symbol of yourself. Going upstairs may mean going into the ‘head’ - that is, the layer of mind where (rational) thinking takes place. Cellars may represent the unconscious. Different parts of the house may be of different ages, the modem representing the conscious ego, the oldest the deep layers of the unconscious - what Jung called the ‘collective unconscious’. If the house feels cramped, this might indicate frustration. Is some part of you not yet developed, not yet integrated into consciousness? What is keeping this or that instinct or emotion repressed?If the house is cracked or crumbling, this could indicate either anxiety concerning your life, or the breaking down of an old image of yourself, to give way to a more accurate or larger view of your potential. (2) A house may represent your self-image: how you see yourself, or how you want to be seen by the world, or what you want from life. (3) If the house is your parental home, what you feel in the dream may say a lot about your childhood feelings - about your parents, for instance. HUNGER / HUNGRY... house dream meaning

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(1) A room may represent the self, or some aspect of yourself. (2) It may be a symbol of the womb. Freud tells of a dream in which a girl (the dreamer) entered a room six or eight times and every time saw her father sitting there. Freud saw the dream as expressing the girl’s fantasy of having seen her father come into her mother’s womb while the girl was still a foetus. (3) If the room is a cellar or basement, it may symbolize vour unconscious. If it is a room at or near the top of a high building, it may represent consciousness; idealism; loftv aspirations. (But of course an upstairs room may nevertheless symbolize libido, instinctive life and desires: for example, if it is a bedroom where sexual activity is taking place. )(4) A suite of rooms may express a male dreamer’s polvgamous sexual desires. This docs not mean he is polygamous in real life. On the contrary, he might well be shocked bv the dream. What such a dream exemplifies is the way the unconscious compensates or balances the conscious self: a polygamous person might have monogamous dreams!ROSB(S)... room dream meaning

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The self. Where you are in the house and what is going on provides insight into the many facets of your life. Walking into darkened or unknown rooms is exploring unknown parts of self. If rooms are cluttered, get organized and clean out old, useless habits and ideas. Furniture and people in house are aspects of yourself. Note especially colors and shapes. Different rooms are different aspects of self:Upstairs or attic - spiritual awareness. Ground floor - daily living situations. Basement - sexual awareness and unconscious. Kitchen - work area, cooking up plans and schemes, preparation for nurturing. Bedrooms - rest, dreams, unconscious, sexual feelings. Library - intellect and learning. Living room - daily interaction with others. Dining room - sustenance, nurturing, fellowship. Bathrooms - cleansing, elimination of the old. Porch or patio - extended part of self, enjoyment, relaxation. Foundation - inner strength and groundedness. ... house dream meaning

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The room is a symbol of individuality, of personal thought. Each type represents the aspects of our mind and being. The living room is the conscious; the basement or root cellar, the unconscious; the upstairs bedrooms, the spiritual aspirations of the dreamer. It’s meaning depends on the state in which you find the room. If it has windows, it symbolizes the possibility of communication with the exterior. On the contrary, a closed room without windows can symbolize virginity or lack of communication. In oneiric terms, there are also established equivalencies between the room and the physical body, so you must analyze the environment in the room. A pleasant room augurs well-being and serenity; if it lacks openness, it reflects isolation, fears, and insecurity. (See HOUSE) There are many superstitions regarding this. According to one of them, dreaming of your own room means you will visit far away lands. ... room dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Carl Jung talked about recurring dreams he had in which he would discover parts of his house that he didn’t know existed. In these dreams he believed the house represented his personality, and the new things he discovered in the house related to new developments in his work. Many dream researchers subscribe to Jung’s theory and believe that buildings in dreams represent aspects of the self, or constructions we make in our lives. The upstairs represents the conscious mind, and the lower floors and cellars the unconscious, or hidden, mind. Different parts of the building might represent different times in your life, and the attitudes and beliefs you have built from experience. The features of your dream building can also mirror features of your personality; by so doing, they reflect your character, hopes and dreams, and how you feel about yourself. If you dream of a house or a building, ask yourself what aspect of you the building represents. Does it represent how you see yourself? Is it a symbol of your body, mind or spirit? If the house is crumbling or decaying, are you in need of some kind of psychological, spiritual or physical cleaning and renewal? If the building is burning, does this show your desire to get rid of something that is holding you back? If the building is in ruins, do you feel worthless and manipulated by others? If the building is tall, does this suggest ambitions yet to be fulfilled? Is the house symbolic of your feelings in childhood or other past experiences? What are the conditions like in the house? Ask yourself what personal associations the buildings in your dreams have and what they represent to you. The environment and your feeling reaction to the building in your dream will all contribute important clues as to its meaning, but it is also important to bear in mind the purpose for which the building is used in waking life. For example, castles and fortresses suggest protection and royalty, whereas factories suggest work and routine. Although high-rise buildings are believed to be phallic symbols, as a type they all have different functions: skyscrapers are homes and workplaces, lighthouses offer hope to sailors at sea, and towers isolate, elevate and imprison. Churches and religious buildings offer us hope and quiet reflection, libraries and museums supply us with information and stimulate our minds. Courts provide social justice, whilst public buildings symbolize work, tax, bureaucratic or legal matters that need to be sorted. Hospitals are centers of healing and castles are historical icons. Houses, bungalows, flats, mansions and palaces offer different types of accommodation for different types of needs. Prisons are places for criminals to learn the consequences of their actions, and hotels provide a welcome break from home. If any of these buildings appear in your dream, this chapter will help you interpret the meaning; but for domestic buildings, homes and shops you may want to refer to HOME and MONEY AND SHOPPING. For places associated with entertainment, such as cinemas and theatres, you may want to refer to ARTS AND CRAFTS and LEISURE, and for places of work and learning consult SCHOOL AND WORK. ... buildings dream meaning

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Working With Dreams

How to Remember a Dream
Everyone of us can learn to remember dreams. This, of course, is a prerequisite to working with dream symbols. After you are reliably recalling dreams, you can begin to program them for problem solving. The most effective way to work with dreams is to keep a dream journal. Date each entry as you go along, for you will begin to see patterns and recurring themes as the weeks go by. If you do not understand an important dream message, you will be given more dreams trying to get the same point across. So do not worry about losing a big lesson; you will be given the message again and again until you finally get the idea. The most important thing in learning to remember a dream is your intent to do so. Before going to sleep sit on the side of your bed (if you lie down you may fall asleep before you finish the process), take several deep breaths and relax. Then say to yourself, “Tonight I want to remember a dream and I will remember a dream. As soon as I awaken I will write it down. ” Then go to sleep with a pad and pencil beside your bed, expecting to remember and write down a dream as soon as you open your eyes. If you prefer, record your dream on a cassette tape recorder. When you awaken, whether at 3:00 a. m. or right before getting up the next morning, immediately record any impressions, images, or feelings about the dream. If you do not usually remember dreams, you may have only a vague sense about it: a feeling of frustration, uplift, concern, peace. Just write down whatever you sense in the waking moment. If you have good recall of most of the dream images, put down everything in as much detail as possible: people, vehicles, scenery, objects, colors, shapes, numbers and so on. If you do not immediately write down the dream, you will lose it. Do not think that you can go back to sleep and remember it later. You are in an altered state of consciousness, that half-awake half-asleep state when you first open your eyes. Until you learn to build bridges between levels of consciousness, you will not be able to recall your dream once you are fully awake. That is why you tell yourself you will remember and write down the dream. By continuing to practice this technique of writing down material, bringing it back from superconscious to conscious mind, you are learning to bridge the gap between levels of consciousness. You dream all during the night, but often your best teaching dreams occur between 3:00 and 5:00 a. m. or right upon awakening. Of course, if you are working the night shift and sleep during the day, your dream schedule will be adjusted to your biological rhythms. But dreams can come at any time whether during a nap in the afternoon or a catnap after dinner. Using Dreams for Problem Solving
Even if you do not consciously use dreams for problem solving, you no doubt have had the experience of waking up in the morning with a clear and simple answer to a problem. You may not even remember a dream, but you know what to do in the situation at hand. This technique has been used for centuries to get insight. The conscious mind can struggle and wrestle with a problem, but when it is released to the superconscious mind, the greater infinite resources of consciousness, the answer effortlessly appears. Deliberately programming your dreams for answers to problems, however, is taking even more control of the dream state and letting it work for you. To use dreams for problem solving, again sit on the side of your bed before going to sleep. Take several deep breaths, relax, and bring the problem to mind. Whether it concerns relationships, career, health, inspiration for a creative project, or whatever, go over in your mind all the different parts of the problem that seem relevant. You have already thought about it, reflected upon it, but you are not sure which is the best direction, or the most positive solution. Feel into the problem as well as mentally reviewing it. Now mentally repeat, “Tonight I will have and remember a dream containing information for the solution to this problem. The problem concerns . . . (and briefly describe it as objectively as possible). I will now have this dream, and will recall, understand, and record it upon awakening. I open myself to the highest possible insight and guidance. ” Then go to sleep, completely releasing the situation from your mind, resting in the expectation that you will receive the answer. As soon as you awaken write down everything you can remember. Write down any general sense of the dream, feelings, impressions, as well as images. You may awaken with a clear recall of a dream which, upon analysis, gives a very definite answer. You may awaken with a strong sense of just knowing what to do. Or, sometime during the day, something in waking reality may trigger an image or impression from the dream, and you have your answer. You may recall a dream that you cannot seem to figure out. Just record it, and continue the process the following night. Avoid telling yourself that the process is not working, however. It is working; you just do not yet understand it. So if you do not have the answer you want upon awakening, do another little relaxation before starting your day. Suggest to yourself: “I have completely released this problem or situation to a higher wisdom within me. This answer is now presenting itself to me. I am open and receptive. ” Then dismiss the concern from your mind. Holding on to it or worrying about it will block your insight. If you do not get the answer during the day, repeat the programming pro-cedure again before going to sleep. You should have the answer to any problem within a three day period. Some people have said to me: “But I have tried to program dreams and it just did not work. ” There may be a variety of reasons. First, anything that affects the chemistry of the body significantly—alcohol, drugs, barbiturates, Valium, sleeping pills—may completely botch dream recall. Your dreams will not be clear if you are able to remember them at all. A full meal right before going to sleep also affects dream life in a negative way. Second, it is important to be relaxed when programming or asking for a dream. Do deep breathing and relax your body. Still the conscious mind enough to focus on the programming technique. Feel the desire to problem solve or get insight from your dreams. Don’t just mouth the words. You want the feeling of the heart center but the detachment and clarity of the third eye, so you are not reacting emotionally. Love yourself for creating the situation. It is a valuable teacher. Love yourself for now desiring to resolve and move beyond it. Love all persons involved for helping you learn and get to know yourself. When you approach problem solving through love, the answers are more readily available to you. Third, ask yourself, “Do I really want to know what is best? Or am I trying to dictate the answer? Am I really open to the best and highest solution, or am I blocking my receptivity through fear?” Sometimes we ask for things that we really do not want to know. Particularly if the problem involves a decision over a major transition—leaving a relationship, changing jobs, taking self-responsibility—we may not really want to hear it. Ask, and you shall receive. But the asking must be an honest, open asking. Finally, you may not be asking the right question. Questions should always have to do with insight into self, not how to change or manipulate others. If you are asking how to get your spouse to stop drinking, you are starting in the wrong place. Instead, realize that it is his or her responsibility to change, and all the love and support in the world may not be enough to help. The question should be: why have I created this situation for myself? What in myself needs to be changed to enable me to have a love-filled, joyous life? Through a need to be needed, a martyr syndrome, poor self- image or a number of other things, you may feel stuck in a situation. You can be assured of only one thing: with genuine self-insight the situation will change. You may have to leave it, you may not. But above all you must desire wisdom, not limiting ideas about self and others. Remember the greatest thing we can do for another is to honor his or her inner power to make decisions and choose the kind of life he or she wants to live. We are all free to make our own mistakes. That is the only way we learn. When you are too concerned with shaping up someone else’s life, you can be sure you are copping out on your own lessons. If you are saying to yourself, “If so and so would just change, then I would be fine,” that is handwriting on the wall that you are avoiding self-responsibility. So, ask for insight into self. Release others to learn their own lessons. You certainly can pray for others and send them love. But do so in the way that you are honoring their higher self, giving them the energy and freedom to make their own decisions, to determine their best life path, whether or not it may include you and your expectations and desires. Kinds of Dreams
There are six basic kinds of dreams, and often you will remember snatches from several of them. As you begin to work with dreams more and more, you will recognize the differences and determine the value each is offering you. I call these different dreams clearing house or clutter, teaching, problem solving, precognitive, prophetic or visionary, and outside interference. Clearing house
These dreams clean out the input from the day, sorting through mental and emotional clutter, rerunning experiences. Often the mind is still running a mile a minute when you first try to go to sleep. You are worried, anxious, stressful. These dreams begin the process of releasing useless concerns and integrating helpful ones. They help body and mind begin to relax. If you meditate before going to sleep, stilling and focusing the mind, the clutter dreams are usually unnecessary. If you practice briefly rerunning the day in your mind, blessing, releasing and forgiving self and others, you are ready for a higher level of awareness in the dream state. Also, your energy will be higher and your dreams will be clearer. Teaching
You usually have one important teaching dream a night. This gives you information on problems you are facing, or shows you higher teachings from advanced levels. You are prepared for what is going to happen during the next 24 hours. Often a dejâ vu experience is remembering what the superconscious mind stored in the subconscious memory back during the dream state. You already knew you were going to say something in a certain way, or that a particular person was going to do or say something. Most dreams are concerned with what you are presently going through and how best to deal with situations and relationships. You may find yourself sitting in a classroom, giving or hearing a lecture, or walking with a teacher in some beautiful surroundings. You may be hearing information you never knew before and have good recall of it upon awakening. Many discoveries and inspirations have come from higher levels of these teaching dreams. Problem solving
These are dreams you have programmed or asked for. You may be seeking insight on understanding a difficult relationship, solving a scientific mystery, or asking for the plot of a new novel. All knowledge and information are available to you when you learn how to tap it. Learning how to program dreams and understand their messages is one of your most valuable inner resources. Precognitive
This dream gives you a glimpse of something in the future. It is different from the cieja vu experience, because precognition is usually concerning someone other than yourself. Precognition means foreknowing. There is a special sense or feeling to the precognitive dream. As you learn to recognize it, you will know which images are symbolic and which may happen to be literal precognitive events. It is a psychic level phenomenon. Most precognitive dreams are given to awaken people to expanded dimensions of the mind. Often non-meditators will have them, for then they are forced to ask how they know such and such about a particular person. The mind, of course, is not bound by time. Hopefully these dreams direct your attention inward so that you become more interested in developing and learning about the inner self. Prophetic or visionary
This dream comes from the highest level of the soul. It is a message from God or the God-self and concerns spiritual growth. It comes from the mystical level of awareness. It may have a personal message or may contain a universal truth. The vision is on a much larger scale than you commonly associate with dreaming. It has a totally different quality of awareness about it. You know you are awake, aware, yet also realize you are in the dream state. Prophesies of old and mystical teachings have come through the visionary level of consciousness. A vision has many qualities within it: insight, understanding, expansion, realization of the oneness of all life, power and love. I may have only one vision a year, but it is always worth waiting for. Outside Interference
This dream is produced when something in your physical environment is causing enough disruption to get incorporated in your dream story. For example, you dream you are very hot and awaken to find too many covers piled on top of you. Ringing phones, barking dogs, cold feet on your back—anything can be a part of the dream, with no real message from the superconscious or higher self. Also, if you fall asleep watching television or listening to the radio, any or all of that information can affect your dreams. It is always best to sleep in a quiet, restful environment. There is enough blaring into the subconscious throughout the day without adding more to it during your sleep time. Indigestion or a full bladder also affects dream images. Just be aware when interpreting dreams that you may be picking up such outside interferences. Anatomy of a Dream
Dreams often present themselves in three steps. First they give the time reference for the problem, situation or program you are running. For example, if you are shown a house you lived in when you were a child, the house represents an old program or awareness of self that started way back then. Second, they will show you how the problem is manifesting itself now in your life and present awareness—what is surrounding it. Third, they will present the solution to the situation, or how to learn from and move beyond the program or problem that is limiting you. Most teaching dreams will follow this format. If you remember seeing a car, house, school or person of your past, that is usually part of the first phase of the dream. Understanding Dream Symbols
The most curious thing about dreams, perhaps, is they speak to us in symbols. These may seem strange, but once we understand the meaning they are much clearer than our usual way of attempting to communicate with ourselves and others. Why, you may ask, do I have to go through all the symbology in dreams? Wouldn’t it be easier just to get the straight message? Communication among people is difficult at best. So many things are open to misinterpretation because of blocks and perceptual filters. My guidance has said that dreams are given symbolically because once you know your own symbols you cannot mistake the message. You will know instantly what is being given to you and you will understand it totally. Actually symbols are like shorthand and are much easier to interpret than verbal conversation. Working with dream symbols might be compared to playing the piano. When you first begin you are certain that this has to be the most awkward and complicated thing you have ever undertaken. But after a routine of regular practice, your new skill becomes a natural, flowing easy part of your life. Or, take the computer industry. If you do not understand computer language, it all seems foreign and difficult. If you hear someone speaking a language different from your own, it is the old ‘it’s all Greek to me” feeling. If you speak, read and write Greek, however, it is another story. So think of working with dream symbols as just learning another language. They are a higher, more accurate, more integrative level, that enables you to become aware of self as an interdimensional being. The Starting Point
There are primary dream symbols which usually have the same meanings. A good place to begin is to realize that everything in the dream is you. You are the producer, writer, actor and director. People in the dream usually represent qualities within yourself you have projected on to them. Male and female figures represent your own masculine and feminine energies. A child represents your child part, an aged person an old part of self, either one that is wise or a part that is dying because you have outgrown it. Animals represent feelings you have about specific animals or the characteristics associated with them; for example, a wolf is danger, like the wolf in sheep’s clothing; a fox is cunning and craftiness. A house, building, store or other structure is you. If it is large, it indicates great potential and awareness of opportunities and/or inner resources. If the rooms are cluttered, you obviously are not keeping your house in order. If some of the rooms are dark, they are parts of the self you do not know or understand. The attic or upstairs represents the spiritual self, the ground floor the physical or everyday self, and the basement the sexual or subconscious self. The various rooms and how they are decorated and arranged indicate that particular aspect of your life; bathroom—cleansing, eliminating, releasing; dining room—nurturing, fellowship, and so on. Any vehicle—a car, plane, spacecraft, boat—also represents the self. It is your mode of traveling or being in the world. A car is your physical vehicle and indicates how you are traveling in everyday life. Going backwards, downhill, the wrong way? Got a flat tire? Are you speeding ahead in perfect control? A boat or ship is your emotional vehicle and lets you know what is going on in your emotional life. Are you being tossed upon the seas of life, going up and down? Are you in dry dock? Are you at the helm? Do you have an anchor? An airplane or any airborne vessel is your spiritual vehicle, and if you are on your way to the airport, you know you are preparing to take off to new spiritual understanding. A motorcycle or bicycle means you need balance in your life. Water represents the emotions, fire is purification, air is the spiritual self and earth is the physical self (or degree of grounding). Once you begin to recognize a few basic symbols, then you begin to look for colors (you do not dream in black and white), clothes, people, scenery, objects, sizes, shapes, numbers, words, letters and so on. Everything has its own significance. Fences or road blocks indicate that creative thinking is needed to get beyond a particular problem that is now facing you. The kind of road on which you find yourself traveling represents how smooth or rough your journey is at present. If you are on a freeway it is easy going. If a bumpy road you are getting there but it is a little rough at present. If you are paving a road you are making your way easier for the future. Any symbols given to you—whether in fantasy, meditation or guided imagery—are all the same. They are coded messages from self to self. When you “get the picture,” you understand the situation. You Are The Final Word
Remember that you are always your own best interpreter. You are the final word on the meaning of a symbol for you. Do not be so gullible that you eagerly accept another’s interpretation. This is giving away power and neglecting the refinement and trust of your own inner resources. If the symbol in the dream dictionary does not feel right, look it up in an unabridged dictionary. Often meanings are there you have never considered before, and a little bell will ring in your head when you read one of them. The definitions offered in this book are generalized and if they do not apply to a specific situation, you need to keep looking, reflecting, and meditating upon a symbol until it reveals its true meaning to you. And by working them out, they become so simple that you know you are always being guided by your own higher self or the God within you. Common Types of Dreams
Nothing is off limits in the dream state. We are open to experiencing all levels of self, all fears, frustrations, suppressed images, unknown territory, visionary insights. We will become more comfortable with all dream images when we learn to welcome them, whatever they are, as symbolic messengers of self. There is no such thing as a bad dream symbol. The most grotesque or frightening dreams have the most positive insights once they are worked out. Remember, dream images are just trying to get your attention, so do not resist them. Seek to recognize the insight so you can move on to more joyous awareness. Many people have the following common types of dreams: Nightmares
A dream known to most all of us is the nightmare. It is one of our most valuable teaching dreams because it shows us a fear that has been blown way out of proportion or something we have suppressed that is affecting us negatively. Often we do not remember the happy dreams. But the frightening ones will make more of an impression and we will be more inclined to work them out. For example, a man had a recurring nightmare that a large rat was eating away at his neck. He would awaken screaming and clawing at his neck to remove the rat. Upon analysis, he discovered that the neck represented the throat chakra. He was not verbalizing his needs, and the suppression was gnawing away and resulting in self-destructive behaviors. The rat was an insecure part of self that was betraying him. We must always nurture the inner self, taking care to verbalize and express what it is that we want and need. After he began to take assertive steps to resolve these problems both at work and in his personal relationships, the rat dream no longer continued. Disaster Dreams
Whether earthquakes, flood, fire or tidal wave, a disaster indicates a sudden change in some area of your life. A flood means an emotional upheaval and an earthquake means a big rearrangement in your affairs. They usually indicate turning points or opportunities to take advantage of a new direction. See specific disasters in Part II. Sexual Dreams
Sex is a big part of many dreams, and usually has little to do with the literal meaning of intercourse. Usually it indicates learning to balance the male and female polarities of our being. Remember that each one of us is both male and female, manifesting itself in a particular body. To have sexual intercourse in a dream represents a merger of energies. If having intercourse with a man, it is a merger of masculine energies within the self; with a woman it is a merger of feminine energies. If you are a female (or male) and dream of making love with another female (or male) you actually know, it represents taking within the self qualities you associate with the particular individual. Making love with a member of the same sex usually has nothing to do with homosexuality. Also, having intercourse in a dream with members of your family does not indicate a desire for incest. If making love with your father or mother, it represents a merger of wiser, nurturing qualities of the masculine or feminine self; with a son or daughter, an integration of the more childlike or youthful qualities of self. Remember all persons in the dream are an aspect of you. A sexual dream accompanied by an orgasm may indicate a need to release and balance physical energy, and this is a way the body has of restoring equilibrium. We must remember that we are physical, sexual beings and this part of the self needs to be honored. Costume Dreams
If you find yourself in a costume, it usually represents a past life. It may be that a problem you are facing now was the same one you were dealing with in another time and place. Remembering and understanding the dynamics of the costume dream will help you gain a perspective on whatever is presently confronting you. Direction Dreams
The direction in which you are traveling indicates whether you are on the right track. If you are going up in a dream—up a mountain, up a road, ladder, staircase, elevator, whatever, you are going in the right direction. If you are going down, it is the wrong way. If you are going both up and down, your energy is scattered and you need to get centered. Going around in circles speaks for itself. If you are going to the right, you are following the path of intuition and guidance. To the left is the intellect and reason. One man asked if he should participate in a conference and got a dream showing him riding on a down escalator, so steep that he had to heave his briefcase in front of him in order to hold on. Wrong direction, not in support of his study and projects at hand. Another example: a woman was considering the purchase of a certain automobile. She was shown the car sitting down at the bottom of a hill, and she had to walk down crowded streets to get there. She did not buy the car, and a much better offer came up within a few days. Flying
Flying dreams are great fun, and usually mean you are consciously out of the body. If you can gain control of a flying dream you are free to go anywhere you like. You may think yourself in different places in time/space and instantly be there, or you may transcend dimensions. If you are flying around and then start losing altitude or think you are going to crash, it simply suggests that you have a fear of exploring higher dimensions and breaking out of limits. Try again the next night. Falling
If you dream you are falling, you are probably having a bad landing coming back into the body. We all leave the body at night. If you jerk as you are dozing off, it is a bad exit. If you wake up and cannot move or talk, it means you are half in and half out of the body. We cannot move until we are totally in. Think yourself down to your feet. This will ground you. We leave the body at night, or transcend physical awareness, to be taught and trained. The physical or third dimension is illusion; the dream state is reality. Through meditation and working with dreams you will never fear death as you will experience the fourth dimension and be as comfortable there as you are in the third dimension here. Obscene Dreams
Nothing in a dream is obscene once you understand the meaning. Nothing is meant to insult you or offend you, but to get you to look at a level of self or limitation that you have avoided. Work it out and usually you will find a great deal of humor behind it. Recurring Dreams
Like a movie rerun, there is a message you are not seeing. Recurring nightmares mean that you have not dealt with a particular fear. Recurring fence or barricade dreams mean there is a limit you imposed upon yourself that you have not yet recognized and removed. These are most important to write down and work out. Once you get the message they will stop. Snake Dreams
Snakes frequently appear in dreams, and are power symbols. They represent the kundalini energy, or life force. One woman dreamed that a snake entered her lower body and moved up through the body trunk to the throat. The snake stuck in her throat, and she started choking. She awakened horrified. At first glance this does seem a bit unnerving, but actually it was a perfect explanation of what was happening in her life. The kundalini power is housed at the base of the spine. So the snake enters her body and begins to move upward. As we awaken energy it moves up through the various chakras. Her energy was flowing well until it reached the throat center, and there it stopped, causing choking. She was blocking energy in that center, and not verbalizing her needs and feelings. She was choking off communication because of fear and a poor self-image. This dream explained that her inner power was alive and well, and through releasing the blocks in the throat center by verbalizing and not suppressing she would get past present limitations in relationships with others. Money Dreams
When you dream of coins or dollar bills, it represents changes coming into your life. Small coins, small change. Lots of bills, big changes. Toilet Dreams
These dreams concern how well we are taking care of our inner garbage. Are we letting go of unneeded thoughts and experiences? Are we releasing the past so that we are able to live fully in the present? Difficulty in elimination or constipation indicates suppression. Diarrhea suggests forced elimination whether ready or not, and we are out of control in the process. A stopped up toilet means you are not releasing, flushing out negativity and wastes. I had a dream with three stopped up toilets sitting out in the open. This was letting me know that I had to clean up my act mentally, physically and emotionally. I was now aware of things to do, priorities to establish, because the toilets were totally exposed for all to see. Blood and Guts Dreams
Blood in a dream means loss of energy. If you are being stabbed, note the area of the body and check the corresponding chakra to see how you are losing energy. If you are being murdered or are murdering someone else, you are killing off a part of the self. This may be an aspect no longer needed, or a part that you are failing to nurture that is still valuable to self-growth. Death Dreams:
A death means the ending of the old and making way for the new. A death seldom means a literal death. Rather it suggests the dying of a part of self necessary in the process of growth and regeneration. It may also mean you are dead inside and need to awaken feelings and sensitivity. So check carefully the symbols in the dream to get the message. Chase Dreams. If you are being chased, or trying to run away from something, you are avoiding looking at a problem. If you cannot get your legs to move or are moving in slow motion, you will soon have to confront the fear you have been avoiding. When you are being chased, you are putting yourself through unnecessary anguish and pain. Remember to turn around and confront whatever aspect of self is chasing you, make peace with it, and the drama will end. ... working with dreams dream meaning



A higher perspective or a view from above. An elevated consciousness or heightened awareness. Feelings of great insight or clarity. A sense of being “above it all,” “above the crowd,” or “above the fray. ” Feeling superior to others (or otherwise distanced from them). Feeling like a passive observer in life rather than a participant.

See also: Upstairs; Audience; Theater; Arena or Auditorium... balcony dream meaning

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


Your subconscious mind. Subconscious or basic instincts or desires. Something that you keep hidden or that’s not intended for public knowledge. Storing or holding onto things long term (such as grudges or outdated beliefs). For more clues, consider what was going on in the basement and how you felt about it.

See also: Upstairs; Floor; House; Building; Underground; Descending; Stairs; Low; Under; Storage... basement dream meaning

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A building or other similar structure can represent: You, your life, or a certain aspect of your life (such as an office building representing your work life). A building can convey the setting, atmosphere, tone, or mood you associate with whatever its dream events represent in your real life (for example, a school might represent a recent life lesson you learned, or a desire to learn). Consider also the floors of the building (for example, a basement can represent your subconscious mind, the top floor your spirituality, and the middle floors the main areas of your life or consciousness). See also the type of building (house, store, hotel, etc. ).

See also: Location; Main Floor; Upstairs; Basement; Roof; Making or Building... building dream meaning

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A limitation or perceived limitation (such as on how high you believe you can climb, or how much progress you think you can make). An elevated mood or perspective. Power or ambition. Something that seems “over your head” or unattainable. Protection from something “above,” such as from an authority or from something “falling on you out of the blue. ” See also: Roof; Climbing; High; Floor; Building; House; Upstairs... ceiling dream meaning

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Ability or mobility in life, especially ability to make progress (or succeed or fail) quickly. Shifting between the areas within your consciousness (such as subconscious, conscious, emotional, or mental), as represented by the various floors. Switching between areas of your life (such as work, relationships, or hobbies). Consider also the context and what the elevator is doing. Moving upward might represent moving forward or making progress somehow in your life. Moving downward might represent a perceived loss of progress, or an ending (represented by exiting the building). Getting stuck might represent feeling stuck, held back, or delayed somehow in your life.

See also: Floor; Building; Climbing; Descending; High; Low; Basement; Upstairs; Main Floor; Stairs; Levitating... elevator dream meaning

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The floor of a room can represent: The setting of the real-life events that are represented in the dream. A starting place. A minimum or lower limit. The idea of lowness, disrespect or humiliation (such as groveling on the floor). The floors or levels of a house can represent the areas of yourself or your life. For example, a basement can represent your subconscious mind, the top floor might represent your spirituality, and the floors in between might represent other areas of your consciousness or your daily life.

See also: House; Building; Upstairs; Main Floor; Roof; Room; Elevator; Flooring; Low... floor dream meaning

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Being elevated, at a great altitude, or looking down on a scene can represent: A higher or more insightful perspective, or an ability to see the “big picture. ” Feeling more spiritual or more in touch with a higher power. “Rising above” a problem, challenge, pettiness, or immaturity. The idea of being or feeling: superior, more powerful, having greater knowledge, or better qualified; wiser, more mature, more evolved, more experienced, or further along in your process than others. Consider the context and your feelings about whatever was high.

See also: Above; Superior; Flying; Climbing; Upstairs; Big; Falling; Air; Sky; Measure; Elevator; Drug... high dream meaning

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A house, apartment, flat, or any place of residence often represents you or your life, even if it doesn’t resemble your current home. The events in the house may represent real or imagined events in your life. Each room may represent a different area of your life (such as your bedroom representing your personal life). Each level may represent a level of your consciousness (such as a basement representing your subconscious mind or attic representing spirituality). A house can also represent security, comfort, protection, familiarity, or belonging (as in the idea of “home”). Also consider the mood and condition of the house and anything that stood out about it (for example, a dreary house might represent sadness, or a house missing its curtains might represent personal boundary issues). Your childhood home might represent you or your current life, or a time in your past. Someone else’s home might represent that person or their life, your relationship with that person, or a real-life situation in which you were both involved.

See also: Building; Nest or Dwelling; Room; Floor; Basement; Main Floor; Upstairs; Furniture; Mansion; Porch; Backyard; Roof; Hut; Homeless; Location... house dream meaning

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Main Floor

The main floor in a house or building often represents your current life and the experiences and activities in your life.

See also: Floor; Room; Basement; Upstairs... main floor dream meaning

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See Room, House & Accessories, also Upstairs and Attic... roof dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


lucky numbers: 06-10-12-15-42-48accosted by a, person, being: promise of profit to another; pennies to yourself. advancing to become own boss: success is certain in furthering your own interest. in present position: beware of jealous friends, rival may do you an injustice. adversarial partner, having an: wil be unable to meet obligations in a healthy manor. adversity in: wil realize ambitions, but not escape adversarial gossip of your conduct. approached by a, man: results in projects through the intercession of an influential man. arranging: misfortune is not to be misunderstood but remolded to future. arriving, people: wil receive compliments from a wily man; don’t accept them. assembly line, working on a: wil succeed and bring a partner with you. attacked by a, person: wil profit from another’s being cheated. beginning a good: must fight for good results at every threat that sorely affects you. checking accounts: mental distress and il egal actions by carelessness, not intent. community, having a: wil soon have a lawsuit over an ugly love affair. conference, participating in a: wil be asked to arbitrate a conflict. director, being a: choose the correct leadership quality to carry your business forward. responding position as: hold your tongue when you have been provoked. dismissed, being: your il usions of your value to the company were dispel ed. others: are doomed for disappointment if you do not believe it could happen to you. doing: your total resources commandeered to create something another needs. executive ability, having: make wel thought-out decisions, then take the risks. industrious person, being an: every effort put forth wil bring additional responsibility. industry, having an: wil be very embarrassed by our period of rest and relaxation. insolvent, being: your industry and enterprise wil not al ow you to fail. inventory, taking: abundance wil soon be yours. losing money in: wil lose your temper over untruthful gossip. making: wil receive money from a friend without his knowledge. lost own, having: wil be humiliated in unhealthy and gloomy surroundings. man, being: make plans for your own business; an important conference is imminent. dating a: your date wil be honest and thrifty, but your transactions wil bring discord. dealing with a: improve your intel igent support; their frankness may harm you. partner, having a: are prone to arguing, but it clears the air of unwarranted suspicion. person dreaming of retirement: your raise is a prelude to being knocked upstairs. receiving compliments on: wil enjoy good profits, but wil overvalue your contribution. bonus, a: wil narrowly escape public censure for an unsubstantiated injustice. large: your insecurities cause you to purport superiority. ... business dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 26-30-41-42-45-46Alp, an: your social stature is rising, bring up the rest of your growth. difficult: solve one problem, out of many, at a time. effortlessly: your project is reaching its conclusion; watch the last rung in the ladder. ladder, a: each rung must be stabilized before stepping on the next one. to upstairs window: wil take unfair advantage of the secrets of friends. mountain, a: conclude obligations to reach the top distinction. steep: new viewpoints are lateral, spiritual renewal is straight up. of: wil overcome the obstacles to your prosperity in business. unable to climb, being: have set unrealistical y high expectations. ... climbing dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 03-06-37-47-50-54angel coming in your: are relinquishing your strong-wil ed opinions for superficial gains. another’s: wil have a lawsuit over property disputes coming up. arranging things in a: desires wil not be realized; time wil fil up the emptiness. attic of another’s: indefinable obstacles wil confront your spiritual awareness. bedroom, missing a: wish sex with your partner would cease and he would find another. bathroom: cleansing is futile in a tainted atmosphere. big fire burning a: friends are being disagreeable; replace them with congenial strangers. with dark smoke: a mystery is ahead, if you fol ow your head, not your heart. breaking any household object: home life frustrated with difficulties from outside party. bric-a-brac in a: good fortune if you break the set. building a: honor without joy in an unwarranted legacy. collapsing ceiling, your: support is lacking; have lost your spiritual connection, meditate. deluge, own, lost in a: slow down and take time to smel the roses. dilapidated old: lies are being told about your family; a relative wil die. entering your dream, on a sunny day: happiness is nearby; buy real estate. fire in your: fol ow your head and not your heart. another’s: a friend needs your advice. fitting into a small: prosperity, especial y for lovers, if you solve one problem at a time. floor, missing a: your solid foundation had been reduced. rots: take more time for yourself. friends visiting your: sorrow. going in own, having a: pleasant work and good news make loss even more vexing. going upstairs in a: dependence and independence alike found here. ground floor of own: your daily inner strength and grounding for communal living. homesick, being: your past as seen through rose-colored glasses wil ruin your future. leaving home: your regret for what you left behind can be used to your advantage. for good: are at the threshold of a fervent and fanatical passion. returning: your refusal to extend travel wil turn to regret of lost opportunity. housewife with, in disorder: a former suitor wil try to lure you away. hut, living in a: it isn’t much, but it’s yours. kitchen, missing a: are cooking up a cabal of plots and spicing them. living room, missing a: emotional contact in the hearth of happiness. locked out of own: avoid needless risk-taking; you are ready to move on. lost own, having: be more careful of financial matters. mosaic, laying a: profit is insufficient compensation; are overcomplicating a simple task. others coming to your: wil have much consolation if you search for your soul mate. uninvited: sorrow and tears as your personal space is being taken over. receiving a, as a gift: return to childhood desires that need to be expressed. refused admission to your, being: be cautious with plans and their planners. shelter, being thrown out of a homeless: your courage is al you have left. someone trying to break into your: others jealous of your success seek to destroy you. rattling your windows: your path to success is being blocked. battering down the door: have enemies; be on guard. stoop, sitting on the: your life is out of control; rein it in. seeing others: friends come forward to assist you. strange, entering a: new undertakings in disordered affairs. termites in a: are physical y exhausted and far too scattered in your personal life. trembling: smal loss of money; large loss of comfort. visiting an old: wil have cause to rejoice with a visit from friends at sea. wallpaper, hanging: you are seeking to hide recent indiscretions. walls collapsing in a: are physical y exhausted and must rest. war zone, own, being in a: violent invasion of private space. ... home dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days