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What does it mean to see an uproot in a dream?

Uproot Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

Removal from the source of nourishment and origin; research whatever was uprooted; see “root”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

1. One feels disconnected from others.

2. Broken family ties.

3. Lost job or other disruption.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Uproot | Dream Interpretation

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Muslims’ Testimony Of Faith

‘There is no God except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. ’ Seeing a garlic tree, or an onion plant, or a perennial vine of the gourd family, or the colocynth tree tCitrullus colocynthis; bot. ) in a dream means hearing harsh words or evil talk. Plucking fruits other than what the mother tree bears in a dream means carrying someone else’s money or property. A tree bearing a fruit other than its own in a dream represents an adulterous wife who bears a child from someone other than her husband. Cutting a tree in a dream means killing someone, or it could mean an illness. Climbing a tree in a dream means meeting a strong man. Coming down from a tree in a dream means parting with someone. Falling down from a tree in a dream means death resulting from fight. If one’s right hand breaks from such fall in the dream, it means the death of his brother or his sister in a fight. If the leg breaks in the dream, it means losing one’s money. If one sees blessed trees such as an olive tree with thorns in a dream, it means that such thorns will prevent him from wrongdoing or from falling into sin. A walnut tree in a dream represents hard earned money. Trees in a dream also represent shops, businesses, tables, festivities, servants, cattle, restaurants, money, hidden treasures, storage houses, religions or sects. Ifa storm damages a tree, burns it, or causes it to falls in a dream, it means the death or murder of a man or a woman. A date or a palm tree in a dream also represents a famous person, a man of knowledge, the wife of a king, or the mother of a president. If it is an olive tree, then it represents a man of knowledge, a preacher, a passenger, ajudge or a physician. Like that, trees are interpreted according to their substance, value, or the harm or benefit they bring, their roots, origin or age. Seeing a vineyard bearing grapes in the winter in a dream means that one will be deceived by a woman or a man during a business transaction, thinking that they are rich. A quince tree in a dream represents an intelligent person who does not use his intelligence to benefit himself or others. An almond tree in a dream represents a foreigner or a passenger. Cane or reed plants in a dream represent opposition, punishment or help. A pomegranate tree in a dream represents a pious and a religious person, and its thorns represent the obstacles that could prevent him from falling into sin. A lotus tree in a dream represents a noble and a gracious person. Acolocynth tree in a dream represents a good but cowardly and easily scared man who has no real devotion and fails to practice his religious duties. An oak tree in a dream represents a king, a gnostic, a poet or a fortuneteller. An indigo plant in a dream represents a knowledgeable Arab. A dried out palm tree in a dream represents a hypocrite. Ifa storm uproots a tree in a dream, it means a calamity or a plague. A banana tree in a dream represents a rich person who correctly manages his religious and his material life. Ajujube tree in a dream represents ajoyful and a happy person, or it could represent power and leadership. A fig tree in a dream represents someone who benefits his family, and who treats his enemy with justice. A berry tree in a dream represents a generous person. A pistachio tree in a dream represents a wealthy person who also possess a good humor, and who is generous with his family and friends. A peach tree in a dream represents a correct person, though few can benefit from him, or it could represent a hypocrite or a handsome looking person, or perhaps a rich woman. If one pluck its fruits in a dream, it means that he will marry her. An apple tree in a dream represents a person with steadfastness and determination. A plum tree in a dream represents a rich and a courageous man. A pear tree in a dream represents a Persian who practices herbal medicine. A tamarisk tree in a dream represents a hypocrite, or it could mean a thiefwho benefits poor people and harms the rich. Abullace, a wild small plum tree, or a damson tree in a dream represent someone who benefits everyone. A sycamore tree in a dream represents a good person who is steadfast in his servitude to others, though who is also firm, equitable, powerful and rich. A carob tree in a dream represents a man of little benefit to others. A lemon tree in a dream represents a beneficial person, or a rich woman who is known for her charities. (Also see Sycamore tree; Evergreen; Oak tree; Palm tree; etcetera)... muslims’ testimony of faith dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Palm Tree

(Date palm) A palm tree in a dream represents a sire, a scholar, a noble man or a wise man who imparts his knowledge and wisdom to others. Cutting a palm tree in a dream means the death of such a man. Seeing a plantation of palm trees, or an oasis or palm trees in a dream mean leadingpeople and guiding them on the straight path. If a merchant or a trader sees a palm tree in his dream, it means business success. Ifa shopkeeper sees a palm tree in his dream, it also means profits. A dead and dried out palm tree in a dream represents a hypocrite. To uproot a palm tree in a dream means that a plague will befall that place, or it could mean suffering from the persecution of an unjust ruler. Uprooting a palm tree in a dream also means a dead end to one’s plans, or it could mean a dispute. A palm tree in a dream also represents one’s paternal aunt. Palm trees in a dream also represent Arab women. Ifone sees a seedlingbecome a big palm tree in a dream, it means that a child in that community will grow to be a great scholar. It also connotes that a weak person will grow strong. Seeing a palm tree in a dream also means longevity, a scholar, a teacher, children, a wife, a house, a property, a king, a year, new clothing, money, or bearing a child. To prune or trim a palm tree in a dream means that one’s adversity at his work or related to his travels will be dispelled. (Also see Palmyra; Tree)... palm tree dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Blow; Changing course; Hurricane; Storm; Trap; Tornado; Wonder) In a dream, winds represent the person in authority or the leader. In that sense, winds in a dream represent the sphere of one’s control and his power to change things, or to maneuver people’s interests. Winds in a dream also may represent a leader, his army, commands and helpers. Wind was once one of the servants of God’s Prophet Solomon, upon whom be peace, as it moved under his command by God’s leave. A stormy wind in a dream may represent calamities, destruction, or plagues. A tornado in a dream means destruction or a calamity. On the other hand, wind in a dream may also mean pollination, good harvest, prosperity, victory, or success. However, winds in a dream also represent illness, rheumatism, sneezing, aching, or headaches, etcetera. Ifone sees the wind carrying him and transporting him from one place to another with no fear on his part, and if there are no clouds or darkness in the skies in the dream, it means that he may preside over people, should he qualify for that, or if he wished to do so, or it could represent his business success, or that he will liquidate his merchandise, should it be stagnant or unsalable. If the winds lift someone who is seized by fear or tyranny, and if the winds carry with them dark clouds, or a cloud of dust in the dream, and if the person is travelling when he sees the dream, it means that he will face great difficulties. If he is ill, then his illness will intensify, or it could mean that some higher order will persecute him, or perhaps ajudge will rule against him. If one sees a huge tornado or a tropical storm carrying people, trees, homes, or cattle in the air to scatter them over its path of destruction, then it represents a major plague, or a calamity affecting that region. Poisonous winds or polluted air in a dream represent a feverish illness. A stormy wind accompanied with thunder in a dream represents a tyrant. If the wind carries someone from one place to another in the dream, it means that he may travel there, but he may never return to his homeland. A gentle wind or a breeze in a dream represents grace and blessings for the people and the land. A storm of dust in a dream represents destruction in the land. However, winds in a dream always represent tidings from God Almighty. If the wind is not accompanied with a good witness or a cheering element in the dream, then it means cessation of blessings for that land. Ifthe wind is accompanied with a stridulous or a shrill sound in the dream, it means a severe punishment for that place. If a general of an army sees himself leading his soldiers and is preceded by a stormy wind in a dream, it means that he will be victorious and that he will triumph over his enemy. However, if a storm faces him at his arrival to the battlefield in the dream, it means that he will lose his battle. If one sees a storm uprooting the trees in his dream, it means that the government of that land will mass murder its own people. A southern wind in a dream means illness, diseases, or death. A southern wind is sometimes interpreted as rain and prosperity. If one witnesses a slow moving wind in his dream, it means that he will consent to the actions of a group of evildoing people. If the wind blows from a known direction in the dream, it means mercy and blessings, or that one may receive good news from that direction. Winds in a dream also mean asking for one’s needs, or fulfilling them. A gentle breeze in a dream, represents travel andjoy. Ifone sees the wind colored red in the dream, it represents a recalcitrant child. (Also see Fan)... wind dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Trees are people or nations. The Church is also depicted as a tree, Dan. 4:20-22, Matt. 13:31-32. A green tree is symbolic of a prosperous person, Ps. 52:8. An uprooted tree symbolizes a false teacher or a false prophet, someone who is spiritually dead, Jude 1:12... tree dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols

Tidal Wave

Tidal waves or tsunamis suggest that you may be in a period of emotional upheaval. Anxiety, stress, and unconscious materials may be coming to the surface and affecting your daily moods. Giant tidal waves from your dream may be symbolic of current emotional unhappiness and psychological stress that may be threatening to destroy or uproot you. The outcome of this dream could reveal to you how much strength you have to “ride out” this storm. If you are not consumed, or you survived the tidal waves of your dream, be assured that you will survive the challenges of life and living. See also: Waves, Water, Ocean... tidal wave dream meaning

The Bedside Dream Dictionary


(see by type, Eating, Garden)If this is a play on words, your subconscious is saying that for some reason you have begun to feel as productive as an inanimate, uprooted vegetable. Get up and become an active participant in life again!Each vegetable in a dream has a different interpretive value. For example, a carrot is a masculine emblem that also represents vision and luck. Additionally, as an omen, carrots symbolize forthcoming wealth, health, and happy marriages. Dreaming of eating celery is an omen of love and affection. Cauliflower growing in a garden foretells increased business prospects, corn might depict a “corny” personality or the promise of improved finances, and beans carry a magical overtone thanks to the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk. ”Root vegetables denote grounding, a connection to your family, and the staples of both spiritual and mundane life. Jungian: Because vegetables get nourished by all the elements, they represent the depths of the subconscious, the deepest roots, and the fundamental self. Societal, cultural, or religious limitations. Many vegetables have been shunned because of one of these contexts, such as tomatoes being thought poisonous, or potatoes not being eaten by Puritans because they are not in the Bible. Eating vegetables in a dream is a portent of odd luck and coincidence on the horizon. ... vegetables dream meaning

The Language of Dreams


(see Flowers, Gardens, Purple)Passion: This flower is astrologically ruled by Venus. In the Vctorian language of flowers, this represents enchantment or being charmed, for boon or bane. The color of this flower directly relates to the spiritual condition. So, how does the flower appear? Is it healthy, wilted, uprooted, surrounded by weeds}Among the ancient Greeks, violets represented undisturbed rest and safety from ghosts. ... violet dream meaning

The Language of Dreams


To dream that you are cultivating indicates the need to push out your ill thoughts. To dream of cultivating is a symbol for weeding out ‘bad grass,’ which may stand for an uprooting of dire habits and bad intentions. This will allow you to grow as a person. ... cultivate dream meaning

Dream Symbols and Analysis


Houses bear various meanings, from comfort, privacy, and safety. To dream about different parts and states of your house reflect different depths of feelings, and various emotional and mental states. The attic refers to your intellect and mind, while the basement describes the subconscious. If the house is empty, it connotes feelings of insecurity. Shifts and changes in the house indicate change and progression of your personality and beliefs. To dream that you are cleaning your house suggests self-improvement. It further refers to getting rid of old limiting beliefs and adopting new progressive point of views. If you have a crowded house and you dream that your house is empty, it indicates a need to break free and live your live independently. Old beliefs and attitudes are represented by old houses. To dream of a new house represents a new era of your life. If you dream that someone broke into your house, you have a sense of being violated. Your personal boundaries has been crossed by someone. To dream of a house also indicates that your subconscious is reminding you of something long forgotten, such as good traits you are no longer using. To dream of a haunted house refers to unfinished business from the past. A missing house suggests a feeling of being uprooted. ... house dream meaning

Dream Symbols and Analysis

Ground Zero

In relation to the events of September 11th, 2001, dreams of ground zero represents an uprooting and/or crumbling of that which appeared to be solid and indestructible. Dreaming of ground zero is a breakdown/breakthrough dream, as in the Buddhist deity of death and destruction that is an essential catalyst to transformation and change. This dream can symbolize the necessity to come down to earth and connect with what is truly important in life and reassess your values. This dream could also signify that you are processing and venting out your feelings about the events of September 11th or the war on Terrorism. See September 11th, World Trade Center and Venting Dreams. ... ground zero dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


Dreams of an orphan signify that you are feeling alone, lonely, cast out, uprooted, ungrounded, unloved, and maybe even victimized. You are in the midst of transformation, walking through the phase where you feel cast out from your former comfort zone, and you are having to find your own strength. During this challenging time, between the old and the new; don’t give up, keep moving as you do some soul searching that will lead you to the home that is within you. See Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams and Latch Key Kid. ... orphan dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


The roots of a tree represent your unconscious mind, as well as your childhood and your past, the ’roots’ from which you have grown. If the roots in your dream appear strong, this suggests that the past is still heavily influencing your present. It could also suggest that your past was stable and supportive. If, on the other hand, the tree in your dream was a young one, the message may be that you are in the process of putting down your roots or establishing yourself in the waking world. A dream in which the roots are in the sky suggests wisdom and insight. Spreading roots would indicate an ability to relate well to others, whereas deep roots would suggest a more self-contained attitude. An uprooted tree symbolizes a feeling of being uprooted in waking or spiritual life. Are you losing your hold on the ground? Roots symbolize home, family and stability. Are any of these things changing in your waking or spiritual life?... root dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


1. Individual person or church;2. Jesus;3. Covering;4. Leaders;5. Sanctuary;6. Power of evil people; note the health of the tree and where it is planted; a nation or denomination. Is. 7:2; 44:14-17; 55:12; 1 Kings 4:25; Jer. 24:1-10; Hos. 9:10; 14:6-8; Matt. 12:33; 21. • Uprooted Tree1. Judgment/ Collapse of a ministry;; Psalm 52:8;; Isa. 7:2; 61:3; Jer. 17:8; Dan. 4:14-15. • Cedar Tree1. Power;2. Majestic power;3. King and Priest. • Christmas Tree1. False worship;2. Self-glory. • Cypress Tree1. Fairness;2. Used to make idols. • Evergreen Tree1. Life everlasting. • Fig Tree1. Prosperity;2. Peace;3. Final judgment;4. The return of the Lord;5. The nation Israel;6. Barren religion;7. The righteous and the wicked. • Myrtle Tree1. God’s blessings;2. Great beauty. • Oak Tree1. Great strength to weather storms;2. Solid place of refuge. • Olive Tree1. Israel;2. Anointing oil;3. The true and anointed church. 4. The two olive trees as the two witnesses of Revelations. • Palm Tree1. A highly righteous fruit producing person of the church. • Pine1. Upright person. 1. Isa. 60:13 • Tree Stump1. Lack of faith;2. Tenacious;3. Cut off from the life of Jesus. • Willow Tree1. Sadness; tears and sorrow. Ps. 137:1-2. ... tree dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


lucky numbers: 02-06-10-30-38-45accompanying a close friend to: wil hear from friend you have mourned as dead. unknown person, an: money is needed to resolve one’s dead past. being in a: attain your peace, prosperity wil fol ow. bride passing a, on way to wedding: wil lose husband. bringing flowers to a: release from anxiety over past problem. cypress tree around border of a: protects the dead from evil. flowers, children gathering in a: have sensitive, indecisive personality. elderly people putting: wil have no grief if you resolve it. lingering about a: hang onto unfulfil ed dreams, there is stil time. of a: wil regain lost property occupied by usurpers. walking into a: uproot the anguish you have buried. ... cemetery dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 04-05-07-13-29-41changing one’s mind about a friend: the misunderstanding has carried on too long. conditions in life: damages to present condition. in crisis: must take charge of what others are doing. on impulse: wil be rewarded for displaying justice. stalling: your failure has blocked your project’s completion. supplanted, being: are unfitted to fil your life position. by force: wil be superseded and uprooted by a cheating friend. ... change dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days