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If you are walking or driving uphill, then you are surmounting your challenges a step at a time, and doing what it takes to make progress in your life. You may venting out or releasing your frustration, stress and resistance to life being more difficult than you bargained for, or for things taking longer than you expected. See Mountain.

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The effort of Ascension. Succeeding in a task.

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This is symbolic of exertion in your current life’s journey. Any path in a dream, such as a road, trail, or walkway, connects to your journey through life.

The degree of inclination is key to understanding how your unconscious is experiencing the current level of stress involved. This should be applied literally to the interpretation of how you are experiencing some life experience. While going uphill can be exhausting and debilitating, a modicum of exertion can also be very stimulating and the accomplishment of the climb can be very satisfying.

If you are debilitated in life in some way, challenged movement in your dream could be an expression of frustration with your limitations.

If the uphill journey in your dream stops your ability to move at all, you may be working out feelings of inadequacy and may be shut down in the face of a life challenge.

If there is a view at the top of the hill, you may be looking at the motivating forces that underlie your current choices.

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Climbing an uphill path may represent having to exert effort to attain your immediate or long-term goals. It may also mean that you arc steadily climbing in status in your profession through consistent achievement.

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Struggling Uphill

In this kind of dream you are climbing or driving up a steep incline. Progress is slow, and it seems to take more than you or your engine can handle. You may even wonder why you took this particular route. From a psychological point of view, the uphill struggle represents a challenge you are dealing with right now that feels like it is too much. You hadn’t expected it to be so tough. The overworked junior doctor, the programer who must create complicated software within a week, the busy mum of newborn twins—all may have this dream. The steepness of the incline is an indication of how difficult the challenge feels to you. The only way to reach the top is to pace yourself, so perhaps this dream is suggesting that you take better care of yourself and get plenty of rest. To put this advice into practice will improve your odds of success, and taking things one step at a time will make the process seem less overwhelming.... The Element Encyclopedia


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