What does it mean to see an unsteady in a dream?

Unsteady Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

1. One has a drinking problem.

2. One is not sure of one’s opinion.

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In a dream, the human voice represents one’s reputation or fame, and its strength or weakness reflects one’s state of mind or the condition of his health. Raising one’s voice in a dream means unjustly presiding over a crowd of people. Hearing a human voice in a dream means chairing an important responsibility. If the human voice emanates from an animal in the dream, it denotes great benefits and particularly if the animal speaks pleasing and soothing words or words of truth. If one raises his voice above the voice of a man of knowledge, a shaikh or a teacher in a dream, it means that he will commit a sin. A weak voice in a dream represents a man. Intentionally lowering one’s voice in a dream means being indebted to someone, or it could mean humility. If a man of authority or a policeman lower his voice in a dream, it means that he maybe dismissed from hisjob, or he maybe reprimanded or disciplined for his misconduct. The sound produced by the ringing of coins in a dream represents temptation, allurement, or a fight between stockbrokers or money exchangers. The clank of money in a dream also means either good or bad news, or it could mean hearing good words, a wise speech, or words one likes to hear more about, if they are given as a sign of friendship or as a dower. If the clanking of money is made in jest in the dream, then it represents a fight one does not wish to end. The sound of a hornet represents a person who defames or discredits others, or whose evil cannot be removed without acquiring the help of a like person. The bleating of a ewe in a dream means kindness shown by one’s mistress, his wife, or by a gracious man. The bleating of a billy goat or a ram in a dream means happiness and prosperity. The neighing of horses in a dream means receiving guidance from a noble person, or it could represent a courageous soldier. The braying of a donkey in a dream means hideousness, or the ugly character of a despicable enemy. The braying of a mule in a dream means a hardship which is combined with a difficult person, or itcould mean vain talk, or indulging in suspicious acts. The mooing of a calf, a cow, or a steer in a dream means a riot. The gurgling of a camel in a dream represents a blessed journey, a pilgrimage, a successful business trip, or toiling and hardships. The roaring of a lion in a dream represents alarm, esteem, fear, or being threatened by someone in authority. In general, the sound of animals in a dream connotes adversities or fear. The neighing of horses in a dream means an invasion or might. The barking of dogs in a dream means vain talk, interference in others’ business, regret, intending to harm others, hostility toward others, or dissonance. The blaring of a leopard in a dream means coquetry, vanity and wantonness. The blaring of a lynx in a dream means a false promise from an unsteady, oft-hesitant, or a greedy person and taking advantage of him. The cooingofpigeons in a dream means lamenting, or having marital intercourse. The chirp of swifts in a dream means good words or an admonition from a wise person. The croakingoffrogs in a dream represents the ringing of bells, feeling overjoyed, employment for a teacher, rising to leadership, or it could mean hearing harsh words. The hissing of a snake in a dream means a warning or a fight with someone who hides his enmity. The braying of a donkey in a dream means cursing one’s adversaries. The roaring of a lion in a dream means threats or boasts. The yowling of a tomcat in a dream means uproar, backbiting, defamation and insinuations. The squeak of a mouse in a dream means profits, reunion, love and peace, or it could mean harm one could suffer because of an interfering person or a robber. The crying of a female gazelle in a dream means longing for one’s homeland. The yapping of foxes in a dream means a warning to escape, to move from one field into another, or it could mean suffering from jealousy, perfidy or lies. The howling of a wolf in a dream means a robbery, or fear of a brutal thief. The barking of a jackal in a dream means a mission of good intent, a forthcoming evil, women’s cries for help, or the cry of people who abandoned all hope. The sound of a pig in a dream means taking advantage of a stupid enemy and stripping him of his money. The sound of an ostrich in a dream means hiring a trustworthy and a courageous servant, or bringing a new employee into one’s business. Most dream interpreters dislike to interpret the meaning of the sound of peacocks or chicken and note that they mostly mean sorrow and distress, while others interpret the cawing of crows to mean separation or announcing someone’s death. However, in dream, any ugly or coarse sound represents sorrow and distress while any pleasant sound in a dream represents happiness and joy. (Also see Invisible caller)... voice dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Dreams of gravel represent slippery steps; a sign to walk cautiously and take each step mindfully. You may be feeling as if you are on unsteady ground. ... gravel dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


(see also Foot / Feet, sections (l)-(4))(1) Having strong legs may symbolize being strongly supported, confident. (2) Weak, unsteady legs may suggest a lack of grounding or firm foundation, a lack of centredness. (3) For the symbolism of direction of movement, see Left, Right / Left. ... legs dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Something unstable (such as quicksand or a rickety bridge) can represent: Risk, or fear of risk. Feeling unsteady or unsure somehow in your life. Something or someone you feel or fear is unpredictable (a precarious situation, unreliable person, etc. ). Lacking confidence or understanding. Feeling “shaken up” or upset about something in your life. A sense of mental or emotional unsteadiness (such as doubt, confusion, or a questionable decision).

See also: Erratic; Earthquake Quicksand; Descending; Feeling; Mentally Unstable... unstable dream meaning

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


lucky numbers: 11-13-30-39-48-50angry: your wrath is difficult to restrain. another’s: are a mirror of their emotions toward you. baboons: a fleeting rise in status, try to maintain it. beast, talking to a: hardship and misfortune come soon. beating an: your sense of power is fragile at best. pigs: misinformation damages your own affairs. to death: get out of the business before you destroy it. bleating: new concerns wil be pleasant. bones, gnawing on: wil fal into complete ruin. buffaloes: perseverance in the launching of your large enterprise. buttocks of an: wil soon have money. buying an: are mimicking another, rather than sharing yourself. carcass of an: long life and good perspectives. caressing an: a big fortune is ahead. chasing you: part of your personality is stubbornly demanding expression. coyote: a trickster wants to pul you into loneliness. dead: are ridding yourself of instincts no longer needed. fangs of an, the: leave before you are kicked out. fat: abundance during the winter. feeding: someone is endeavoring to destroy you. on a carcass: gluttony of backbiting hardly fil s the stomach. furious: a friend is defending your name. in a cage, many: your offenses are gathering against you. giraffe, a: keep your nose out of other’s business. gnu, a: take a walk in fresh air and natural surroundings. gopher, a: family troubles are eating at your ability to perform in business. gorilla, a: your actions are misinterpreted and unjustly criticized. grunting: time to change your occupation. head in hands, holding a dog, horse, or donkey: you wil be enslaved. hippopotamus, a: beneath your authority are unsteady legs. in a zoo: are bored with people from whom you cannot escape. hoof of an: are in danger of being swindled by a lover. hungry: greed interferes with your attaining al ies. hydrophobia, having: to play with sharks you must first learn to swim. hyena, being chased by a laughing: others are useless, go it alone. invading your car: others just want to get close to you. and attacking you: show them your license to proceed. and you drive off with them: bring your enemies into your fold. large: your repressed cravings surface with hostility. mountain, on a: loss of money in business. octopus, of an: multiple deals that entangle you in an irreversible situation. orangutan: a ruthless acquaintance wil stop at nothing to make a fool out of you. passionate: unfulfil ed lust translates to rage. paws of an: wil be offended by a person’s bad manners. domestic, a: friends far away are thinking of you. wild, a: joy of short duration. poacher, being a: want to steal another’s lifestyle. polecat, being a: pick up the scent of deception and confront it. pursued by wild, being: wil be offended by a friend. and wounded: are opening yourself up to criticism. pushing away an: wil soon be divorced from your bitchy behavior. resting in a stable: wil be unfortunate in love, if you don’t pay attention to it. field: financial gains, if you broaden your scope. rodent, a: a pest that confounds the exterminator. selling an: success postponed until more propitious times. skinny: must endure starvation to get to the bottom of aggressive nature. small: a younger sibling needs your attention. standing in front of your car: other’s concern is real and with positive intent. stroking: fortune is ahead for you; don’t grab. talking: protect your flanks from vindictiveness. you, to an: wil benefit by associating with people of society. tame: keep your friends close; you are surrounded by enemies. veterinarian, a: your basic instincts require remedial elevation. walrus, a: your simple requirements for work stil need refining. wild, howling: enemies wil get the best of your bigotry. young: your parental love wil bring about prosperity. ... animals dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 01-06-11-12-19-40eating: family arguments over boring, disagreeable relatives. making a, sandwich: wil receive good news from close friends. of many kinds of: your love is very changeable and unsteady. slicing: beware of a trap being laid for you. ... salami dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days