What does it mean to see an unraveling in a dream?

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Dreams of a string or fabric unraveling signify that the fabric of your relationship, ideas and foundational beliefs about life are falling apart at the seems. This dream is revealing your attitudes and opinions about death, life after death, and attachments. Keep in mind the paradox that when things are falling apart is often when things actually coming together.

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1. Domestic security and happiness (bird’s nest). 2. Problems or difficulties need space (wasp or hornet nests). 3. Problems or difficulties need patience in unraveling (rat’s nest). ... nest dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


Vision: Winding a thread into a ball: you’ll need a lot of patience before you reach your goal. Unraveling a thread: with patience you will uncover a secret. A black thread: unpleasantness and frustration. A white thread: closer contact with some people. A red thread: you are constandy repeating something—find out what it is. Seeing a long thread: something is being dragged out endlessly. Depth Psychology: The thread is a sign of nervous tension or emotional weakness, and also of shyness and insecurity. Have you lost the thread in a certain matter? Or is it a momentary lack of concentration? Do you have a bad habit that is a thread running through your life? See also the chapter “Color in Dreams. ”... thread dream meaning

Dreamers Dictionary


Dreams of a corkscrew symbolize that you are unraveling feelings that have been bottled up for a long time. ... corkscrew dream meaning

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Dreams of a string signify that you are barely holding on to a particular relationship, job, role, or way of seeing yourself. The plot is unraveling, and you may be tying up lose ends, and/or mending what has been torn apart. Perhaps you feel like you are being controlled or manipulated, like a puppet on a string. Consider the feeling tone of this dream to understand its meaning for you. See Rope, Bait or Sew. ... string dream meaning

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If you dream that a thread in a garment is coming lose, you are in the process of unraveling a particular issue, structure, or role that you wear. If you dream that you are sewing, then you are creating something new or repairing a communication that has gone awry. This dream could also be showing you that your relationship is hanging by a thread, and that it is either time to cut it loose or sew it back together. See Sew. ... thread dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations

Problems With Clothing

Clothing that is incongruous to the situation might be a comment on your view of your position in society. Have you found your proper place? Are you comfortable with it? Inadequate, untidy or inappropriate clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed indicates that you feel uncomfortable or ill prepared to fit in with people’s expectations. Are you deliberately not conforming to what is expected of you, or are you trying too hard to adopt a certain role?Clothing that is too tight, too small or dating back to childhood suggests that something about your current attitude or approach is holding you back. It may also suggest that you are aiming for more than you can achieve in the present circumstances. For Freudians, tight clothing may indicate a preoccupation with the breasts and buttocks whose shape they reveal. The dreamer wearing loose clothing may be attempting to conceal their true self, but it may also represent a yearning to be free of inhibitions. If you are wearing formal clothes when everyone else is dressed casually, perhaps you have ideas above your station; alternatively, the dream may be a warning against snobbery. On the other hand, being sloppily dressed in a formal setting may be suggesting that your behavior is damaging your prospects. It is also common to dream about being unable to find a suitable outfit or searching frantically for appropriate clothes; such dreams reflect anxiety about being adequately prepared to meet the obligations and demands placed upon you. Dreamers dressed in shabby clothes, rags or clothes that have rips and tears may be projecting an image of inferiority or low self- esteem, and the dream may be a warning to build their confidence. A dream of a jumper, cardigan or other woolen garment unraveling may indicate a growing sense of disillusionment with some aspect of your waking life. The unraveling may be a sign that it is time to look to a new direction for inspiration. If you are aware in your dream of a problem with your clothing, this is a positive sign as it suggests that you are already aware of tensions that are affecting you in waking life. If you are unaware that you are dressed inappropriately and only notice this on waking, your unconscious is pointing to the source of feelings you have not yet understood. Finally, if you dream that you are wearing clothes remarkably different from your normal wardrobe, the implication is that you are ill at ease with your self-image. The color, style and texture of your clothes may be able to tell you which area of your life needs to be remolded. ... problems with clothing dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


lucky numbers: 08-15-28-47-49-51among your tools: project wil not be completed. around your neck: servitude to the malicious interests of the devil. breaking a: become independent of the authority you resent. holding a: a friend wil come to your rescue. knotting a: friendships wil be strengthened. unraveling a: an engagement wil be broken due to dissipating interest. many knots in a: weaving together dissimilar strengths to one purpose. ... cord dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 08-14-24-34-37-46brass: wil be introduced to artists and enjoy the benevolent sharing of their creativity. broken: faithless friends cause your losses, strengthen bonds of those committed to you. cotton: your arguments with a lover over rational things are irrational. gold: wil search for the truth in the tapestry that is your life. knotted: a mystery is resolved and wil bring certain profit. silk: a pointless hoax perpetrated by one with an age-old anger. silver: the binding together of delicate feelings. spinning: wealth gained by thrifty ways and a steady pace. steel: wil have to fight with opposition over the credit for a prosperous yield. unraveling: an indiscreet friend wil cause your secret to become public property. wasting: discovery of a secret can aid your recovery from a psychotic episode. wool: wil come out wel from a time-consuming hindrance. ... threads dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 03-20-26-29-33-48buying: suitable time to pursue your courtship. dark ball of: use energy frugal y; avoid flirtations. having very thick: wil suffer tears because of a love affair. saving old: wil have an argument with a friend over smal matters. unraveling: problem must be faced. wrapping something with: wil be guilty of foolish actions. ... twine dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days