What does it mean to see an unprofitable in a dream?

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Revealed to bring about a profit

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To dream of a gavel, denotes you will be burdened with some unprofitable yet not unpleasant pursuit. To use one, denotes that officiousness will be shown by you toward your friends. ... gavel dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


To dream of seeing cities or country submerged in dark, seething waters, denotes great misfortune and loss of life through some dreadful calamity. To see human beings swept away in an inundation, portends bereavements and despair, making life gloomy and unprofitable. To see a large area inundated with clear water, denotes profit and ease after seemingly hopeless struggles with fortune. See Food. ... inundation dream meaning

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If you dream of admiring well-shaped feminine legs, you will lose your judgment, and act very silly over some fair charmer. To see misshapen legs, denotes unprofitable occupations and ill-tempered comrades. A wounded leg, foretells losses and agonizing attacks of malaria. To dream that you have a wooden leg, denotes that you will bemean yourself in a false way to your friends. If ulcers are on your legs, it signifies a drain on your income to aid others. To dream that you have three, or more, legs, indicates that more enterprises are planned in your imagination than will ever benefit you. If you can’t use your legs, it portends poverty. To have a leg amputated, you will lose valued friends, and the home influence will render life unbearable. For a young woman to admire her own legs, denotes vanity, and she will be repulsed by the man she admires. If she has hairy legs, she will dominate her husband. If your own legs are clean and well shaped, it denotes a happy future and devoted friends. ... legs dream meaning

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To dream that you make memoranda, denotes that you will engage in an unprofitable business, and much worry will result for you. To see others making a memorandum, signifies that some person will worry you with appeals for aid. To lose your memorandum, you will experience a slight loss in trade. To find a memorandum, you will assume new duties that will cause much pleasure to others. ... memorandum dream meaning

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To dream you attend a religious revival, foretells family disturbances and unprofitable engagements. If you take a part in it, you will incur the displeasure of friends by your contrary ways. See Religion. ... revival dream meaning

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To dream that you are a street-poster, denotes that you will undertake some unpleasant and unprofitable work. To see street-posters at work, foretells disagreeable news. ... street-poster dream meaning

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To dream of tape, denotes your work will be wearisome and unprofitable. For a woman to buy it, foretells she will find misfortune laying oppression upon her. ... tape dream meaning

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To dream of turpentine, foretells your near future holds unprofitable and discouraging engagements. For a woman to dream that she binds turpentine to the wound of another, shows she will gain friendships and favor through her benevolent acts. ... turpentine dream meaning

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Unprofitable expenses brought to attention... overhead dream meaning

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Literal warning to keep one from wasting time and effort; see “unprofitable”... useless dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


To dream of following them denotes unprofitable pursuits (Gypsy). Symbolism obvious. ... hounds dream meaning

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To dream of watching a military or political procession is a portent of a new but unprofitable business venture. ... procession dream meaning

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Tasting salt in a dream presages an interesting and not unprofitable experience. ... salt dream meaning

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Vision: Dreaming about a miscarriage means a new project, a new enterprise—the old way of doing things is unprofitable. A pregnant woman’s dream about a miscarriage might indicate guilt feelings. Watching a miscarriage: someone will let you down or abuse your trust, and all your hopes will turn to ashes. Depth Psychology: Dreaming about a miscarriage means either failure in a close relationship, or that efforts to mature have been abandoned. Too many anxieties, guilt feelings, and insecurities stifle your true personality. ... miscarriage dream meaning

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To see birds perched on a tree or in a cage unexpected happiness for you. If the birds are flying, prosperity for the dreamer. If you kill a bird, unprofitable months ahead. A wounded bird indicates sadness caused by some member of the family. Singing birds, sadness. Talking birds, a warning to be careful about gossip. ... birds dream meaning

Psycho Dream Interpretation


The meaning of this dream varies according to its details; if your dream featured paintings and they were of the old master variety, you can expect the renewal of a bygone relationship; but if they were contemporary, the prediction is of interesting new additions to your social circle. If the gallery featured sculpture, it indicates an unprofitable speculation. If the gallery involved was the observation type, as in a building, theater, or church, and you looked down from it, the dream signifies a happy outcome to your current project; but if you fell from it, you can expect domestic and/or lover’s quarrels. ... galleiy dream meaning

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(1) A cul-de-sac may symbolize an unprofitable course of action. Perhaps you need to change vour ambitions and draw up a new plan for your life, or, rather, discover the original plan within the depths of your psyche. (2) If in the dream you are being driven into a cul-de-sac, ask yourself what it is (in your unconscious) that is causing you to waste time and energy on fruitless pursuits. There would seem to be something in vour unconscious that needs to be integrated into your conscious life. ... cul-de-sac dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


lucky numbers: 15-23-29-41-46-48buying: none of your emotions can be denied, nor should your mate’s. decaying: distasteful affair wil be undertaken. eating: you wil be imposed upon to fulfil some self-inflicted duty. growing: a smal business venture, if undertaken, wil accumulate debts. selling: unprofitable business is a disagreeable enterprise. ... bananas dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 14-23-30-35-41-46eating a stuffed goose: good fortune with golden eggs. others: great joy is yours. flying: wil take an extensive journey with friends; a pleasant but unprofitable pursuit. plucking: your friends forget you in your unworthiness; wil return with your inheritance. quacking: a death within the family circle wil improve your present circumstances. swimming: fortune wil decrease through foolishness and increase with sensible actions. wild: misfortune at sea if not watchful; possessions left at home wil be sold at auction. ... geese dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 05-8-9-13-17-38amputated, being: death of an enemy; loss of an expressive part of self. arthritic: relief from financial worries; affairs wil have no hindrances. big, having: your heavy-handed manner pushes others into deceit. blister on a, a: your actions are blocked by your indecision. blood on your hands: contention in family over deeds il done. bloody: are guilty of what you have done and what you are thinking of doing. cold: wil fail to communicate the wealth of your true intentions. full: others overload you with their chores to escape blame for being unable to do them. small: others wil succeed at what you have been unable to attempt. swollen: others’ envy is forcing you to defend a correct decision. tied: a relative is in difficulty; you cannot save him. blowing on, to warm: a brief depression clouds your alertness at work. burned your, having: a business associate seeks to limit you. child’s being cut off: the child wil elope and you wil celebrate with festivities. man’s: have overreached in your push for a score and wil be penalized. woman’s: wil be covetous of another’s husband, thus pushing yours to run away. clasping hands: unity and completeness of purpose; the natural leader wil lead. in front of your eyes, your: tolerate another’s mistake as you would your own. kissing a: an elegant way of expressing an eloquence words cannot. being kissed: wil be seduced into actions that are fodder for the gossip mongers. knocking with knuckles: your affections are not required. wearing brass: take control of those wishing to handle your life. left, working with the: contrariness leading to an artistic creation. right: are expending energy without al owing replenishment. losing a right: disturbing news from father brings difficulty in sharing with others. left: mother’s il ness prevents your receipt of a benefit. own, of: perfect accord between husband and wife. being cut: wil incur debts out of your control; stop the flow. burning: are unable to perform task, which would prove disgraceful and unprofitable. clean: wil overcome troubles with the resolution of honest friends. dirty: the sentence for dishonest affairs is hard labor. palms: the pattern of your life is exposed; have only to seek it inside. strong, your: favorable outcome if you finalize the deal now. tied, are: any chance of creative expression has been denied. washing: are limiting growth by discarding aspects of self before examining them. shake, a: begin new project and another, at the point you ful y trust your partner. firm and friendly: your balanced attitude wil force others to desist in their arguments. pressure so hard you feel the pain: are under pressure to accept the wrong thing. weak and clammy: lack enthusiasm and are received in a half-hearted way. shaking: outrageous demands cause your suffering. thumb, cutting your: prevent your business from overspending. ugly and malformed: feel constrained from acting in your own interest. unmarried people dreaming of their: wil love and be loved with sincere regard. watch or clock, of a: rapid progression of your affairs; are you ready? wringing: worrisome issue needs to be worked through. ... hands dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 13-14-32-34-47-53beard, having a thin: are unwil ing to share your potency with others. red: wil be annoyed by creditors for debts you didn’t incur. thick: wil make sufficient money on the edge and wil not be overdrawn. being shaved by a barber: don’t buy the shares and stocks he suggests. having completed: are guilty of molesting women with your gossip. head of a man, the: losses in gambling. nun: unprofitable ambitions, wel meant and wel received. lathering before: wil solve a pressing problem by looking in the mirror. neckline: don’t refuse the proposition, combine it with your ideas. someone else is, you: do not rise to the bait, no matter how provoked. woman dreaming of, under her arms: are liked by men because of a passion for travel. legs: wil refuse a proposal without understanding its significance. woman shaving a man: women give you the brush-off. yourself: use succinct analysis in the difficulties ahead. ... shaving dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days