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Insecurity about oneself. ... exam dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary

Exam / Being Examined

There is recognition of the need for spiritual examination and a degree of objectivity in the way we deal with problems.... exam / being examined dream meaning

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Exam / Test (university)

Difficulty at work. Passing a test points to ambition; failing a test points to inferiority complexes. Also, a symbol of differentiation and self- testing. According to Freud and Adler, memories of childhood misdeeds and punishment that are never forgotten. Today in psychoanalysis, the test is more indicative of life struggles.

One of the most common dreams is failing an exam. In the dream one is not prepared for the exam. In a variation, one is onstage and doesn’t know the lines. Both situations refer to a fear of failing in public.

The dreamer should examine his self-esteem. In the exam situation, usually the subject—or question one doesn’t know how to answer—gives an indication of the field in which one feels insecure. Onstage, the play or scene is sometimes a key to the field of fear.... exam / test (university) dream meaning

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Personal audit, according to situation; research whatever was examined and by whom... examination dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Examination / Diagnosis

Examination and diagnosis in dreams, if favorable, indicates that you feel secure and satisfied in waking life.

If you are diagnosing illness in a dream, this points to insecurity and an over-sensitive approach to life.

If you dream that you are diagnosed with a fatal illness or have a fatal illness, it might be worthwhile seeing your doctor for a check-up as illness has been diagnosed in this way before; typically, however, such dreams represent any condition or situation that you feel is taking you away from the life you were meant to live.

There is a big difference between existing and leading a life that is worth living, and your dreaming mind may be urging you to find ways to live your life to the full, before it is too late.... examination / diagnosis dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Examination Or Test

A dream of taking an exam or being singled out by a teacher usually highlights waking anxiety about facing a difficult challenge in your real life. Perhaps you are trying to live up to impossibly high standards or are worried about some test of self-value, such as a new job or a new relationship. A common dream involves turning up naked to an examination, which may point to a fear of social humiliation. A feeling of powerlessness to control your life may be suggested by a dream in which you arrive late for an examination or hand in a blank paper at the end of the exam.

If you find your name on a list of those who have not passed a school exam, you may feel that you have failed in some way in waking life or that someone is marking you down.... examination or test dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Examination / Test

An examination or test in a dream symbolizes a time for reflection and evaluation. The subject of the exam or test will give further insight into the theme for reflection. For example, a medical exam will indicate the need to identify attitudes producing wholeness or disease. You have probably dreamed of arriving for a test and found the exam has already started or you search fruitlessly for the examination room. Such dreams tend to occur when you are feeling anxious or challenged in waking life. You may, however, dream of a great test or another fine performance. This may occur when you feel you are doing well in waking life. Not limited to exams, the dreamer may envision doing precise spins on the ice or scoring a sensational goal. Sometimes people master certain activities after they have successfully performed them in their dream.... examination / test dream meaning

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(Touch) In a dream, examining means spying, eavesdropping or paying attention to a conversation one should not listen to.... examine dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Examples Of Geneses Of Thing

Trees, Voracious animals and birds.

If these are seen in ones dream (individually or collectively) they may very likely mean men.... examples of geneses of thing dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Examples Of The Nature And Characteristics Of Things

A date tree. This may be interpreted as total goodness and virtue since the date tree is regarded as a tree constituting total goodness as is known from the hadeeth. One the other hand a walnut tree may be interpreted as a person who is deceptive as well as quarrelsome. Why? Because it is by nature very hard and its core cannot be attained until broken or split open.

The nature of birds is to fly. Therefore, the one towards whom a bird is associated may be said to be traveling very often and widely.

A peacock may be interpreted as a wealthy non-Arab king who adopts much embellishments and who has many followers.

The same applies to a royal white falcon or eagle. But if it is a crow or a magpie, it represents an evil person.

As shown in the above examples, the Mu’abbir should be able to drawn analogies before interpreting a dream.

If he does so, he will be rightly-guide, by the will of Allah.

And Guidance is from Allah alone.... examples of the nature and characteristics of things dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


If a student is taking exams, this is a common anxiety dream meaning you don’t feel ready or prepared for the test.

If you’re not taking exams in real life then this dream is a metaphor for some kind of difficulty you are facing at work.

• This is a fear of failure dream and reflects where you feel you are going to be assessed or judged by others on your performance.

• The dream reflects your lack of confidence in your abilities. It can also occur with other kinds of tests in life from auditions to interviews to driving tests. Where are you being tested in your life?... exams dream meaning

The Premier in Dream Dictionary

Exams, Being Examined

Self criticism or attempts to live up to moral or intellectual standards; habits of concern over ac­complishments; worry about some coming test of self value, such as a new job or new sexual panner. Examined by doctor: concern over health; desire for attention. See test. ... exams, being examined dream meaning

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Medical Exam

Dreaming of a medical exam can be a prophetic warning from God to show you an injury or illness about yourself or others ... medical exam dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols

Taking Exams

When we are tested in dreams, it follows that we have similar feelings in our waking life. You may feel under pressure at work, anxious about your performance, or simply that someone is judging you. It could be that you are working towards a specific goal but feel unprepared in some way. Look to the conditions of the test for a deeper interpretation. If you are stressed and have problems either with the content or physical circumstances, this points to a lack of knowledge and confidence. You may need to put extra effort into reaching your career goals. If the exam goes well then you are ready to take the lead in some way and show those that matter how much you can achieve.... taking exams dream meaning

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Test / Exam

Dreams of tests of any kind can indicate some form of self-assessment.

If you are a student or about to take some kind of test or exam in waking life, dreams in which you are actually sitting the exam are common; in these dreams you typically feel unprepared or unable to answer the questions or perform the required components. Such dreams are simply expressing your fear of failure.

If you are not a student or about to take an exam, this type of dream is usually a metaphor for some kind of difficult situation you are facing in your professional life or career. You feel that your performance will be judged by others and the dream reflects your lack of confidence in yourself. This type of fear-of-failure dream can also occur for other types of challenges you may face in waking life, ranging from driving tests and auditions to job interviews and presentations.

More often than not, you will be judged in these dreams by an audience’s reaction; that reaction is often negative.

If the audience starts booing or catcalling you in your dream, try to remember who the audience was and what you were humiliated for. Ask yourself whether the condemnation was justified or whether the evaluators or adjudicators in your dream were actually self-critical aspects of yourself.

If you stammered in front of your dream audience or adjudicator, this underlines your feelings of uncertainty and lack of self- confidence. Medical tests may be alerting you to the need to watch your health. A driving test may suggest a test of confidence or ability, and a written test an examination of your understanding of a certain situation. Testing something yourself in your dream means that you are trying to establish some kind of standard; alternatively, it might suggest that you are testing your own resolve.... test / exam dream meaning

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If you dream of being unprepared for something, you have a fear of failure, and you may even be a perfectionist.

If you mess something up in a dream because of being unprepared, you are worried that you don’t have what it takes to accomplish something expected of you in real life.... unprepared dream meaning

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